A look at the homes of 'Revenge'

The series may be set in the Hamptons, but the homes used for the show are actually in North Carolina, in California and on the sets.

By Teresa at MSN Real Estate Nov 9, 2012 1:21PM

Courtesy of Realtor.comOne of my guilty pleasures is watching the ABC TV series "Revenge," about a young woman who gets out of juvenile hall and pops up as a wealthy socialite in the Hamptons. Her goal is to avenge her late father, sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.


Among the stars of the series are the homes where the action takes place, including protagonist Emily Thorne’s fabulous oceanfront house, for which she outbids her nemesis in the first episode.


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None of the show is shot in the Hamptons, and none of the main characters' homes were photographed in the Hamptons.


Emily's beachfront "cottage," with the wonderful wraparound porch, is really in North Carolina (and on a sound stage in California).


Julia at Hooked on Houses, the maven of TV and movie real estate, recently did a series of blog posts on the homes of “Revenge”: Emily’s Key West-style house; the ultramodern dwelling that is home to Nolan Ross, a tech millionaire who helps Emily; and Grayson Manor, the imposing home of Conrad and Victoria Grayson, the Hamptons scions who plotted to send Emily’s father to prison and keep her locked up throughout her childhood.

If you like Emily’s house, it can be yours. The real house in Southport, N.C., where the exterior shots were filmed, is for sale for $1.579 million. (You couldn’t touch it for that price if it really were on the ocean in the Hamptons.) The home was built in 2003 and has three bedrooms and three baths, plus its own pool house and pool. It’s actually on the Cape Fear River, not the Atlantic Ocean, near Wilmington. Check out all Julia’s photos comparing the TV house and the real house. Southport is a popular location for film shoots.

Nolan’s ultramodern house, which looks more Malibu than Hamptons, really is in Malibu. The 10,000-square-foot home, on 3.3 acres, was built in 1991. It’s not for sale, so we can’t peek inside. But Hooked on Houses readers who tracked down the home’s location noted that the home also appeared in Season 3 of "Brothers and Sisters" (as did Emily VanCamp, the actress who plays Emily Thorne).

Grayson Manor, the imposing home of the Grayson family, also is in North Carolina, or at least that’s the home where some of the pilot’s interior shots were filmed and that served as the inspiration for interior rooms. The exterior exists only on a sound stage.


Curious as to how they make these North Carolina and California homes and the work on set look as if they’re in the Hamptons? Actress Ashley Madekwe, who plays Ashley in the series, narrates a tour of the sets in this video.

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