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Nov 14, 2011 9:12PM
Oh, the forever death proposing venous snake.  In the real world, vastly many more Americans are killed by pet dogs, than venous snakes, bears and sharks combined.  The statistics rankle like millions to one by snakes, bears and sharks.  Nary a peep is uttered about the beloved, lionized, pet dog, that kills vastly more humans, according to statistics.  Oh, what do statistics prove, any who, but everything that kills man.

Conversely, the snake is the most prolific rodent controller on the Earth.  No specie has the slender, narrow body that can slide into a rodent burrow, like the snake.  Snakes got a bad rapt because of the Christian bible, short on science but long on things that go bump in the night.

The Native Americans believed the snake, was the interconnection to the spirit world while this nation of science phobics today, believe the snake is the reincarnation of the devil or voodoo, nothing to with science and the intelligent mind.  Think in terms of the plague and a long host of planetary  man-killers.  BOO.
Nov 14, 2011 4:30AM
Ha, Ha, one of them critters trys to enter our home must go through a great big dog that does noot take kindly to outside critters invading his space. I reckon if that don't stop them there is Nanny Belle and old Papa, yep we are both good with a gun and have lived peaceful in the country all our lives and not much trouble with critters, but those that continue to be a problem find it to be dangerous around these parts. I promise you any large dangerous animals put our family in danger will pay the price, no second guessing, cock and shoot. There is not one animal on this earth worth one hair off the heads of my family, family first and everything else comes last. I can say that we have lived with wolves, cougars, skunks, raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, badgers, squirrls, rabbits, spiders, snakes, and then there have been a few human night crawlers that have had the life scared out of them while we had a nice laugh. We have been told about black bears being turned loose in the forests south of us and now they are moving up our way, they say there are elk being turned out in the national forests also and we can only hope one comes here, yep you guessed it them things are mighty tasty and their hide is good for all kinds of leather projects. Folks living with nature all our lives we love the life with nature, we respect all the critters, but are not foolish enough to let animals run our lives, when any animal becomes dangerous they will suffer their actions here in our little patch of nature, remember waste not want not. Happy Trails
Oct 29, 2011 10:33AM
Excuse me???  "If you spot a bear in your place, never approach it. Run the other way and call animal control." What on earth??? NEVER RUN from a bear! It will only chase and try to kill you. Yes, get away from it, but running only signifies to it that you are prey! Why would they put up such advice? Dangerous!
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