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Jan 1, 2014 2:04PM

There is one GLARING aspect that this article did NOT address:

Section 8 housing.....

Go ahead and try living next to an apartment building approved for section 8 and see what happens in about 6 months.

Jan 1, 2014 12:19PM
Jan 1, 2014 9:44AM
Apartment living is the worst.  I just bought a house and will NEVER go back to apartment living.
Jan 1, 2014 6:52AM
This is a helpful article.  However, as a retired property manager, I can tell you that no leasing agent or manager worth his or her salt is going to tell you about the demographics of the building.  We are trained in Fair Housing workshops to answer those types of questions with a generic response such as, "We do not discriminate against anyone who qualifies to live in this community."  If you want to know about the type of residents in a community, don't put the leasing agent on the spot by asking these questions.  Do a little extra digging on your own.
One thing I have noticed is the over abundance of Apartments turned condos. During the housing boom too many complexes thought they could make more money by making over/upgrading their apartments, evicting renters for any little thing, and even increasing rent to move people out. Then they would sell these apartments as condos. While looking for a house I found way to many condos listed as Apt#, photos show this are just glorified apartments. I will never buy a condo that is/or and over polished apartment, if I want an apartment I will rent one not buy one. A condo better give me more than what an apartment can give me.
Aug 24, 2013 11:36AM

if a slum landlord or absent owner / bad management don't keep things up ..then you should deduct the amount of rent you pay. if it's a crappy place ... you should move out  immediately and not pay anything.  This country has too many bad landlords who collect rent and let the property fall apart. A good landlord will have you supply references, put your deposit into an account that accrues dividends/interest ..(oops LOL), has a property manager or maintenance office to maintain the place.

 Lately, many landlords don't care who lives in your suburb / community/ apartments etc. in becoming your new neighbor.

Most people treat property with little respect and regards for the other people around them.

After all "It's the ME Generation" or It's all about ME !!

The current/ young generation are irresponsible and neglecting and abusing other people property and stealing what does not belong to them.  This new generation are lazy brats and uneducated.  OBAMA ... stop giving free money away to your kind and your gay (LGBT's) buddies and those crooked politicians and friends of yours.

I hope you get Impeached , possibly worst. Time for you to leave NOW!

Aug 24, 2013 9:35AM
More signs: corrosion around the faucets, signs for bug spraying (you can bet on roaches), walls cut sloppily around the switchplates, and taxis/service vans/beat up cars in the lot (clue foreigners, people who are broke, and more roaches).
Aug 24, 2013 8:16AM
they should start including 30 day guarantees on rentals that allows you to get out of a lease for something like you have a really noisy neighbor not b/c you don't like the paint color.
Aug 24, 2013 6:32AM

This article is out of date, renting already peaked and is now on a down turn. It will continue to move back to home ownership because as you can tell from the comments, it is difficult to live with others, especially when your not in love with them.

Aug 24, 2013 5:47AM
I have lived in the same apartment building for 13 years and I love it. The landlord is great. and the other tenants mind their own business.
Aug 24, 2013 5:43AM
All sensible suggestions, but in a extremely tight rental market, no one has the luxury of "going back several times" to see how the surroundings are at different times of the day. It will only mean you will bump into the new tenant of that unit on your second visit. I've been in the housing field for over 30 yrs in the metro NYC area. The tiny vacancy rate, and high rental cost in this area  means do your homework before you even set foot into a potential rental. Scope out neighborhoods,  check out public transportation if that is how you commute, or a a back up means of commuting. If you have school-age children, check into the school districts for a neighborhood. Unless you are moving from an entirely different  area (upstate to down state, , out of state, etc,) you are already somewhat familiar with crime rates, noise factors etc. . Even if you are clueless to a new area, the internet will let you find out that out before you ever physically get there. Do all that before you consider an apartment. 

