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Jun 23, 2013 12:28PM
what 's neat about them there porches's is you can sit on your butt and light up some "good bush" and nobody cares's.  Me and my cousin we wuz out cruisin in my camero when it was mine. we seen this homeless guy and my cousin throwed a bunch of quarters at him , man, was he pis-           sted off.  Then we bought our marajua-hoochie and went home and smoked out.
Like when I seen that porch is was like I was back in the 50's and getting stoned and then going to collage and picking up chicks's and stuff.
If i had any monney i'd buy a house just like that one and go up to the 3rd floor or whatever and smoke out with some good bush.  what a life!!

Jun 22, 2013 8:29AM
I like # 11 but the house with the best porches isn't list here. I like second floor porches like on the Forrest Gump house, they used to call them sleeping porches. I once slept on a 3rd floor porch for the entire summer when I was 20 and Mosquitoes don't fly that high. I don't know how high they fly but if I sat on the first floor front stairs of that house I would get eaten alive but I never got bit once on the third floor porch. Anyway I like second and third floor porches because you can sleep on them and you have a nice view and you can leave stuff on them with no fear of people stealing what they don't know is there and would have a hard time climbing. I also like deep porches, My Grandmother who lived in Vermont had a first floor porch that went 3/4 around the house and was 12 feet deep. It was like having a huge room that was missing one wall and we used to play on that porch when ever it rained or was to hot in the sun, it was great.
Jun 22, 2013 3:34AM

Nice.  Too bad nobody's got the money to buy them lol! 


Good morning everyone!!


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