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I so DONT trust US realtors that im thinking of  holding on and going on down to NZ and getting some choice land and property for huge farm and retreat with many homes on land....the things I saw in State blew me away. I saw a champion realtor in SF actually BLOCK and CHANGE LOCKS so only her clients could see homes and the community non profits serving mothers and children were not allowed to make an OFFER and she should have had her license revoked but she is too in the mix to ever be punished.....like fraud attorneys stealing thousands in retainers and forgetting to help you and going on vacation ...not court...I have seen corporate engineers embezzle a few hundred thousand....I see realtors look good but that is a sign...the better they look.....says something. Their cars are nicer and their plastic surgery more...their wardrobe is designers and they buy new homes fast....so like who are they helping???????????????????????????
Jul 31, 2013 5:00PM
Crashing real estate in August 2013: http://www.stranglersmatch.com
Jun 2, 2013 8:57PM
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May 23, 2013 3:32AM
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Jan 30, 2013 12:15PM
Thanks for the advice. I have a lot of friends with bad credit. I will pass along the information. I want to make sure the company has a track record of success. I believe there are some promos with their credit repair as well.
Jan 30, 2013 8:25AM
 interesting article.you know the really key to recovery is getting loans to people. After the past years many good folks credit is shot. If you find negative info remove it. Obviously the most important thing you must do is go to a reputable and established credit repair company. I know there are many out there but I think Lexington Law is proabably the best because of how long they have been in business (20 years) and that they get results. 
Jan 28, 2013 10:09AM

Real estate professionals are at large mistrusted by the public.  I had a horrible experience with 2 realtors. Not because at the core, they weren't good people, but becasue the industry is so irregular, especially since 2005.  They have a responsibility to their industry to drive prices up..its a part of farming(as in cultivating the neighborhood and controlling price). I distrusted mine so much that I took the real estate course and subsequently got my license. Firsty, I was surprised at the minimal qualification, and the course while rigourous is not impossible...nothing like getting a BS or AA. Being on time, professional and working on a mandated ethical standard is something that comes with time and experiecne..and sometimes never. Training is like an apprenticeship kind of deal...it cost you up front . Pay is commision based and their are fees for everything.  One must work for a Broker or Developer. The profession is State regulated and realtors can loose their licenses for being irresponsible and fraudulent.  There is a lot of fraud and manipulation. I would never advise a buyer to use a bank referred agent. They can work against you. In my case, I am convinced the realtor wanted a Fannie Mae bonus so she let the appraisal on my offer go to crap. The bank refused to re-evaluate--and trust me this appraisal was a no brainer..and i was in pain trying to figure out how the idiot appraiser came in 10,000 under value. Knowing I was emotionally attached to the home. she lied. she was always late..sometimes obscenely. I would not be surprised if she didnt pay any attention to the appraisal process..just to make it fail.  It was weird, but the stench of manipulation was thick. The other realtor just tried to steer me into her listings so she could get full commision. At the end of the day..a buyer or seller must know what their bottom line is..and if any real estate professional or financial person tries to make them do what they are not prepared or comfortable with..kick them to the curb. Follow your instincts..if the person seems like a down right slacker..lazy tardy..they will not serve you well.

The market is up and very hot in some areas..so this report is on point. There are many factors that affect the market, but buying at least in my area is in full swing. danger lies..as most are investors, but we will just have to see whta happens. All the players are playing--so  lets hope they don't f it up again

Jan 19, 2013 9:56AM

I am a REALTOR.   I go to school.  I go to my classes for training to keep my license current.  To compare a REALTOR to a car salesman is NOT fair. 


Most of the REALTORS I know like to be able to close their eyes at night and fall asleep.  If we push someone to buy a home that wrong will last us forever and your name becomes mud real quick.  That type of person will not last long in this business. 


We work hard for the commission we earn.  I for instance work on the average of 60 hours every week. People want to see homes when they are off work ... that means nights and all weekend.  Holiday's are not a time off for us .... people want to see homes when it is convenient for them. 


There is added pressure when your livelihood depends on whether a sale will HOLD or FALL.  Don't give us a bad rap that we do not deserve.