And ,do as I say, not as I do - I rented my current place, without ever setting foot in it - only through pictures on the internet, LOL. But - even though I was moving 20+ miles away, I was familiar with the area, and had done my footwork before I signed the lease.
Aug 24, 2013 5:19AM
I can never find the article I am being directed to. The picture above doesn't have anything related to the title that MSN shows on their front page.
Aug 24, 2013 4:20AM
I am so sorry to see all the negative postings here, but also know that people who are having a good rental experience aren't likely to post.  Please know that, while there are certainly bad property owners and managers, they are far outnumbered by the good ones.  Good points made here are to visit a property several times at different times of the day and over the weekend.  Please know that there are questions the managers legally cannot answer.  Federal Fair Housing laws STRICTLY PROHIBIT answering questions about who, or what type of people live in a community.  If the person asking is a fair housing "shopper", answering that question can cost the manager or agent up to $11,000.  When you have neighbor problems, the management needs more than 1 person's complaint, and they need it in writing in order to follow up.  Otherwise, there truly is no way to know if the complaint is real, or is really just a rift between 2 people.  Most responsible managers will accommodate a request to transfer elsewhere in the community when neighbor issues cannot otherwise be resolved.
Jun 30, 2013 11:41PM
I have no choice in the apartment living issue. I only live on SSD, no cash assist, no health insurance,nothing. I can't believe this landlord is so mean and cruel. I want to report him on some zoning issues but am afraid to be illegally evicted. Where are our rights? I just want to live in peace. I am always sick and this is certainly one of the reasons.
Feb 23, 2013 10:14AM
I live  in an apartment building  that has security doors ,  underground parking  and NO SMOKING what so ever inside ,yet we have like everywhere else a jack who has to think it does not imply to him or her ,the rest of the tenants  complaint and the office personnel  tell us that if they don't catch them doing it ,they can't do anything about it  and the one that puts a rock in the doorway  so his buddy's can come in without having to be buzzed in ,  Great deal invite the local crazies  to come by and shoot up the place and when it happens NO body knows how  he entered the building ,isn't it Grande !.   
Nov 16, 2011 12:58PM
Here are a few more 'watch outs': taxi cabs in the parking lot probably means alot of middle eastern/african/ east indians who got off the boat recently and brought the roaches with them from their grocery stores.  Look at the switchplates and for poorly done cut lines around them and broken outlets in the halls.  Souped up cars likely means noisy young douchebags.  Junker cars aren't a good sign either.  Make sure you see the laundry and trash rooms-prime locations for roaches.  Look up the apartment rating sites online to see what former tenants say.  Ask about their policy on noise problems, and (noisy) pets.
Nov 16, 2011 10:48AM
I made the choice to relocate, I moved to an apartment, what a mistake!!! The cow that lives upstairs is disrespectful, inconsiderate and rude to those of us that live downstairs.  So, even if you drive around the block a couple of times, check the area for crime, you could still end up with a neighbor that doesn't care. As soon as I can I will be leaving apartment life permanently!
Nov 16, 2011 9:34AM
I was searching for an apartment not too long ago near Orlando, Fl.  One of my first questions - was about the potential neighbors.  LIttle kids? big animals? motorcycles?  I need quiet to live happily.  The agent wouldn't answer any of these questions stating housing discrimination laws.  BS - I drove around a few times over the weekend and at night and let's just say I ended up renting a house on the opposite side of town.  No apartments for me.
Nov 16, 2011 8:19AM
Just wondering if anyone knows where to find real affordable housing in the Worcester ,Ma, area not these places that are shown at ridicoulus prices ?
Nov 16, 2011 7:20AM

I hate apartment living. Did it once & DONE! People in apartment complexes just don't care about personal space. The mentaility is "Oh well it's not mine".


My biggest issue is NOISE! I can't stand all the young guys driving their cars with the loud exhausts in FIRST GEAR throughout the complex! That's annoying, take it out of 1st gear douche!! Also you don't go & buy a $5000 home audio system while sharing wall space with OTHER PEOPLE & crank it up to 10! That's just rude! If you want to crank your music up all the way take that system back save your money & buy a SFR!


Honestly it doesn't make any difference how expensive the complex sets it's price you get the same crowd. I honestly beleive they should make it a requirement that you have to be at least 21 to rent. If you're a college student you have to stay on campus in a dorm where loudness is totally acceptable. But like other adults I work for a living & need sleep.

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