Mortgage rates hit low for 2014

The average interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is 4.12 percent, Freddie Mac says.

By MSN Real Estate partner Aug 14, 2014 7:54AM

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The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage declined to 4.12 percent in the week that ended Aug. 14 from 4.14 percent in the prior week, according to a Thursday report from federally controlled mortgage-buyer Freddie Mac.


A year ago, the 30-year rate was at 4.4 percent. The average rate for the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage fell to 3.24 percent in the latest week from 3.27 percent in the prior week.


Meanwhile, the rate for a 5-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage ticked down to 2.97 percent from 2.98 percent.

The rate for a 1-year Treasury-indexed ARM rose to 2.36 percent from 2.35 percent.


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Aug 14, 2014 12:08PM
Fed's got rates down to near Zero and the markets are artificially inflated from it.  The funny part is no persons or companies are using that Zero interest rate to invest in homes or businesses.  No business in their right mind would trust your typical anti-business Democrat.  Get rid of these losers.  That ObamaCare mandate will start kicking in - get ready to bend over again America.
As the Hateful Democrats push profitable companies and wealthy people out of America all that will be left is a poor shell of misery, racism, violence and hate.  Then the Dems will be happy - then they will have complete control.

Aug 14, 2014 12:07PM
I say we all rebel against the banks holding our mortgages, and not pay ever again.  Tell them all to eat the remaining balance because we are fed up with having our hard earned dollars taken away by these crude obnoxious ledis-fraternal neuvel-reese little fleebs.  I want to call a demolition company and give them the address of the headquarters of my bank and tell them I want that joint bulldozed to the ground.  
Aug 14, 2014 10:36AM
Tax payer subsidized and tax payer guaranteed.
Aug 14, 2014 9:30AM
Remember it's nearly election time, folks! Look for all kinds of great and wonderful fake news about how wonder our economy is and interests rates going down down down like our country is heading toward. The demowits and Obama are sounding pretty darn desperate about now.
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