New rankings calculate violent crime and property crime together, so the 'danger' could be of your car being stolen. The cities with the highest murder rate aren't even on the list.

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Atlanta, Georgia © SuperStockOne factor we all consider in choosing where to live is crime.


U.S. News has just come out with a ranking of America's 11 most dangerous cities, based on an analysis of seven years of FBI data.

The most dangerous city, according to the ranking, is St. Louis, followed by Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala. The rate of crime in St. Louis is more than five times the national average.


Rounding out the top 11 were Orlando, Fla.; Detroit; Memphis, Tenn.; Miami; Baltimore; Kansas City, Mo.; and a tie between Minneapolis and Cleveland.

After decades in Miami, we've gotten blasé about such lists. We've only been carjacked once.


One flaw in the ranking is that it mixes violent crime and property crime. So while the listing purports to be of America's 11 most dangerous cities, it's really the 11 cities with the highest incidence of ALL crimes, which doesn't make nearly as sexy a headline.


The danger in some of these cities could be of your house being burglarized. Property crimes make up most of the crimes in all jurisdictions, so a city with high property crime and low violent crime could still rank high on this list.


The couple rented this Holmby Hills, California, mansion until moving to Paris. It's listed for $45 million after a price cut.

By MSN Real Estate partner 5 hours ago

ZillowBy Emily Heffter, Zillow


Music super-couple Jay Z and Beyonce camped out this summer at this 16,000-square-foot rental, spending about a month in the luxurious spec house before moving on to Paris.


Variety first reported their stay in the Holmby Hills home, which has been on the market since April, originally offered for $48 million and now listed for $45 million.


Variety reported that the rent was somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 for the month. That’s nothing for Jay and Bey, whose "On the Run" tour packed hundreds of stadiums across the country this summer. The tour was dogged by reports that their marriage was on the rocks.

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Christopher Plummer, known for his roles in "The Sound of Music" and other films, lived in the waterfront estate for about seven years.

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ZillowBy Emily Heffter, Zillow


A Connecticut waterfront home that once belonged to actor Christopher Plummer is for sale, and you'd almost expect to see the von Trapp children marching around the property in their lederhosen.


Plummer has famously been critical of "The Sound of Music,' saying people are "unnaturally sentimental" about the film that made him a star.


Still, his former Connecticut home bears some resemblance to Capt. von Trapp's fictional waterfront residence in Austria. Plummer lived here from 1974 until 1981.

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A suburban lifestyle has some clear advantages -- often better schools and more space -- but it's not for everyone.

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© Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/Getty ImagesBy AJ Smith, Credit.com


Figuring out where you should live can be difficult. If your options include a city, rural area or suburb, it's a good idea to weigh the advantages and disadvantages specific to your family and each living environment. Factors like real estate taxes, property size, property value, schools and space can help you compare the unique benefits of living in the suburbs over living downtown or in the country.


If you are having trouble deciding, check out some of the great aspects of living between an urban center and a rural area.


Find out how you can increase your home's energy efficiency and save up to 10 percent on your annual utility bills by updating just one thing: the insulation.

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PM Images/Getty ImagesBy Jeffrey Anderson, Improvement Center


Utility costs can become a big chunk of your monthly budget -- especially if you happen to live where temperatures in the summer or winter get extreme. But something in the walls is already saving you money, and could be saving you even more. Adding insulation is one of the easiest ways to increase your home's energy efficiency. How much could it save you, you ask? The government's Energy Star website estimates that a typical family in an average-size home could save up to 10 percent on their annual energy costs by sealing off points of air intrusion and installing more insulation. It's just a matter of knowing what type of insulation to use and where it should go.


The actress is trying to sell the home for $4.25 million after a price drop.

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ZillowBy Emily Heffter, Zillow


Environmentalist-actress Daryl Hannah is selling her sustainable Malibu compound, a hippie hideaway suited for relaxation after an anti-fracking rally.

The "Splash" and "Steel Magnolias" star has been in the news recently because of a reported romance with Neil Young. But that life change isn’t likely the reason she’s selling her Malibu property. She listed it in 2012 for $4.995 million.

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The house in northeast Ohio has been on the market for more than two years.

By MSN Real Estate partner Mon 12:12 PM

ZillowBy Christine DiGangi, Credit.com


There's a lovely three-bedroom, three-bath home for sale in northeast Ohio listed at a reasonable $295,000 — for its size (2,170 square feet), it's slightly more expensive than the median $120-per-square foot home value in the U.S., at $136 per square foot. The ranch-style home has all sorts of charming touches: It's situated in the woods, has a pond on the property, features wood-burning fireplaces and the rear features large glass windows that let in plenty of natural light and overlook the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The house went on the market more than two years ago and hasn't yet sold.


For all its attractive character, this place has an unfortunate past: It was where notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder. He was living alone in his family’s home in 1978 when he lured his first victim, Steven Hicks, into the house, eventually killing him and dismembering the body in the crawl space.


Tenants should research their rights before signing a lease agreement.

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 © Getty ImagesBy Geoff Williams, U.S. News & World Report


If you've ever considered becoming a landlord, you've probably wondered if you really want to deal with renters. Whoever rents your property could be a careless slob who sets fire to the home or falls behind on payments. It might be a nightmare experience.


Tenants worry, too. With 43 million Americans renting properties, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, some are finding that not every landlord is responsible and ethical.


So if you're living under the rule of a landlord who seems unhinged, here’s some advice from experts and renters on how to protect yourself.

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The most expensive homes are spending less time on the market.

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By Stefanos Chen, The Wall Street Journal


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