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Sep 1, 2012 8:42AM
I guess maybe if you've only ever lived in Orange County Seattle will seem peaceful. To me, it is a grungy city full of severely mentally disabled people that the county does not do anything about, filthy public transportation, panhandlers, snot nosed locals, hipster bars and skinny jeans.

What I mean to say, is it is just like any other grungy urban place to live. But the "people are so nice" thing is the funniest. I've never been anywhere where people are more rude to strangers. NYC? Boston? No one gives a damn unless you bother them. Seattle? Wear the wrong jeans and you may as well be a leper.

Sep 1, 2012 7:49AM
BOY I gotta tell ya I've been to all of these places and I strongly disagree, her's my list of inexpensive & safe places to live & have a good time,  Reno Nevada why? food is cheap hhomes & apt are below national averages, lots of cheap entertainment, lots of places of interest, lots of outside activaties, lots of police who are friendly and will enforce laws. weather has 4 seasons w/ dry humity, air is clean 
Aug 22, 2012 8:50PM
SLC sucks, I've lieved in Utah for 12 yrs.  It's really boring and depressing, if you are not mormon do not move here.  People are fake. The weather is really cold in the winter. If you are single this has got to be one of the worst places to find a mate.  They claim have a lot of jobs here, but they don't mention that most of those jobs are $8/hr. or less.  The state is run by mormons.  They run the senate here.
Aug 1, 2012 10:06AM
Whoever wrote this article must be on major drugs! Cambridge, Peabody and Providence do not spell Peaceful! To me it spells TROUBLE, DRUGS, RUDE, OVER CROWDED, EXPENSIVE, and GRUNGY! stop trying to sell these cities to the poor people from other areas around the US....If you want peace do NOT move to those cities because they are loud and called CITIES for a reason! Look for a place surrounded by woods and animals if you want peace not a location surrounded by Mini malls, traffic galore, and college central!
Jul 1, 2012 11:22AM
obviously never been to East Cambridge
Jul 1, 2012 10:22AM
Minneapolis sucks. I live here, and I guess that Todd Klingel is also a crack addict if he feels that "the twin cities have been the envy of the nation for years". What a load of ****! The income disparity between whites and African-Americans is the worst in the nation. The weather sucks ****. There are too many cars. The city is dirty. The suburban sprawl is lame. It's the home of Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Bachman. It's got small-town attitude with lots of people. Ever heard the term "minnesota nice"? That's just another way to say that the people are patronizing and phony-polite. Whoever came up with this dumb list didn't do their homework.
Jul 1, 2012 9:22AM

why does every citizen child of an illegal immigrant have to be a member useless of society? you guys are completely pathetic! take that from a legal us citizen that has two loving illegal immigrant parents who has had honor and ap classes since 2nd grade!! i should just stop looking into applying to stanford this year and complete a MD in immunology now huh? yeaaah, i'm a complete waste.


ignorant people i swear!

Jul 1, 2012 6:58AM
I bet you she is receiving had outs from the Government. She had a baby out of wed lock to an illegal and I bet she is playing the game. Another useless member of society!
Jun 20, 2012 3:21PM
Oh and none of them deserve to be shot. You do though!!!!!
Jun 20, 2012 2:58PM
I had a baby with an illegal. You can't stop anyone from doing what they want nor do you have the right to BITCH! I love my illegal mexican MAN. He takes damn good care of his children you racist piece of ****
May 31, 2012 6:42AM
Illegal aliens shouldn't be allowed to have kids period. They should be shot them and their anchor babies. They have kids that instantly become citizens getting all the goodies. That's the only reason the illegals poop out so many. Because each one gives them average 600 bucks a month! Ghetto retards. FAT stupid anchor babies. Ruining the schools and once nice neighborhoods are ghetto. Screaming their heads off. All the while it's racist to complain to apartment managers or anyone else. Future democrat voters.
May 31, 2012 5:20AM
People should not have  kids who cannot take care of them.People who are retirees should not  have to support others with kids.Middle class is being screwed by the rich and the poor.Segregate the elderly from those who have kids.Those elderly folks deserve peace and tranquility in their lives.Take all the lazy folks and send them to Arkansas or Texas Get rid of welfare and food stamp..Sterilize the poor people so they dont have babies so the working class people have to support. Take all the criminals and junkies and feed the gators. in the bayou.We need working class and law abiding citizens in this country.Get rid of all the human garbage.
May 31, 2012 3:45AM
Live here in Lake County right now. The rule of thumb is make your money in Chicago where the wages are higher and spend it here where the cost of living and taxes are far lower.
May 26, 2012 12:59PM
I liked it before redneck republicans learned how to use a computer, things were a lot more pleasant on the internet.. now you can't read any article without the comment section being filled with racist rants from illiterate idiots. Please stop making computers easier to use, 50% of the population have an IQ below 100 and 90% percent of them are conservatives. We can take the internet back if we make it so only people with an IQ above 120 can figure out how to use it. I remember in the mid 90's when you could have an intelligent debate online, now it's like teaching physics in a special ed class. 
May 26, 2012 7:56AM

