Most people are cool with buying a 'haunted' house

A new survey says that 62 percent of homebuyers might consider a house with a sordid history.

By MSN Real Estate partner Oct 22, 2013 9:50AM

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More than half of homebuyers are open to buying a haunted house, according to a new report. Also, 35 percent of the nearly 1,400 people who took the survey say they have lived in a haunted home.


On Tuesday, released the results of its "Haunted Housing Report," which ran on from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 and explored consumer sentiments around haunted real estate. Survey results reveal consumer thresholds for purchasing haunted houses for sale, past experiences with spooky homes, popular “warning signs” of a haunted home, expected discounts when buying haunted houses for sale and intolerable, scary occurrences.


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“When purchasing a home, buyers want to know what they are getting into and that includes anything potentially spooky,” said Alison Schwartz, vice president of corporate communications for Move Inc., which operates “Our data reveals that while the majority of consumers are open to purchasing a haunted home, many buyers conduct research on a home’s history to be aware of any weird incidences.

"Additionally, data finds that while some respondents are willing to purchase a haunted home at a discounted price, many say levitating objects, ghost sightings and objects moving from one place to another would deter them from purchasing a home.”


Sentiment regarding a haunted home purchase:
• 26 percent indicated they would consider purchasing a haunted house for sale

• 36 percent might consider a haunted-home purchase
• 38 percent would not consider a haunted-home purchase


Consumer experiences with haunted real estate:
• 51 percent heard about someone else’s haunted-home experience
• 35 percent lived in a home they suspected to be haunted
• 25 percent have researched a home’s history to find out any eerie past incidents

Most popular warning signs a home could be haunted:
• 61 percent thought a cemetery on the property could be an indication
• 50 percent thought homes over 100 years old could be haunted
• 45 percent considered quick transitions in owners could be a sign

• 45 percent believe that an unexplainable low price on the home is alarming
• 43 percent suspected homes in close proximity to a battlefield could be haunted


Of the respondents who would consider purchasing a haunted home, many indicated that they would expect  discounts on a property:
• 12 percent would pay full market value or more for a haunted house for sale
• 34 percent would purchase a haunted home if it were discounted 1 percent to 30 percent
• 22 percent would purchase a haunted home if it were discounted 31 percent to 50 percent
• 19 percent would purchase a haunted home if it were discounted 51 percent or more


Among the respondents who would contemplate purchasing a haunted home, the following spooky occurrences would scare them away:
• 75 percent, levitating objects
• 63 percent, objects being moved from where they were placed
• 63 percent, ghost sightings
• 61 percent, supernatural sensations
• 61 percent, flickering lights/appliances
• 60 percent, strange noises (footsteps, doors slamming)
• 34 percent, warm or cold spots


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Oct 30, 2013 8:36PM
Is this something they list on the MLS? I'd love to buy a haunted house. With 50% of the people not wanting one, that reduces my chance of being outbid.
Oct 30, 2013 8:22PM
Oct 30, 2013 7:36PM
I've lived in a house with, I believe, more than one "entity" or whatever you'd like to call them. One was more mischievous than anything. Would move things, hide things, throw things, slam doors in your face.  It was almost like a child or teenager just trying to get under your skin.  I would talk to it and it didn't seem like it wanted to actually hurt anyone.  Although the time it threw the penny at me, that one could have hurt, but it didn't.  The other "one," I only encountered once that I know of. I was sitting in my bedroom. I had double-mirrored doors on my closet and a back door opposite and to the outside. In the mirror, I saw a large black figure. I've always thought it was a man with a black hat, black cape, and face covered. I turned quickly to look out the back door and there was nothing there. I made sure the door was locked, and then laid down on my bed eyes WIDE open facing to one side. Suddenly I felt something or someone sit on the other side of my bed. I was terrified and couldn't move. I understand those scary movies where the victim doesn't scream or run. You are in complete shock when you are that scared, believe me. This doesn't make sense, but I just started scooting my body backwards towards the side of the other side of the bed. I didn't turn around, just inched my way across.  I was waiting for my back to hit up against something. Don't ask me what I was going to do at that point. I got all the way to the other side and there was nothing there. I don't think I closed my eyes all night.  The other incidents happened often, but this evil type thing happened only once.  Maybe just a visitor of some sort.
Oct 30, 2013 6:03PM

