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Sep 7, 2014 7:58PM
The Phoenix metro area is hardly a place to raise kids, and Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert are within the metro area.  Mostly Mormon communities in those cities, but lots and lots of crime also from one who lived in Phoenix for over 45 years.  No where in the metro area is without high crime.  Must be the Chambers of Commerce doing a great sell job, is all I can say.  But Payson, Prescott and Sedona are afar safer and good schools there too.  And smaller than living in a metro area where included in the course curriculum is a course on "urban survival."
Sep 7, 2014 2:53PM
Raised in the Military, and then serving for twenty two years myself, my family has lived in countless towns, countries and conditions. When in less desirable postings, we made the best of the life and the culture. A couple of postings were so nice, it was difficult to leave, but leave we did. 
It is a luxury to be able to "pick" where best to raise a family. 
In our experience, every place was fine, and we were fortunate to experience the diversity we did.
Make the best of where ever you are!
Sep 7, 2014 2:23PM
I noticed some California haters here, jealous perhaps?? Its the largest economy in the USA, a lot of technological advances were originated in California and we have more technology companies than any other state. Have the best weather (also a severe drought), and the highest per capita incomes than the other cities listed here. If is not great to live and raise a family here, how you explain being the most populated state? and there are always people from all over coming here to live, it is expensive though, compared to the rest of the nation, but who can argue we have some of the best beaches in the country, snow, deserts, forests etc.?  Entertainment is great (the best). And if liberalism is such a bad thing, how do you (backward right wing nuts) explain that most metropolitan areas are liberal? Also the most educated and younger generations? Just the suburbs and farms are more predominantly  right wing, and also I consider it a trait of old and racist people, a dying breed.
Sep 7, 2014 2:21PM
Seriously?  There's a lot more to factor in than the three items they mention.  Garland, TX and El Paso, TX happen to be dumps where I wouldn't even live without kids.
Sep 7, 2014 10:08AM
I've been in Plano since 2008 and me and my family love it here...it's still #1 in my book...ha...
Sep 7, 2014 7:38AM
3 in AZ     3 in TX            HHHHHMMMMMMMMM
Sep 7, 2014 7:24AM
Sep 7, 2014 5:19AM
I wouldn't live in El Paso at gunpoint.
Sep 7, 2014 2:34AM
a state with the taxes in California where a 3rd of the population is illegal and the bastion of liberalism rather than patriotism and good old common sense is NOT a good place to raise children. been there, hopefully will never have to go back. some good people there, they just have no idea how much greater it is in some other states. California was ruined many years ago.   
Sep 6, 2014 10:33PM
Of COURSE most homes in Mesa have children.  Mesa AZ has more mormons per capita than Salt Lake City, UT.  The mormon philosophy is to grow the flock.. spit out as many little mormons as possible, as quickly as possible!
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