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Jul 14, 2014 6:37AM
Good news,

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Benjamin Bruce.
Public Relations Officer.
Feb 1, 2014 9:19AM
I have a credit score of over 800 and never missed a payment. Over the past year I have had a permanent loss of income. I went through a housing counselor and their analysis was my expenses were $500 per month greater than my income. I have no credit card debt. I have cut expenses to the bone. I am retired and live on social security. My loan is with Quicken Loans and tried to refinance but was denied because it appraised underwater and I don't qualify for Harp.2. My savings is being depleted and can not keep up the payments. I think my only option is to walk away from the mortgage.
Feb 1, 2014 7:45AM
Banks are denying Americans home ownership by denying over 40% of all applications.  This is by far the highest decline rate, ever.
Feb 1, 2014 7:21AM
I want to buy a house, but cannot get a loan.  Banks are too tight.
Feb 1, 2014 4:53AM
Banks suck big time in todays society: Anyone using a bank is giving them a free loan to use your money to fund themselves (read that as 'upper management") high lifestyles; Going back to the mattress..it's always there when I or my family need it !!
May 11, 2013 8:33PM

Reenact Glass Stegal so that banks can no longer invest your savings in the stock market.  Why would they give a loan on a house for 3% interest when they can 16% to 20% by putting it in stocks?  Of course if they lose your money that is just too bad.  Personal mortgages are at the all time record lowest in American history while Corporations are getting mortgages at all time record levels ( to rent out for 3 times what a mortgage payment would be, our children will never see the "American dream of house ownership").  Glass Stegal was repealed in 1999 and in just 9 years we went into a depression, of which we are not coming out of.  This law kept banksters at bay for over 60 years and was one of the tools which brought us out of the last great depression.  Call your senator/congressman, if you even know who they are (bet you know the name of your local NFL quarterback though).   Cypress was about the banks using depositors money to bail out the bank if it fails.  These banks failed because they made risky investments with depositors money and bankrupt the bank.  So in english: now your bank deposits are treated like it is stock, if the bank fails you lose your money.  And the feds are trying to figure out what to do with FDIC insurance since it is no longer valid.  This is all in the Dodd Frank bill which passed earlier this year.  If the stock market fails you lose your 401K and your life's savings.  The only money you will be able to get your hands on is in your pocket.   I hope this wakes up someone. 

May 11, 2013 5:21PM
May 11, 2013 4:00PM
If they turn you down, then be a REAL American and SUE them.
May 11, 2013 1:47PM

Sorry about your delay in purchasing a home of your own.  There is a light that sounds promising for those that

can take advantage of it.  Many people are excited about it already.

It goes like this:   Can't Qualify? Buy Your Own House Anyway...pay cash!

Here is the website:


Everyone deserves a home of their own...

To Your Ultimate Success,



May 11, 2013 1:34PM
I'm not a home owner but I still want to be one. All you home owners in trouble can go on line and search out a guy by the name of Ken Michaels I believe . He has a radio call-in program on Sunday morning about real estate mortgages and forecloses. He also as a television show on MSN or CNN
May 11, 2013 12:03PM
Some people have things on their credit due to identity theft that they cannot get off no matter how hard they try that is giving them a poor credit score and they are being denied a refinance. They are told to clean up their credit report and they can get credit. Yet even though they supply police reports and tons of other documentation the information doesn't come off because of the seven year rule of a collection that stays on your report that wasn't even yours because it was in your name due to someone else using your name and social security number. I have had it happen several times. Once a thief gets your number it is out there to be used over and over again and I've been punished over and over for it. The banks don't care even though you provide the documentation. You're the scumbag regardless. It's a shame that they rely totally on a credit report and a FICO score to tell the whole story about someone when there are other issues. Not everyone who has a low credit score is avoiding paying their bills. Try some scumbag out there taking out loans and credit cards in your name and it takes months and years to try to clean it up.  The credit bureaus are a waste of time because they just look at the information and write dispute on the credit report. It's a nightmare.
May 11, 2013 11:51AM

This article brought to you by lenders who want your money...

Honestly in today's economy I would not be surprised not to be turned down for a mortgage. What I find funny is all the car loans lenders are making and credit card offers I get too. I think I'd rather give someone a mortgage than a credit card or a car loan. 

My home is paid off, so no thanks for another mortgage.

Dec 27, 2012 6:38PM

This Reply is to 3rd Armoured.

