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Mar 13, 2013 1:08PM
This information on firearms affecting insurance premiums must be local to the author's area.  We've lived in SoCal, the SF Bay area and Oregon and this has never been in any contract or otherwise brought up.

I have been around hundreds of firearms owners and live in an are of high ownership, but the 40% doesn't seem to have occurred.  So what is the number over which there is a 40% increase?  Is this something like people who drive cars have a 100% higher probability of dying in a car than someone who takes the bus?

Mar 12, 2013 9:03AM

From the NY Times:


     In a shocking display of conservative behavior, the beloved New York City President Dictator Mayor Bloomberg decided in a uncontrolled frenzy of thinking and self congratulation, to tell all you home owners out there to:


1. Limit your pools to less than 1500 gallons, after all cant have you displacing too much water with all that "obesity" going on. And heaven save you if you hit your neighbor!!! might have to call in the NYLG (New York Liberal Guard) with their loud digital recorders to verbally "reprimand you".


2. A gun???? you have a gun???? shame on you!!! doesnt your beloved President Dictator Mayor tell you that that a gun in a home might get you to want to shoot the likes of VP Biden?? No wonder your rates are going up, shame on you for thinking there might be "criminals". Even if your criminal is your duly elected.


3.  And furthermore!!! You lazy communist pigs, how dare you think insurance cheats you!!! Why insurance is both benevolant and necessary, after all your beloved President Dictator Mayor or whatever leader you call various rude names, depends on that kickback!!! Shame on you!!!!



That is all



Jan 13, 2013 9:30AM
We newly signed in with FARMERS' Insurance in 2012.  Our 2013 Premium went up 50% without making any claims.  Legalized Robbery
Aug 31, 2012 4:54AM
We live in the western suburbs of Chicagoland, and currently pay just under $700 a year in insurance.  According to the renewal policy I just received, Coverage A is listed at $234,000.  We are selling this house for $225k, so I agree that number sounds right on.  We are purchasing a new to us home (built in 1905) in a far, far far south suburb (if you can even call it that), for $176k, and the cheapest policy I've found so far has Coverage A of $307k, and the yearly policy cost is $1236.  I had a quote of $1800+ a year with a replacement value of $494k!!!!!!  Of course I'm shocked, and as I ask more questions, I find out all about their "sliding" scale, that as the replacement value goes up, so do my other coverage - for instance, my current belongings, which I am moving to the new home, are currently insured up $117k, at the new house, those same belongings are now valued at $324k  - WHAT?????  I guess during the move they'll go through a solid gold coating process!!!  And here's my favorite - currently, if our home where to need repair or be rebuilt, and we could not live there, the ins co would pay up to $46800 so we could live somewhere else during construction.  The new policy will cover us up to $122k!!!  That's ~3x the other amount - I asked the ins co guy was it typical to buy the entire hotel for a year so their clients could live it up - he didn't laugh!!!  Seriously!!!!  Its one thing for the replacement value of a home to go up, but this sliding scale is a joke!  I'm pretty sure my 3 yo flat screen tv has not gone up in value, and that my craigslist purchased bedroom set has not tripled in value!  This is such a scam, and so many people have no idea, they just get a few quotes, pick the cheapest, figure its the best they'll get and never ask questions - what can we do????
Jul 16, 2012 5:39AM

If insurance companies were required to set up a claim fund in each state for the catastrophic claims.

After a few years without any re-insurance and a law required to keep the funds from being touched for any other reason. We could all see the benefit of lower premiums and a guarantee fund to cover the large losses. The problem is keeping the greedy hands out of the fund. Even a 2% of all premium collected will work after a few years. We already pay a tax with the insurance. It is just wasted in the political general fund.