Jan 18, 2013 6:03AM
I'm a newly licensed Real Estate Agent.  I've been in the same situation that all of you are talking about.  Buying a home where the price was ridiculously inflated and being stuck.  I feel your pain and frustration.  Looking back (which is the same situation today)  the agent recommends a lendor (my decision to go with them or not), I apply for the loan and work the figures out with the lendor, and I AGREED that I could afford what was proposed at the time.  I them went to the Agent, told her what i was approved for and looked for a house.  It's not the Agents responisbility to tell you what you can and can't afford.  We can merely make suggestions which is what I do with all of my clients now.  You chose your Agent, you chose your lendor, you chose your payment, and you chose your house.  At what point in time did anyone force you to do anything?  Back several years ago I agree that the types of mortgages were out of control and they were not in the best interest of the public but then again we allowed ourselves to be apart of that.  The problem with this country is that no one takes responsibilities of their decisions anymore.  It's always someone elses fault.  Until we get out of the "denial stage" our economy isn't going to get any better.  We're all adults and we make our own decisions.  Majority of us made a bad decion when the "bubble burst".  It happens, we all lost money now MOVE ON!!! 
Jan 17, 2013 3:55PM
I'm a Real Estate agent and a lot of you just have it wrong!!  We as Americans have caused aloft of this ourselves.  We have agreed to pay these outrageous prices for homes/land.  No body has held a gun to any us and forced us to buy or sell a home for a certain price.  Just think about what all of you are saying on here.  Real Estate agents have went through a lot of schooling and training to get our license to help the public make a responsible decision on one of the most important purchases you will ever make...your home.  We are NOT like car salesmen/saleswomen that do not have to go to school or training to sell you something that doesn't even last 5 to 10 years!!  If you don't like the price of a home then don't buy it..if you don't like the financing you are offered then don't sign it!!  JUST SAYING!!!
Jan 17, 2013 2:32PM
Jan 17, 2013 2:30PM
Realtors are not the people who determine value on a property.  Appraisers and banks the appraisers work for are....stop blaming the realtors and point the finger at the banks and their appraisers.  Enough said.
Jan 17, 2013 2:02PM
I have a very good cred rating and have banked with Chase for many years. Never late on mort., cred card or loc payments. Checked on consolidating about a year ago. Was denied because after appraisal, they came up with 2 numbers. One that they think you could probably sell your home for and one that the foreclosures in your area are going for. Of course they make their decision based on the latter, even though Chase was just as involved in inflating home values and irresponsible lending as any other lending institution. 29 more payments and I will NEVER do business money lending crooks again. If I can't pay cash for it, I don't need it.
Jan 17, 2013 1:39PM
Wow.  That article was wet kiss to the RE industry.  I wouldnt touch housing with a ten-foot pole right now!
Jan 17, 2013 1:30PM
more lies are greed are still apparent, at this very moment we are still fighting for our home for almost 3 years now. the bank made 4 mistakes on our documents ang their investor still wants us to pay the full amount of mortgage based on the previous values of the house which is now half of that.
Jan 17, 2013 1:23PM

who's is worst the Realtors or the used cars salesmen?

they both lie and pressure YOU to sell some WORTHLESS

Cars or houses...

Jan 17, 2013 1:21PM

Owning hous/s is an outdated idea..

you do the #s stress,tax,repairs etc... etc. PLUS

7% agents fee TWICE when you buy AND when sell the damn place..


Jan 17, 2013 1:15PM

3 grps  should be sued for this down markets' in class actions suits.

1. Real Agents


3.the National Realtors Association

they hyped prices,over sold,and gave us the public

bags of of lies..SHAME ON THOSE 3 Morons,CROOKS.

Jan 17, 2013 12:40PM
NIce fairy tale!!!!!  The housing market is stale in most markets, there are stock piles of foreclosure homes.  All of the money the government recieved from the law suit against shady lending practices is now being given to the states who are forming departments to consult home owner who are in fear of default.  None of this money goes directly to the home owner, just fat politicians...Just as always the government has no clue...and we keep voting them in office!!  Most likely it will take two years or more for the housing market to see any kind of rebound.   If you are looking for bargains there will be lots more to come... the key to the whole problem is JOBS!!!
Jan 17, 2013 12:11PM

Wow. Take it easy on Real Estate agents. You can rep yourself in court to, but only an idiot doesn't get a lawyer. You can do your own taxes too but most use an accountant or CPA. As long as nothing goes wrong you are dead on, no one needs them. Let something go wrong and see what happens. On avg For Sale by Owners get less than 10% for their house vs. using an agent. So, spending 6% to make 10% more doesn't sound so bad. So go use Turbo Tax, Rep yourself in court and sell your house by yourself.

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