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Nov 24, 2013 9:54AM
Nov 24, 2013 7:33AM
sorry, meant 'all you pray-ers' ... i like those post places where you can edit your errors AFTER you hit post! ;--)
Nov 24, 2013 7:30AM
our roof already leaks. the greedy banks would not approve our loan. so i'm holding my breath until we can try to save enough cash, and hope no holes show up over the winter. all your pray-ers out there, prayers are welcome.
Nov 24, 2013 7:11AM
I would love MSN to guarantee to pay for repairs from ice dams after a homeowner cleared their gutters of leaves. Ice dams are caused by heat loss, conductive or convective, from the living space into unconditioned attics. Stop the heat loss and the ice dams never happen. That means, before adding more insulation to an attic (which will reduce heat loss), make sure air leakage from the living space ceiling is stopped. Otherwise adding insulation to a house that vagrantly leaks warm water vapor laden air from the living space will cause mold to grow at the underside of roof decking. A costly roof deck replacement repair. 

BTW - Adding more attic ventilation to solve either an ice dam or moldy attic condition is absolutely wrong. Think about it. Two things go on with adding attic ventilation. 1) While adding attic ventilation might drop the attic temperature a bit, doing this is like opening a fireplace damper to get a better draft. The attic sucks more moisture from the house below. 2) How is cold outside air ever going to absorb the amount of water in air from the living space below. The physics of this just doesn't work. The air molecules have shrunk, they can't take on the amount of water in the air from the living space. So, the water vapor condenses on the underside of the roof decking. 

Hope this helps in our overall understanding of the world we live in.

Mark Meiling
President, ForeSight Home Performance
Nov 24, 2013 6:59AM
Don't  wait for the winter to do it. Spring and fall. Water pipes, lawn irrigation, pools/hot tubs, cover spigots, drain hoses. Have siding, fascia, flashing, windows and roof checked twice a year. Before spring rains and falls hurricane seasons. Well if your in the north east. Maintain your home vigorously. A little leak can cause alot of rot and twice as much money to repair.
Nov 24, 2013 5:29AM

I am in process

 of moving to new house and I want to thank the people who made comments. Shame on you MSN for not checking out the veracity of the articles you print.

Nov 24, 2013 5:16AM
Use a plastic tool to clean galvanized gutters.  Metal garden tools,  like what this dumb article shows, scratches them and then they start to rust at the scratches.
I you have a steep roof,  you better have it inspected and repaired by a licensed contractor with equipment and insurance.

Nov 24, 2013 3:19AM



check your heating system in your cabin wood burner, this story is way late, take your a/c out of the window and place the cover on the sill, how about go into town and grab a local to throw in a pit in your basement

Nov 24, 2013 2:13AM

NEVER seal the driveway, it's one of the worst things you can do! It traps water, freezes and breaks apart the asphalt!


Does MSN ever really check it's facts?


I was told this by the salesperson that redid our driveway. Makes perfect sense.... think about it.


He told me that he would not sell that service even though the company he works for offers it.

Nov 24, 2013 12:27AM
I'm still trying to figure out how the window A/C shown in the  photo is installed.  I see no bottom rail of the sash touching the top of the unit.  It looks like it goes right through the glass of the lower sash.
Nov 23, 2013 6:51PM
Why do you show a topic and have such a hard time see the balance of the pictures in the story. You need to talk to your website people.
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