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Mon 9:08 AM
Jul 12, 2014 7:46PM
You forgot to list Connecticut. It's got something worse than crime and poverty- it's littered with pricks and asssholes.
Jul 12, 2014 7:00PM
This list is nonsense.  A person can bring their own healthy lifestyle to Alabama or Louisiana and still benefit from the lower cost of living.
Jul 12, 2014 4:58PM
How did Mississippi not make the list?
Jul 12, 2014 3:18PM
Twenty-One Shot, 2 Killed Overnight in Chicago Violence
Jul 12, 2014 1:02PM
Jul 12, 2014 11:50AM
We have the Republican National Convention scheduled for Cleveland,
so that is good reason for the liberal media to trash Ohio.
Mississippi escaped but Ohio did not. Going to call BS on this on this one.
The fat people in Ohio are mostly southern transplants.
 What about that cesspool called New Jersey..........why were they left off?

Jul 12, 2014 11:21AM
Missouri sucks!   Frickin redneck,, meth head, hillbillys. Trailer trash dirtbags. I know misery oops i mean missouri people will not like my posting and try to say missouri is a great place to live but they are just lying through their tooth. lol lol lol lol lol Missouri has more meth labs than any other state.  I love the great state of Florida. Laid back,Beach,Sunshine,No state taxes,No property tax on any vehicles,Happy people,Plenty of things to do..Missouri should be #1 in the worst state to live in.And anybody that doesnt like my post ,Too bad!!!! Ill be sitting here on the beach basking in the sun ,and enjoying a corona While you are all swimming in pond algae and muck.Ha Ha Ha Ha lol lol lol The ozarks is the worst of all i think. Bunch of Dirty rednecks in a rat race to get to the cheese.Problem is,there is no cheese.
Jul 12, 2014 9:01AM
You forget to mention california-run by the tax crazy socialist bastards in jackass jerry brown's pocket.  Since moving my corporation, I have saved over $200,000 in taxes.
Jul 12, 2014 7:12AM
Obamaville - more than just a state of mind, its a state of denial.  The mascot?  Black-faced sheeple.
Jul 12, 2014 6:37AM

To Scott and Betsy

       Do your research over on (10 worst state) Because fat and smoking don't have nothing to do

with  the living in the U.S.A.  or in other country in that matter.

Now Crime that's different cut the population in blacks and others  And tell the mayor to do there



      This U.S.A. will be a better place to  live.........

Jul 12, 2014 6:16AM
Another skewed article...problems are in every state and often depend on where in the state you live...big cities tend to have higher crime and drug rates due to a larger population...we live in a small city in Northeastern Oklahoma....property costs are low; jobs are plentiful (not high paying per se but COL is lower overall); weather is great most of the year (last tornado hit in 1953); people VERY friendly; crime rate low - so go live somewhere else and leave us alone....recreation areas are GREAT - three rivers; lots of lakes; major metropolis less than an hour away with concerts,  museums, ballet, opera, plays...you name it...again, stay away from us....
Jul 12, 2014 2:19AM
If you feel like living in a big city it does not matter in which state you live in. There is not a single big city that someone does not get shot at least once a night. even Portlandia. Crime is a side effect of high density living and when you throw in a shift of manufacturing away from that population and have high unemployment crime gets worse. If you want to get political about it, it was a lack of leadership that got us here. The current leadership is ineffectual at best, but if anybody thinks it is it is just one party's fault then they should slam their head with a toilet seat until their head clears. 
Jul 9, 2014 9:04AM
Jul 9, 2014 8:18AM
I'm going to have to call BullS#!+ on this article. Sure there are pockets of crime in every state i.e. Memphis, Chicago, Houston, Denver, LA NY, especially Boston. The high concentrations of crime directly correlate to the violent gang and drug cultures that are so prevalent. There is also plenty of obesity and diabetes in every area of the country. Surely not all of the sloppy, fat **** studio audiences on Letterman, Oprah, Maury, Springer, View, et al. and others are from the top ten worst states to live.  If everything is so bad in the South PLEASE tell the hemroids from the North to stay there and stop moving back home to retire. We have been all over this country and the world and we could live very comfortably anywhere we choose but we choose TN. Go figure!
Jul 9, 2014 6:59AM
Jul 9, 2014 6:42AM
There's probably a lot of truth to these rankings but as with all generalizations based on statistics, there are sure to be exceptions.  Question:  Why isn't Mississippi among them?  lol...it's always on some 'worst' list.  I lived once in Florida and you can have that place.  Problem with the Sunbelt is that it's too blasted hot for me.
Jul 9, 2014 4:54AM

LOL....All republican led "red" states.

Jul 9, 2014 4:11AM
BS on Tennessee, Illinois should be #1 due to the windy city.
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