Home is an air mattress for the NYC Nomad

One man's love of traveling has led him to embark on an adventure in his own city.

By Mai Ling at MSN Real Estate Dec 13, 2010 11:58AM

For most people, moving is a dreaded task that we try to put off for as long as possible, which helps both renters and homebuyers carefully choose their next home to reduce the chances they'll have to move again any time soon.


But for one New York man, moving is just what he does. Every week.


The New York Times has a story on 29-year-old Ed Casabian, who has embarked on a journey across his own city after breaking up with a girlfriend of seven years with whom he had purchased a co-op. (Bing: How to get over a breakup)

After Casabian moved out, he decided to pursue full time the things that made him the happiest: "traveling, exploring and meeting people," except without leaving the city.


For a year, he pledged to stay in a different home and in a different neighborhood each week, and for him, every Sunday is moving day.

Of course, it's a lot easier for him than for most of us, since his belongings consist of an air mattress, enough clothes for two weeks including a business suit, and a tennis racket all stuffed into a camping backpack and a garment bag, The Times says.


Casabian has also lightened his contract load, just striking up an oral agreement before moving into each new home, for which he pays not in money, but by cooking for his roommates and taking them out on the town.

Six months into his adventure, he's lived in about 20 different neighborhoods with 36 hosts including friends, strangers and colleagues, all while working full time as a financial analyst for the hyperlocal news website outside.in.


That's a lot of traveling, exploring and meeting people, enough to write a book about. 

Or at least a blog. You can catch up with Casabian's journeys in his blog, "The NYC Nomad," which reads "Have Bed. Need Floor." 



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