Couple build 'Munsters' house in Texas

Owners watched all 70 episodes of the TV series and pored over old photos to re-create the details of the spooky abode in a new house. They are still working on the dilapidated look.

By Teresa at MSN Real Estate Feb 8, 2012 12:29PM

If you're of a certain age, you may remember a popular 1960s television show called "The Munsters," which featured a family of monsters trying to get by in a mortal world.


Sandra and Chuck McKee went way beyond watching the TV show. They built and inhabit a 5,825-square-foot replica of the Munster Mansion in Waxahachie, Texas, outside Dallas.


Most of the time, they go on about their lives without hubbub or ghostly apparitions. The home is not open to the public, except for their annual Halloween charity bash, when the two dress up as Herman and Lily Munster.


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"There’s a lot of research involved," Sandra McKee told Mike Yawn in an interview for his blog. "You just adjust.  It’s no big deal for me to have half the house covered in cobwebs or statues.  It sounds weird, but it’s kind of normal for me."

The couple spent about 18 months building the house. They knew they wanted traditional, not modern, style and settled on a Victorian. Sandra McKee said the project started when she joked to her husband that they could build the Munster house. In the end, they did.

To do the project, the couple watched all 70 episodes of the series multiple times and examined still photos of the set. Sandra McKee counted the number of steps from the front door to the staircase in the fictional house so they could build the same way.


Several members of the original Munsters cast have visited the home, which includes memorabilia from the show.

The home apparently isn't quite creepy enough, or at least it wasn't initially. A question at the couple's website notes that the house looks clean and fresh, not dilapidated like the TV mansion. The couple's response:

We are in the process of painting the house darker browns to make it look older as well as having it aged and distressed to appear very old. We are always working on ways to make the house look older and dilapidated. It is our ultimate goal for the house to appear exactly as it did on the television show.
Feb 9, 2012 7:42AM
When I was a kid and my dad had a paper route he showed me a house In the SF Valley in California that looked just like the Munsters house! I wonder if its still there?????
Feb 9, 2012 7:32AM
I love it. I love anything that is not a McMansion.
Feb 9, 2012 7:29AM

Downright cool,  the Mckee's have an awesome sense of taste and style. I would love to visit.


Hey, does the inside staircase raise up? Do they have a "spot" living down there? I would be glad to inhabit grampa's dungeon,,,,really,,,,,not joking,,,gimme a shot!

Feb 9, 2012 7:16AM
Good for them. If I had the money, I would do the same. I love The Munsters. I would have to have the Munsters coach and Dragula to go with it.
Feb 9, 2012 7:16AM
   That's really cool ,my wife and I also admire old haunted looking homes! Unfortunately we have to settle for the 90 year old cottage in the woods of Virginia1, since times are a bit tough
Feb 9, 2012 7:07AM

live your dream is what life is all about


Feb 9, 2012 7:00AM
Feb 9, 2012 6:57AM

Wow! How cool & fun is that?   Trick or Treat!

Feb 9, 2012 6:42AM
I guess everybody needs a hobby.......
Feb 9, 2012 6:40AM

All I want to know is do they have a laugh track that plays when anything funny happens in the house? That would be great, but i'm sure that would get old very quickly. Just like having your house look like it wants to fall down. Still its pretty neat to be able to live in a childhood memory.

Feb 9, 2012 6:37AM

Lighten up, "Fanny".  They were building a house anyway and decided to have fun with it.

There are an awful lot of people who could learn from their example.

Enjoy life! This is not a dress rehearsal!

Feb 9, 2012 6:34AM
@fanny75  Why not.... ?  Maybe they are a couple who happens to want to live in a house that is unique and not like the average cookie cutter house that we see all around us today. I loved the Munsters and still do. Personally I loved that house as well, it had a gothic charm about it. To me, modern homes all look the same now anyway, bland and just plain BORING.  Makes me want to visit Texas now and see how SPOT is doing all these years later. :D
Feb 9, 2012 6:29AM
I have been reporting the advertising posts on every comment list I come to for months.  It does no good to report them because nobody does anything and they just reappear.  It seems that MSN supports this kind of free advertising.  Since it has become the norm, I will just stop reading this junk, stop commenting and therefore, stop seeing the paid advertising that is financing MSN.  Let the whole thing descend into nothing but free advertising.  Nobody cares.
Feb 9, 2012 6:22AM
Hmm... my question is WHY??? Maybe tooo much time and tooo much money on their hands!!
Feb 9, 2012 5:56AM
I watched the Munsters all the time. I would absolutely love to live in that house. Does the stairs open up for Spike? The article doesn't say. It should if the stairs are correct. Awesome!!!
Feb 9, 2012 5:48AM
Does Spot live under their staircase too?
Feb 9, 2012 5:44AM
This is incredibly old news. There is a trap door, but no Spot. The one big item not there is the coffin phone booth, as the wife said that would be too creepy for her. All the surviving cast members at the time (Al Lewis, Butch Patrick and Pat Priest) visited it for the first Halloween bash. I believe they were also working on a replica of the Munster mobile.
Feb 9, 2012 5:34AM
Only if they could provide that stormy weather effect to the house, it sure would make it look creepier.
Feb 9, 2012 5:32AM
That is cool.I used to watch The Munsters.That house is neat.
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