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Yeah and we reelected numb nuts back to the WH. Not a business man or someone that  at least has some business savvy......NO.....we elected a community organizer and one who uses the class warfare mantra to divide the people and put more peeps on food stamps because of his inept policies. Were we as US citizens that stupid to reelect that fool....
Apparently so. My business has suffered under Obama the fool. I will have to sell my business since it is no longer profitable or shut it down and lay off the few workers I do employ. The economy sucks and from my perspective you can't tell me any different because as a small business owner I see the effects. If you are in the moocher class that don't pay taxes you are allowing the government to control you and your lives so as long as you are stupid enough to allow the politicians to control you by giving you free handouts to vote them back in. Open your eyes you stupid ignorant fools...... 
Nov 18, 2012 5:19PM
A big Hell NO!  She is an idiot and  a quitter.  Couldn't even finish term as governor she quit with all of the ethical violations. she thought she could rule as a queen but this is  a democracy...The girl is dumb as rocks!  DIdn't do much for the colleges in Alaska.  We need a real educated person for president not a radical religous nut with their own agenda.  PLease separate church and state..   looks do not qualify a person to be president...  Could you imagine her on dealing with foriegn leaders?  especially the leaders that do not respect women?  we would be the joke of the world
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