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Jun 6, 2011 1:33PM

one of the best posts i have read in a really long time...you made my day.
oh so true...

Jun 6, 2011 1:30PM
One of the best comments i have read in a really long time...just made my day.
When are you running for President of the United States? This once great Country is in dire need of a serious wake-up call. Right now, we are on the verge of, yet another, major financial meltdown...and so many people are still looking for that cookie - the freebie handout. The "What can you do for me?" mentality. If only we could find a way to resurrect that precious World War II generation...the bust my butt and live within my means mentality...that is what we need to get back on track.
Jun 1, 2011 12:00PM

And I read comments here and in another post wherein the posters claim they pulled themselves up by their own boot straps and if they can anyone can, just get of your lazy butts and do it.  If this were the case, why do we still have over 9% national unemployment?  Why did I have a fine young man who has a Masters Degrees in some form of Biology wait on my at Longhorn Steakhouse?  Why is the stock market in the toilet and repossessions increasing not decreasing.  I guess maybe the whole nation save about 60 people are lazy, unthinking boobs?  No what this demonstrates is the usual elitists telling their tales without telling the whole of the story, no one loves a story teller more than another story teller.  The government through The USDA is still giving away 105% home financing for homes built in certain geographical areas, usually rural.  I thought Fannie Mae & Freddie were suppose to be a bad boy and girl for doing the same thing just a few short years ago?  Yet Uncle Sam is still doing the same thing, quiet to the public but it is out there with very little qualification required. 


Greed has America by the old strings and we as a nation and a sitting government, current, past or present just do not learn from our own mistakes.  The Linkd stock IPO a week or so ago, another fine example.


I guess this country will have to come to it's knees as Greece is today before we finally become fiscally and socially responsible again and I also want to point out that being fiscally responsible does not mean we should or must turn our backs on our disadvantaged or our poor.  To the contrary to keep the nation strong, we don't need to listen to stories of self sacrifice and nose to the grindstone rants.  We need to hear about how the well to do and the ones who brag of their current financial situation could lend a hand to those that need it.  That would be a worthy story to listen to.

Jun 1, 2011 11:34AM
There are many people who would like everyone to "buy" into the fact that this economy is almost back to normal, everything is going to be ok....and start investing again.  The fact is, it is not true, not even a little bit!  I live on the outskirts of Orlando, Fl, The repossessions are continuing to grow, unemployment is continuing to grow, job freezes are in place at many corporations, people are fighting over minimum wage jobs just to try and make enough for food & gas!  I myself have lost a home, back in 2008...in the beginning of this mess......however, since then at least have been able to make ends meat, have steady employment...for now at least....I think it's a tradgedy to see so many loosing everything they've worked so hard for. 

Jun 1, 2011 8:07AM
Don't know who wrote this or how old the supporting data is, but it's mostly erroneous. Maybe the author wants people to think these prices are rising, in the hope some will rush out and buy. Maybe some will, but if they do they are sure to get screwed. Prices continue to drop and repo's continue to rise. It's really beginning to hit Texas now. Gary In.? Ohio and Penn? Crazy. A friend tried to give away some commerical property in Gary and the people who seemed to want it wouldn't take it unless he paid them to. That doesn't indicate prices are rising.
Jun 1, 2011 7:02AM

I do not know when this article was written maybe 2005 and the date changed to today?  The information on San Antonio, Texas is an absolute fabrication.  Just in the downtown residential section alone there are over 28,570 either reposed or about to be homes.  This number does not include homes under water either.  Homes are being built so fast by tract builders here that the market is saturated and thus your home built in 2008, which a neighbor of mine has, that he paid $150,000.00 he cannot sell at $105,000.00. 


In addition to a bad real estate market, don't come here looking for work unless you are military or have an advanced degree or own your own business that is rock solid and full of cash for back up.  The economy is sliding so fast in Texas as a whole that  Governor Perry is urging his richer constituents to remove their children from public schools and put them in private school because of impending, deep cuts in the educational budget.  He goes on to promise a voucher program that will help fund the cost of private school. 


Do your homework well and talk to people that live here nit the ones who come to visit for a few weeks.  The average wage here is $10.00 per hour, $1.75 above minimum wage and everyone wants you to have prior experience.  In addition this is a college city, occupied by three large colleges, try competing against that kind of cheap labor.  For people with a minor brush with the law, don't even stop to ask, no one will hire you, not an insult, the truth.  The employment market is so bad employers have kids with biology degrees working at steak houses!


You have been warned!

Jun 1, 2011 6:59AM
I didn't have the luxury of a government bailout when I lost my home to the bank in the 1990's. I didn't blame "rich" people. I didn't blame anyone except myself for not understanding the market better, or what I could truly afford in Mortgage payments. Instead I licked my wounds, learned better economics and worked 10 times harder than people around me. I have lost as much as most, but am currently successful, and deserve everything I have. If you don't like your circumstances do something about it instead of bitching or coveting someone else's success. I have been on both extreme-ends of the spectrum, I can tell you the wealthy do not get write-offs, government assistance, or any basic social assistance or benefit that is offered to the rest of U.S. citizens, and NONE of us, rich or poor, had any of the massive assistance this current generation has received, when we went through this in past years. I don't have a safety net of any kind; if the industry I work in changes out from underneath me (which it has done twice already), I have to be willing and able to take chances, out-think the future and pray that I make the right decisions. If it doesn't work out, the only person I can depend on is me, the only person I can blame is me. If you are tired of seeing a huge divide between the poor and the wealthy, quit enabling those who think working hard for small wages is beneath them. I DID IT most of my life. I learned, I grew, I worked harder. I also missed a lot because I was working so hard...It was a CHOICE. I can't get the last 40 years back, but I can enjoy the next 30 (and probably my last) because of my hard work. Don't despise me for that.
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