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Mar 16, 2014 11:01AM
im looking for a house or moble home under 10,000 , i want a 1or2 br house with a 1/2 to ace of land
Mar 13, 2014 1:48PM
I have to chuckle about the ability to buy a home under $10k in my area.  I'm a realtor in Southern California.  Norco to be more exact which has the sub title name of Horse Town USA.   Anyway, to find a single family residence, even if most of the value is in the land, around here just isn't possible.  Heck, I've been searching for a double wide mobile home for an elderly client in senior parks and the lowest one I can find is $25k with work needed.

For this area, you would have to look way out in the upper deserts, where there are only dirt roads to access the properties to find something that low and it would have to be a HUD home and only have one wall left standing after a fire.

So, perhaps these bargains are out there, but you would probably have to move to the barrios Detroit or some place like that.

Anyway, moving forward, if you want other tips on buying or even how to prepare for buying or selling, I have some great tips on my sites that you may find very helpful.

Mar 12, 2014 11:14AM
Maybe people should take responsibility for taking on debt they could not afford to repay. Instead they blame the bank.  The people who lost were the responsible folks who took on debt that they could repay, because their home values tanked when other borrowers flooded the market with foreclosed homes. Don't get me wrong, if not for these deadbeats, values would not have been a bubble that could pop at all, they would have remained reasonable, however many responsible people who did not understand that housing prices were in a bubble took on debt that they could repay at peak values and because of deadbeat, irresponsible borrowers lost a fortune.  Just another example of irresponsible people in this country passing the bill to responsible people and passing off blame to somebody else.
Dec 24, 2013 3:13PM
There has never been more foreclosed homes for sale in Michigan than right now. Online real estate auction websites (http://realtybargain.net/page/foreclosed-homes-for-sale-in-michigan.html) make buying foreclosures easier than ever.
Jul 11, 2013 6:57PM
If you want to be sure on the house you are going to buy in St. Mary GA, better look for the experts with that. http://saintmarysgahomes.com/looking-at-homes-for-sale-in-st-marys-ga/
May 23, 2013 1:10PM
I'm seeing a trend with these basement-bargain deals on houses all over.  I love how the author points out that "Put down 10% on a $10,000 home and your $9,000 mortgage at a fixed 30-year mortgage rate of 3.93% would mean payments of less than $45 per month."  Too many people lose perspective of what's really important in life.  I'm sure any of these homes would be wonderful and part of that would be because there's not the stress of a mortgage hanging over your head!  Think of all the freedom to travel!  I may have to link to this on my site. http://saintmarysgahomes.com/

Feb 18, 2012 9:41AM

Sorry MSN but Warren Michigan is NOT 6 miles west of Lake Michigan...Lake Michigan is on the OTHER side of the state! Even people that don't live in Michigan know that Detroit is on our east side and that Lake Michigan is on our western coast!


You should check your fact before printing:)

Feb 7, 2012 2:18AM
Beware of location; Crime rate in FL high due to unemployment/bad economy.
YES, there are lots of "handyman" specials.  Unfortunately most of the "great
deals" are offered to minorities who get help with housing, or persons with CASH.
Banks/lending instutions should not have been allowed to put persons in homes
that were way too expensive, that they knew the person could not keep up.

Jan 24, 2012 12:32PM
I purchased a tax auction property in a great section of town, right on main street for $1000. back taxes, yes It needed work but for less than rent I fixed it up how I wanted,  5 bedroom 2 bath, and a garage. As a single father my 2 children and I fixed it up together, quite the bonding moment, My son used what he learned getting his civil engineering degree. I also passed along what I learned to co workers who have prospered with the advice, Every county has these sales. And also, there's advantages to buying a house without a furnace or kitchen cabinets, why buy a house with some one else s taste.
Jan 24, 2012 12:23PM


          We had no credit either. My husband and I got into this house on a 5 year land contract. When the contract was over we were able to get a 30 year fixed mortgage on the property at 11.5 percent interest. My husband died 3 months after the mortgage went through.  I think most people made book I would have lost the house by now but I am still here with 10 years or less to go.

          I wouldn't advise a contract for everyone as you have less protection than a mortgage.  With a contract if you default past a month you could lose everything and get evicted. With a mortgage usually it takes getting 3 months behind before they will evict. Either way you lose everything you invested.


Jan 24, 2012 12:09PM
if its inner city in the hood like englewood , il ... hope you got a kevlar vest and trauma plate.i have one hud home i work on there for a client and never go to that area without kevlar and a heater.there are 3 things i never see down there.....whites , mexicans or police. i've actually had black police stop me before the border of the city of englewood and warn me not to go to that area because i am white.
Jan 24, 2012 12:04PM
Do the buyers get bullet proff vests as part of the deal? If they do then they may have a chance of actually living there, at least for awhile.
Jan 24, 2012 12:04PM
fantastic investment deals at Econohomes dot com
Jan 24, 2012 11:40AM

I couldn't buy crap if it fell from the sky!


Jan 24, 2012 11:14AM

I live in a house in unincorporated Gary for a large 3 bedroom house with a mother-in-law unit and full basement and my property taxes after my homestead exemption were less than $500 last year.  Sure it's a handy man special but my house payment is $701 a month including the escrow and I am paying 11.5 interest. Imagine how much lower my mortgage could be if I could lower my interest rate.

We have super great police (Lake County Sheriffs) and fire protection (Lake Ridge Fire) and good schools.

And I have great neighbors (most of them - no body's perfect).  My house will be paid off in less than 10 years. 


Of course maybe I shouldn't brag about how nice it is here. That might ruin it.  LOL

Jan 24, 2012 10:59AM

In the 70's my husband and I could have bought lots of houses in Lincoln park, wriggley field area and what is called new town in Chicago Illinois.


 All those areas now you couldn't buy a shack for less than 250 K and apartments that once rented for $150 a month now rent for $2k a month.


Investing in a house in a rundown neighborhood doesn't mean they will always stay that way.

Jan 24, 2012 10:12AM

I live in Gary Indiana and there are many houses in Gary that can be bought that cheap. Also many beautiful homes in good stable areas with a good school district in unincorporated Gary for less than $30 K.  This may not be an option for everyone but some families who are handy with their hands can get a good home for a reasonable price.


Of course if your idea of a good neighborhood is only an all white area instead of multicultural you would not think it was worth the cost or the work to bring it back to an updated condition.

Jan 24, 2012 10:12AM
I am in Murrells Inlet, SC. vacationing. 
Jan 24, 2012 10:08AM

Sell it, buy it, rent it. It all depends on location.

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