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Nov 19, 2013 10:44AM
It is very important to make sure you are financially prepared for the long term ownership of a house. But sometimes, the unexpected happens and your real estate asset turns into a real estate liability. The mistake so many homeowners make is waiting to long to take action. If you have lost your job and can't get a new one, it does not make sense to spend every last penny of your savings trying to keep your house, and then lose it to foreclosure anyway. It is better to make the tough decisions early by choice, rather than be forced to make them later. That said, even if you are facing foreclosure, you still have options. I talk more about that here:
Nov 2, 2013 7:44PM
buying is always better because its yours renting its never yours people who rent can own a home becnion ause at todays interest rate the mortgage payment is cheaper then renting also when you pay rent the taxes and insurance is included in your rent if you continue to rent you have nothing to show for it, so in my opinion you will be wealthy when you retire then if you continue renting its a no brainer

one of people's greatest dreams is to buy and own their own home.however,some people would rather buy a condo or some sort of apartment than a house because a house carries more financial responsibilities than a condo.when you live in a condo you save yourself a lot of work done when you live in a house.nevertheless,you get more privacy and more space when you own a home.

Nov 2, 2013 4:21PM

Now remember people Water is not free unless you go to a Restaurant


Nov 2, 2013 3:33PM
Even if you pay off your mortgage there are many expenses to consider that often make renting a better option.  Your taxes will always go up and up and up.  Some people with 'cheap' taxes found that in the last 5 years their taxes have doubled.  Many people's taxes in upstate ny or long island are over 1,000 a month.  I can easily rent for less then that.  Maintenance is also an expense that you should budget about 200-500 a month at least depending on the size of your home.  Heating and cooling are often expenses that you dont pay for when you rent, depending on the type of building you live in.  Owning a car is generally something you need when yu own a house, but if you rent in the city you don't need that car payment and insurance.  The choice of renting or buying is still debatable, even with today's advantageous mortgage rates.  It all depends upon your specific needs, wants and situation.
Nov 2, 2013 3:08PM
I thought this was going to talk about furnishings, desire to upgrade,  forgetting to factor in repairs,  energy costs,  environmental hazards etc.  but no it is all about buying too much house.
Nov 2, 2013 2:50PM

Who will be able to afford anything after Obamacare! Even if you make over$75,000 you still aren't going have much left over. The government subsidy is a little under $6000, but that is per household and not per person. Deductibles are per person and the lower the premium is the higher the deductible. People are trying to work so they can pay their debts off from back in 2009 after losing their jobs and that is no thanks to President Obama and his handing money to banks for small businesses that he knew would not be able to get those loans. So American small businesses went out of business. But then have in a twink of eye, here comes President Obama wanting Democrat controlled Congress to hurry up and make his healthcare a law. Who in the hell read this? Here is the catch, after the law was signed in, (Once a law is signed by the President it isn't suppose to tweaked and reworked and rewritten.) and made law, the US Health Department rewrote it. I have read the original bill and I have read a different version of this bill. Every time I read the end of this bill, it seems like it keeps growing. This US Health Department has no right to change the Act after the President signed it into law. Any changes have got to go through Congress and the Senate.

Here is a fine example of how our problems are. We have a real estate page that is talking about repairs to your home to save you money, yet 4 years ago this same page was talking about how real estate was being foreclosed on.

There is nothing in this United States cheap any more. Even the shabby old homes built in the late 1940's and the 1950's are more than a pocketbook can handle. Groceries keep going up and if you are still in the market of finding a full time job close to your home, then gasoline prices goes sky high and your forced to take another direction.

So people, you know what, I think that I would pay the penalty of taxes instead of buying the insurance over keeping my home and being able to take of my family and pay the bills. It would be way cheaper to pay cash to go the doctor( you would have to anyway under Obamacare, because you'll never get that deductible paid down) than to buy health insurance that is pushed on you. The only country in the world where Government Health care works is Japan. The only reason it works is that it taxes the very rich instead of poor and middle class. Japan also has the best doctors in the world too. I guess they have this Robin Hood idea going on. Take from the rich and give to the poor.

Why do we need 149 different taxes for Obamacare?  What would happened if all Americans just said no? I guess we can all try it. If the majority of the people take a stand and not buy into the program at all, then it will definitely be a failure.

Sorry MSN, but I guess this was the only place we had to discuss this today. I guess it is like getting a letter from you banker that they are going to foreclose on your house because you are two months behind on your notes.  

Nov 2, 2013 1:54PM
Paying taxes 3rd times, houses, foods and ObamaCare! Oh yeah, I forgot...the money go to White House !!!
Nov 2, 2013 1:54PM
Buy within your means, and then pay it off.
Nov 2, 2013 1:04PM
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