Jun 29, 2012 12:47PM
Bigger the T R U C K, dumber the driver.  If it's red, double it.
Rush to the 'red light, tailgate, and no reason for using your turn signal since you (presumably)know when you are going to turn.  That's the Republican way, by god.
Jun 29, 2012 6:07AM

People don't understand how insurance works and base their sole opinion on premiums alone.  Insurance is a transfer of risk.  Your taking a chance of loss and for a premium you transfer the risk to a company or an insurance pool.  Without this risk transfer most people wouldn't be able to own the home they have because the bank would charge so much for the loan risk. Our economy needs strong financial insurance companies to help make the economy go "round".  The insurance company has cost just like any other company and they have to increase rates to operate the company.  Most companies invest premiums in fixed bonds and bonds that used to pay 5% and 6% now pay 2% and 3%.  Couple this with bad weather and rising claim count the companies have to increase premiums as well as manage company cost.  Because your part of an insurance company that has had these experiences your premiums will rise regardless if you have had a claim or not because the insurance commissioner in your state won't allow the company to discriminate on how they increase their premiums.  If you think home insurance premiums are on the rise just wait until 2014 and the Affordable Care Act kicks in.  Plan on your health insurance premiums doubling or tripling and you will find your self giving up coverage and self insuring more and more.  My take!

Jun 29, 2012 4:25AM
Insurance is meant to be catastrophic (especially homeowners) and yes the risk is spread amongst all that are in a specific class (unfortunately) and with the way today's economy is you will continue to see rates increase because there are more and more claims being turned in that wouldn't have been turned in a couple years ago.  There are tough times out there and if you can be one of the lucky ones to go without insurance on your house (no mortgage) then if you really feel that way then take the gamble, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes but that is your right.  And those that file a claim, yes it is crappy that they surcharge your policy after you file a claim but how else can the company control costs?  If there were no penalties then the same people would keep turning in claims and small ones at that.  And if you claim is large enough then an increase over the course of 3 years plus your deducitble shouldn't be a question.............
Mar 28, 2012 10:32AM
My goldfish,during the rainy season , got out the the backyard pond and knocked up my neighbors fish,, Now my rates are going up?? This is how thhe insurance industry works
Mar 28, 2012 10:27AM
Nothing drives up rates faster than greed!! of the insurer/
Mar 21, 2012 5:01PM
My daughter owned a male blue nosed pit bull since he was a year old , he is now 3 and a half and before he was neutered he was a little timid and scared , but he was also mistreated by his previous owners and i used to have my own reservations and feelings about pitbulls, because i own a golden retriever. Since my daughter has owned him he has been the most loving and smartest dog, besides my golden lol, and both the pit and the golden, and my neices weimer riemer get along the greates. The pitbull breed has a tendency of having a seperation anxiety problem, so if left in a closed room or a outside 8ft. high kennel without a caged top they will jump the fence and find a way to their owner or other people that they are familiar with just not to be alone. My daughter just got a 2 month old female pit bull puppy, and ever since she has been here the male pit has been happier, more playful, and will eat his food that she gives him when he didnt always eat it. The company of the puppy gives him a sister to teach how to do the right things that the owner had taught him to do You as the owner have to show the dominance and don't let the dog of any breed see any weekness in you as the alpha being. Oh and if anyone told my 87 year old mother-inlaw that that pit was a mean and vicious dog she will highly dissagree and say that he was the best most gentlest dog ever!, so as far as the fault of the breed i totally dissagree, it is all how the owner traines the animal and the amount of time that you spend with the dog makes all the difference in the world.
Mar 14, 2012 8:04AM
Just an observation: You call the media liberal? Do you realize that media is owned by corporations who are dyed in the wool conservatives? Liberal media is a myth perpetuated by conservatives.
Mar 14, 2012 7:44AM

As far as escalating insurance rates go, my guess is the insurance companies spread recent disaster claims among all of their clients even though most areas did not experience disasters.  Take into account, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, heavy snow, tornadoes, high wind damage, etc.  These events amount to billions of dollars.  I suspect insurance companies spread their costs to ALL CLIENTS regardless of those clients having no claims for such disasters.  Yes, the insurance companies raise rates on those who made claims, but that rise does not cover all of an insurance company's expense outlays. 


I fault insurance companies for not taking clients to task for insistence on owning property in high-disaster areas.  As an example, beachfront properties are high risk for damaging hurricanes, yet the client rebuilds over and over. Is it really fair that other clients collectively foot the bill, by increased rates and through no fault of their own? 