Utah is a mysterious entity.  If this is based on smiles then SLC wins.  If it was based on misery in the eyes, it loses.  Have no idea how Salt Lake City made it as it is only pleasant for white Mormon's and even they are miserable.  We left it last year after a 5 year stay and imo SLC is best to fly over or visit but not linger too long.  All of Utah seems a very sad population with leadership in all the negative aspects of a miserable existance from drugs to porn...they escape.  But even SLC is better than Utah County where women die in large numbers from legal prescription drug overdoses.  They marry young and the average family is 5 children or more.  They say it is not a church set number.  They just look tired.


As I said, there is a lot of mystery in that odd little state.

May 22, 2012 5:17AM
Salt Lake City...really? I visited about 5 times in my life and they stare at me and my family like we're aliens, literally. Not to mention the racial slurs from time to time. I heard the term "****" a couple of times at Costco while shopping for some groceries lol! I laugh because I just can't believe there are still people like that who exist.
May 21, 2012 5:05PM
OK...peaceful...deep breath...happy thoughts...hmmm... I have lived all over the country.  I just moved from your #2 New Brunswick.  I cant figure out what block you may have been illuding to.  I have never lived in a ruder, more crime ridden, non-english speaking part of the country.  I would sit on the deck of my $750,000 condo deck, and watch gang fights, police told me not to go past my block after certain time of night.  I lived 2 blocks from Starbucks and I was chastised by one of their hard working men in blue for walking to get coffee after 8 at night.  I could rarely go in to any store that the help could speak english well enough to answer the simplest of questions.  I am from SoCal so I am used to diversity but this was like I lived in another country.   My son came to visit with a wounded warrior sticker on his car, a wheelchair carrier, and a handicap sticker.  He got a ticket and was threatened to be towed, and was going to have to "prove" he was handicap.  I don't know..the stump on his leg might have given them a clue.  When you post these articles, SOME people actually beleive them.  Some people put more weight on decisions on where they might live.  You can give all the STATS on how you arrive at these lists, but this tells me one thing, these list will NO LONGER mean anything to me.  To have New Brunswick, as lovely as it tries to be with Rutgers, and the great hospitals,and its new construction, it is extremely misleading to put this town on any list.  Maybe based on the amount of police should tell you its not safer, maybe its because they need more police to keep it in check.  There are a lot of great people in NJ and New Brunswick, but to say they are noted for being rude would be the understatement of .....I have never posted on anything but this cant go unnoticed.  MSN do a better job next time in what you post,
May 20, 2012 4:43PM
May 20, 2012 3:10PM
I have lived in both Lake county, illinois and Kenosha county, Wisconsin and aside from the closeness to both Milwaukee and Chicago, and the mixture urban and country living these areas are nothing special. On the Illinois side of things the ratio of taxes to wages and the unemployment rate are high. I will say esthetically, Lake county is very nice. The streets are well kept and the forest preserves are nice for people who like parks and recreation. The police are very known and seen, which keeps the crime levels down(aside from the North Chicago/Waukegan area). Plenty of shopping and entertainment is present if you know where to look. Compared to Kenosha county, Lake has way more to offer, but for a higher price. Now Kenosha county has lower taxes(both sales and property), but aside from that there has been more job loss than growth. Unemployment is high, DUI statistics are high, the general upkeep of the area is poor. The road ways are riddled with pot holes, intercity areas are growing, the downtown(lake front) area is literally falling apart, and most of the homes are very poorly kept. This is a area built by automotive and industrial production, which mostly has left(lastly with the removal of the Chrysler motor plant, which decrepitly stands, weathering away). It does have a slight shimmer of growth though, closer to Interstate 94 there has been an influx of newly constructed shopping and restaurants due to low land cost and the ease of access for surrounding Illinois residents, but even this has pretty much slowed to a stop. Who ever decided that this is one of the most peaceful areas or even a decent option has not spent any time here. In closing, if considering this location I would advise the Lake County, Illinois side if you like a nicer, less redneck, property value retaining area, If you like the feeling of an area post prime, lacking in funds, and soaked in booze and defeat then Kenosha County, Wisconsin is the place to be.
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