An old man heard a noise downstairs one night and came down the steps where he was shot in the chest with a shotgun and killed. My wife's grandfather bought the farm and he lived there with my father in law until they bought the farm next door moved to the larger house, and rented the old two story log cabin built before 1860. Most of the people who lived in the house over the next sixty years believed it was haunted.

When my wife and I got the farm, I dismantled the old log cabin, used part of the stone, and built a new home on the property. I slept in the old house the whole time I was working on it.

Nada !!!!   Nobody home but me.  Don't buy any of the "haunted house" stories.

Oct 30, 2013 5:02PM

My preacher used to tell the congregation that he would hear the footfalls of sandals in the parsonage  on Easter and he would see shadows of Roman soldiers in battle on the church walls.

Oct 30, 2013 4:19PM
I grew up in a haunted house, only thing that didn't happen was stuff levitating. Things moved from place to place without being seen moving at the time, noises, stuff 'sitting' down on the beds, doors swinging, and so on. I don't know if the house is habitable any more, last person to live in it moved out in mid 1990's. I haven't seen it since the early 90's. The most eerie one was someone was staying with us and my mother and I both heard screen and storm open and close on back shed, back door open and close, footsteps through house, up the stairs (you had to know exactly where to step for them NOT to make noise), something occluded the white trim in the hall, and the guest room door opened and shut. In the morning the guest wasn't there, and the room hadn't been touched; they'd stayed with a friend they were visiting that day, it'd gotten late. My mother was awake and heard it all, I heard it all and seen the dark shape occlude the trim. 1967 if anyone wants to know....
Oct 30, 2013 4:06PM

Expect high utility bills, and if a home were truly haunted to the extent of sighting, levitating objects, ect.  I would purchase it just for the mere fact of it being a Ghost Hunter research center, test out equipment,  photographic,evp, etc.. a ghost hunter training school of sorts. Maybe buy several and become a haunted house collector, and open up your "night gallery" during the witching hour, reservation only of course.

Not me.I wouldn't live in a house where murder or suicide took place.
Oct 30, 2013 2:24PM

I love old houses. They have a history, soul, heart and maybe some "others", but who wants a new junk fabricated house from junk drywall, horrid wiring and sub-par work? Good for all of those who see the beauty and craftsmanship in these homes. God Bless and keep restoring.

Oct 30, 2013 2:13PM

I lived in a haunted house for 7 years. Loved it, kind of creepy at times but for the most part it was pretty awesome. As for being a Christian and not being able to believe in sprit or ghost, I don't quite get that. I don't know how a Christian can believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and believe in Satan but not believe in sprits. When we die we don't take our soul with us. It stays in the spiritual world I would think.

Anyway, I did live in a haunted house as I said, even my small children would tell me of the sprits they encountered. The old guy with a beard and the little girl. They were to young to know that we were not suppose to see that kind of stuff. And the sprits would open and slam doors on occasion. So yes, I totally believe, and I actually miss living there. Life is a bit boring in a quiet house.

Oct 30, 2013 1:44PM

I had lived in this house since 1991, with no indication of any paranormal activity. Then, when my grandkids came along, an entity would sometimes interact with them. All three of my granddaughters would refer to him as Jim. He has never posed any threat, and only appears to children. I don't mind him being here.

 However, in 2007, another entity, this one demonic, began banging loudly on doors, and scratching the girls. One granddaughter was thrown out of her bed, while she was sleeping, and she saw a shadow looming over her.