Mar 14, 2012 7:18AM
LOL....Insurance premiums go up if you just report any kind of damage to them..  They basically dont cover to much of anything without later raising your premium.I find it a joke. I had a water pipe break, ruined my floors. And my insurance company(American Family) at the time, told me it was pre existing and wouldnt cover it. I had bought the flooring after moving in and a pipe broke in the bathroom, flooding our floors and also causing mold problems...  I think insurance companys are quite the American Rip off...   Yes American Rip Off...  Basically they will get all their money back and more... Maybe if your house burns down, it might be good.... Personally all insurance is a rip off. Hey its the American Way.... Greed....
Mar 14, 2012 6:30AM
Or simply live in So. Fla, where simply owning a 25yo home makes it uninsurable. Too old they all say. So you get tossed in to the state pool insurance company, where due to the lack of competition, they charge anything they want, and you have no say in it, or any alternatives what so ever.
Mar 14, 2012 5:49AM

Id liike to know why our insurance keeps going up , while our home values are going down.  I neither have a dog, a pool, a gun or any claims and still my insurance has gone up this year.

Lets make some other excuses for these robbing insurance companies.

My home is paid for with no mortgage and Im seriously considerinng cancelling my policy.

Its like gambling against yourself !

I have been a homeowner for over 20yrs and have never had a claim.

Whats up with that ??

Mar 14, 2012 4:12AM
It's where wealthy singles looking for  someone to enjoy their fabulous lifestyle with:)

However, this may or may not be what is really going on.  Some time ago Colorado doctors sued their large insurance company for raising rates.  There were not losses but rather bad investments that caused the company to raise rates.  Since investments have not recovered from the recent "bust" I wonder what is really going on?
Feb 10, 2012 12:55PM
I think just the reverse...Gun owners should have a lower insurance rate because their homes are protected.
Feb 10, 2012 10:04AM

Rebel_okie: do you live where your user name implies? If so, maybe I should consider moving there. I grew up knowing that you didn't go where you weren't supposed to...if you did - and you got hurt - it was your tough luck. And very few people did.  Now days, if you break the law, the law defends you, rewards you, and cracks down on the poor turkey who does obey the law.

     I say, let's turn back the clock: let's educate these younger generations: if you trespass on my property and my dog bites you, tough luck, stay out - nobody invited you. But do let me know so I can have my dog checked in case you gave it something.

     If they break into a house and fall over something and get hurt...no, they can't sue...if they didn't break in where they had no business, they couldn't- wouldn't - have got hurt. Go blow it out their -

     If they break in and get their * blown away, so? Save taxpayers thousands of dollars every year. And no worries about repeat offenders.

     If people knew they would be putting their lives on the line because they're too sorry and lazy to work...really! Would you try to break into a house that was guarded by dogs and Smith & Wesson if you knew they could, and would, kill you and there would be no jury to award you millions? If so, you're too stupid to live and breed. You'd probably have just as stupid off-spring.

     Are they trying to say that banks and businesses should just pile their money out in the middle of the floor instead of vaults and safes and then leave their doors unlocked? Might as well, after all, the poor robbers might hurt themselves while trying to break in.

    Where do we draw the line? Can we demand a large area of the country to be designated as the "No -more-victims-punishment-zone", where it's the one who breaks the law that is punished, not the victim?  Where the liberal, bleeding-hearts do not prevail. Where people give a d* more about an innocent, unborn baby than a convicted killer who is 100% guilty (beyond a shadow of a doubt), one that has tortured and killed people and there is real proof.  Why is it ok to murder babies who have done nothing but not to put down vicious grown people who chose to deliberately inflict harm?

     A place where men and women go back to taking responsibility for their actions, for their bodies?

    A place where single women, and old people, can feel safe because they can have a dog to protect them and where they know that if someone breaks into their home they are able to defend themselves without worrying about going to jail themselves. 


Feb 10, 2012 8:31AM
Hey , if not for the media.what else would we yap about?
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