   Yes finance is my thing.  Yes your bigger corporate banks do use appraisers.  But, your local smaller banks do not.  Most of the time the loan officer is your appraiser.  They come to your home and take pictures themselves.  It's up to the sales pitch of the loan officer and your credit worthiness that's submitted to the board of the bank that makes the loan decission.  You could have had a credit rating that showed you in default of payments but if your trying to reestablish your payment history.  It shows your good faith and people will work with you.  Living in a small town, community is a good thing at times.  People actually know people.   Know your bank and pick your bank wisely for your loans. Think outside the box.  There is a way.    Also,  I've  never known of a loan officer that doesn't speak with the appaiser and receives a written and virbal appraisel.  Big or Small bank that officer submits the full application.

Dec 27, 2012 4:40AM
NEVER USE WELLS FARGO!!!! I have my first mortgage with them and tried to re-finance with the HARP program. According to Wells Fargo I am a preferred customer. I was unemployed for over 2 years and NEVER missed a payment, and never have. Lowering my interest and monthly payment by $350+ a month would help greatly. My wife and moved south secured jobs, though we are making less than when we got the mortgage, (over 7 yrs ago) but are able to make it the same. Things are just tighter. Wells Fargo DENIED us a HARP refi! Saying we are to big a RISK? Lower payments with income versus unemployment and no income is a bigger risk? REALLY????
Jun 30, 2012 7:06PM
well i had a piece of the american dream, owning  HOME THEN THE UNFORSEEABLE HAPPENED. DIVORCE. NIETHER OF US COULD AFFORD TO KEEP THE HOME AS WE BOUGHT IT ON A TWO INCOME PAYMENT PLAN. THE WORST HAPPENED FORCLOSURE. NOW MY CREDIT IS SHOT AND SHE FILED BANKRUPTCY OOPS CAPS accident. what do i do about my credit? with a forclosure is ther any hope? of ever getting a home loan again?
Jun 30, 2012 1:58PM
I paid my mortgage three times in my lifetime, each time is 7 years period and I was always ahead because I am determined not to feed the Bank's pockets until I die.
Jun 30, 2012 12:59PM
i paid cash for all three of my homes, pup-tent, sleeping bag, water proof blanket, my credit score must be around 2000 everything i buy, i pay cash, if i can steal it from wal-mart
Jun 30, 2012 12:24PM
I own a home.  I purchased it in 1990 and paid off the 30-year mortgage in 15 years.  My credit score is above 800.  I recently applied for another loan for a second house.  I put 50% down.  I had the cash to pay it off, but wanted to take a loan.  The home was appraised for 25% more than we paid for it.  We were denied a loan.  I'm now paying cash for it.  I used the same credit union I used for my first mortgage.  I was shocked when it was denied theloan based on an appraiser  reported it only being in fair condition (it needed to be good or above average.)  It IS in good condition.  The last buyer paid 3x what we're paying for it (it's a foreclosure).  
Jun 30, 2012 11:53AM
I've changed careers now.  But, I used to be an Office and Credit Manger for a retail store.  Finance is my thing.  As for get reject for home loans, know your bank that you apply.  Make sure their interest rates are low and you get a fixed apr.  Make sure their lending and offering fair appraisels.  Some banks, now a days, are like used car salespeople.  They are trying to low the value of your home.  Get your on appaisel if you need  to.  Sometime it's not that you have bad credit it's that their lowering the value of your home.  Therefor the 80/20 rule comes to play.  I read a comment about medical bills shouldn't count.  But, they do.  They can get judgement, garnishee, put a lien on your home, car and if you have a proven income the can take an interogatory warrant against you.  It's always best to work out a repayment plan with creditors.  The better the credit the lower the interest. 
Jun 28, 2012 7:10AM

Everything in the residential mortgage industry  was fine until the mid 1990's when Fannie came out with expanded level underwriting criteria, Level 1, 2 and 3. Level 2 and 3 buyers had no business owning homes. Then on September 30 ,1999 (google that date paired with Fannie Mae and New York Times to read the article)) with Congressional approval (government) loosened the guidelines even more giving birth to the subprime industry. There were a thousand subprime companies for every letter in the alphabet. We know the rest of the story. The market actually turned in mid 2005 and by the end of 2007 the market/industry had already corrected itself. Subprime companies were already out of business and the drywall hangers and bartenders were back at their respective trades. Then, in 2008, the Federal government took its head out of the sand and decided to fix something that was already fixed. Bush, Greenspan, the fed ALL asleep at the wheel until it was too late. 4 years hence we have not turned the corner due to OVER government regulation with the proverbial pendulum so far the other way home ownership may not even make sense anymore. I watched it all happen like I was in the front row of a concert.

The government caused this mess then bailed out the clowns that mixed the bad apples with the good apples. Now you know the facts.

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