 We had a clergyman exorcise the house, with no results. He said he sensed a "portal" in an upstairs bedroom wall. Well, I don't know about that, but that is where the activity first started, and he did not know that.

 Then, my youngest daughter got pissed. She refused to leave the area where the demonic entity was growling and it began throwing  things around. This was no small thing, because I could feel the evil of this thing, and it was terrifying. She blasted hard rock music full blast all day. She told me she was scared to death, but she wouldn't back down. Believe me, you would not want to get on my daughter's bad side.

 It has been 6 years since then, and I have not sensed any evil presence since. I know it sounds crazy, and I wouldn't have believed it myself if I had not witnessed it all. 

Oct 30, 2013 1:42PM
I would rather be safe than sorry, and that applies to haunted and probable or possible haunted houses.  Something strange happens in some houses.  I know.  I've lived in two of them.  What causes the strange events I haven't a clue, and neither does any living entity.  I'm a Christian.  I believe in the Lord, my savior.  I trust that whatever is out there, I have His protection.  That's enough for me.
Oct 30, 2013 1:22PM
Since I know ghosts aren't real, I would have no problem buying a "haunted house". To believe in ghosts, I would have to deny and abandon my Christian beliefs.
Oct 30, 2013 1:06PM
When one has belief in religion, one believes in ghosts and spirits. Those that do not have a belief in after life, wont believe regardless of the person telling them of a personal experience or something happening before their eyes. There's always an explanation some will say, as to why the chandelier shook on its own or the kids wind up toys winding up and playing on their own. Then there's the fact that other people saw dead uncle Ed sitting in his usual chair, just for a few moments at the same time you saw him. I choose to believe in the after life and spirit. Yes, evil exists and influences people in many ways. The only end to this argument is death itself. Once we die, we will know the answer to the question, is there life after death? I have had numerous experiences in my life to allow me to doubt that it does. Thankfully, I know in the end, we are just beginning the next chapter. To those doubters I say, you will see soon enough. 
Oct 30, 2013 12:32PM
I also just want to throw out there because someone mentioned to me,,, is it really wrong to believe in ghosts?... No it is not. It is not wrong for someone to say they do not believe in ghosts or activity, and it is not wrong for some one who does believe in ghosts and or activity. As a paranormal investigator that has studied parapsychology and the paranormal for well over 15 years, it is amazing some of the evidence and personal experiences I have encountered. People can actually see a lot of what I have done at
Oct 30, 2013 12:31PM
I wouldn't say my house is haunted, per se, but 3 or 4 times a year I smell my late wife's perfume for a few seconds and then it's gone.  Sometimes I walk through it and when I turn around to take another sniff it's no longer there.  Odd.
Oct 30, 2013 12:26PM
Other than that, I find it really fascinating that there are so many homes out there that have some kind of major history that are for sale. 
Oct 30, 2013 12:24PM
I love how the news anchor towards the end mentions how maybe they should do a drug test on those talking about objects floating. Really? whether a person wants to believe the paranormal life or not, there are situations for which have been proven that there is activity. Also, if you find it silly, corny, stupid, or unbelievable, then don't make a comment like that because some people do have paranormal issues that they are trying to get through. 
Oct 30, 2013 12:08PM

Old plantation house in Deep South.  Used as a hospital in the War Between the States.  Still blood stains on the floor.  Has its own cemetery.  Warned it was haunted by sellers.  Confirmed many times by ancestors of original family and a few former owners. 


Rarely have they made their presence known.  And very, very rare that they have been mean.  Nonetheless, prefer and expect that who or whatever they are, they stay away from we the living. 


Still, snatching a quilt off the bed when you are in it is unacceptably threatening and will tend to piss you off ...  

Oct 30, 2013 11:50AM
    I lived in an apartment that was haunted.   One night I heard footsteps in the living room.   No one was in the house but my daughter and I.   From time to time we would here tapping in the bathroom.   I felt that the spirit would not harm us.  I found it interesting.
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