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Nov 6, 2013 8:34AM

Moved to my West Sacramento, CA community in '74. Semi-rural with generations of family ties, friendly peolple, wildlife nearby, good schools. Became a city in'87 and now it is New York crowded, drug dealer on every corner, gangs so bad we have special gang laws, a corrupt police force that was outsmarted by a fleeing felon on a TRACTOR, small business destroyed by chain stores, as many homeless poeple as people living in the cheaply built overly expensive homes, terrible place for families or to raise kids (like a 9% high scool graduation rate)

Saw pictyres of Falluja, Iraq during the war and thought " I remember when our town looked that nice!"

Yeah it is that bad,.


Sep 26, 2013 4:36AM
This is a tiny town, and we don't want you coming around
Sep 15, 2013 4:57PM

The first one reeks of a plantation with slaves IMO.

Sep 15, 2013 12:53PM
Iowa is a great place to live if you enjoy staring at corn fields.
Sep 13, 2013 11:41AM

Arkansas is a beautiful state all over!! anywhere is ideal to live, if all the mosquitoes will die. :)

Sep 9, 2013 3:22PM
All nice places, Santa Fe NM should be on there too though!
Sep 9, 2013 6:22AM
Not knocking any of the towns listed, as I haven't been there, but I thought Eureka Springs, Arkansas deserves a mention, for folks who may find it close enough to visit.  Turn of the century Victorian style homes, beautiful scenery, wonderful art scene, and difficult to get to. :D
Sep 7, 2013 6:57AM
I don't know about the other towns here but I've been to Athens GA with all it's fast food joints.  There are a few quaint corners but the rest is strictly average Americana road signs and all.  
Sep 7, 2013 6:33AM
Cooperstown, New York is the hands down winner, if you have ever been there.  Google it and you will be so impressed that you will insist that it be your next vacation destination. 
Sep 7, 2013 6:16AM
Everyone's favorites will be different.  A few I would add are Carmel, CA, Sedona, AZ, Jackson, New Hampshire and Santa Barbara, CA.  I also agree with Camden, Maine which is probably one of the prettiest quintessential New England towns on the eastern seaboard.  For those old enough to remember, Camden was used in the opening scenes of the television series Peyton Place with the colonial old church steeple rising above the town.  Great place to visit.
Sep 7, 2013 6:11AM
nantucket, nantucket, nantucket,   mass    you not even know were is nantucket came visit.beatifull town
Sep 7, 2013 5:47AM

I live in New Iberia, La. Born and raised. The picture you showed is an antebellum tourist sight. Unfortunately, nothing else good about it but the picture you showed and the Tabasco factory. Unfortunately, you were wrong about this location. I love my town but it should have never made this list.

Sep 7, 2013 3:56AM

Where is Sitka, Alaska on the Forbes list?   I personally think Sitka is one of the most beautiful little towns in the U.S., thank you very much.


Sep 7, 2013 2:19AM
I was in Detroit last week for the Jazz Festival. Thought it was pretty in my eye, I was the beholder at that specific moment in time.
Sep 6, 2013 11:38PM
Camden, ME is pretty alright.  Pretty phukin cold most of the year.  And cloudy.  And buggy.  I'll take Sonoma any day.
Sep 6, 2013 10:36PM
Thanks for including Edgartown, it truly is a beautiful town. September is a great time to visit.
Sep 6, 2013 10:18PM
Kapaa, Kauai??  Must be some kind of joke!  I live on Kauai and Kapaa is the notorious armpit of the island.  Narrow road jammed with traffic, small dingy stores, huge overhead powerlines (see photo), etc etc.  Whoever wrote this has obviously never been near this island!
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