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Tue 9:01 AM
Crime is not a race thing, most people of all races want to live in peace. Its the people who profit from crime who want us to be soft on crime. I don't know if this makes sense???
Tue 8:56 AM
When mothers and father stop seeing their kids with blinders,  maybe things will improve. How many times have you heard, He was a good kid who just started hanging out with the wrong crowd. We love our kids but when they go bad they are bad.
Sat 4:46 PM
NO Los Angeles suburbs? .....Oakland?....Did we just forget California completely?
Sat 3:57 PM
It used to be that before there was much transportation crime was kept in the inter city. Now you buy a cheap car or steal one and take the crime to the suburb.
Sat 8:23 AM
Don't forget Chiraq - Obamaville's Lake Michigan suburb.
Sat 7:50 AM
Whatever happened to Gary, IN?  It has been the "murder capitol" of the nation for many years.  Plenty of liberals took over that city and turned it into a complete dump.  Violent crime, non-violent crime, poverty and unemployment, high drug use and abuse, a truly horrific place to live.  It should be on the list.
Sat 7:07 AM
  ITS THE DRUGS. Any one selling heroin or cocaine(crack) should have an automatic death penalty period. If you employ minors to sell, automatic death penalty. If you are leader of a gang automatic death penalty. Member of a gang, automatic relocation to middle of no ware for hard labor. If you give or inject heroin to someone for the first time death penalty. If you are a heroin addict free rehab then I yr. fighting forest fires digging ditches. if you are convicted of a crime do your time, if you go to prison and still hurt someone, rape, steal, murder, automatic death penalty. If you are a bad cop, judge, life.  We need to get tough on crime or will become a society ruled by crime, enough is enough, I believe what you do in your own home is your business but when you take it out bamb now its our business. How come a heroin user always know where to get their drugs. Now, I know its a little harsh but there has to be a high consequence to ruining peoples lives. Even so call soft crimes were criminals steal identity, internet crimes should be a major penalty. We have to stop this crime madness. Mandatory drug testing of everyone who gets federal money even executives. If the constitution needs to changed then so be it. Being safe should be written in as right. I would declare martial law in everyone of those cities. 
Sat 6:29 AM
I'm not an Obama fan , but most if not all of these mentioned suburbs were going bad decades ago . You can't blame him for that .
Sat 5:41 AM

You cannot go here without being completely honest seriously, so I'll say SORRY ahead of time if anyone is offended  by what I type next - - - 

ANYWHERE in the USA, on the Planet for that matter, where Humans have a dark skin tone, for some reason and I don't claim to know what it is, it is much more unsafe and usually lawless, neglected, and especially dangerous for their 'own' who try to live right and straight as anybody. I'm not saying either anyone is automatically bad, but when a culture who celebrates their liberation form oppression by singing songs calling each other slave names and their women bitches and hoes, well, what the h*ll can you expect.

Worse still is the double standard and getting away with using race to get your way on something evil, for example that attack in Detroit by the man who accidentally hit a kid but was jumped on by what I consider nothing but genuine Animals.  If that was a reverse situation, OMG the entire country would be in a odd and strange uproar, the Media would never let it die. it would be on every station all day 24/7, and the people who committed the crime would get life with no parole. T

Something's not right here.  Until that stops, nothing will ever get fixed.

And before anyone attempts to make negative race claims, IMO this is much more about Good vs Evil, not Black vs White.  It too can be argued that Non-dark People have had and can have just as much evil too, world history can honor that easily. 

Again. Good vs Evil, just depends which side you are on on any given day...

Sat 5:17 AM
Throughout history, the ONLY purpose of a city has been to fully subsidize its suburbs. There is no reason why, in the 21st Century, suburbs should have to suffer at the hands of their central cities.
try walking down the street at night or in broad daylight in the quaint little town of Greenville n.c. some time, im from south jersey and Greenville has more violent crime than I ever saw in jersey. know why ? sure you do !
Jul 11, 2014 5:06PM
I'm surprised that East Cleveland, OH and Highland Park, MI did not make the top 10.  Both are suburbs dealing with a lot of abandoned/vandalized property, high crime, and in the case of East Cleveland, financial distress.  Both suburbs look like an extension of the ghettos adjacent.
Jul 11, 2014 12:50PM
Apparently nobody's been to NW Indiana's suburbs of Chicago!  How Gary, IN didn't make the list is beyond me... although half the town is vacant, demolished or about to be, so maybe that's why.
Jul 11, 2014 12:23PM
The whole country has been filled with trash and obama wants more.
That's the democrat plan. America was never perfect, but as a child of the 1950s I can remember when it was a lot nicer.

Jul 11, 2014 7:38AM
Where did the Camden picture come from?  I made a wrong turn one night and ended up asking for directions at a Camden gas station.  The helpful black gas station attendant strongly advised me to get back on the expressway as soon as possible.  I did not see another person with my complexion during my entire time in Camden.
Jul 10, 2014 4:22AM
Somewhat right. My X said the same thing. You may see a split section of fireworks but the show ain't worth it. In the suburbs, you can return to your radiation zone in a few days but don't eat local grown as you would know. Besides, human nature says you won't do it.
Besides, you don't know when it would hit to be in center city unless your there already.
Suburbs surviving suburbs - the true test of brotherly love.  We would have a follow up land war with the invaders. Therefore, a better way to die or win rather than radiation poisons. Go for it? The only good thing about this is the slum clearance project it causes. We are timing this and could know within a month of the blast. See my webby?
Jul 9, 2014 12:58PM
Camden is not a suburb of Philadelphia. Its not suburban at all. It us very urban.
Jul 9, 2014 10:34AM
I wonder what happened to Oakland and Richmond California? Oh I know there in the next 10 most dangerous to live in.
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