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Aug 25, 2014 4:41AM
Not only are apartment landlords tricky, so are college off-campus housing.  My soon rented a house last year at his school with 4 other guys, the landlord charged them $1,500.00 a month for a house that was built in the 1950's and had not had any renovations done to it since the 1970's  My son was 4 hours away so when I visited him I was smoking mad.  There was mold and mildew growing up the windows, the house reeked with mildew, rain seeped through the bricks of the fireplace (on the inside), the sinks in two of the bathroom constantly dripped and had been for many years by the look of the drain and pipes.  The floor gave in several places.  I went to the landlord to complain and his remark to me was have the boys go up in the attic and clean the ducts. My son who is never sick and is an athlete constantly had a headache and runny nose.  The landlord had also hand written a new past due date on the lease after the lease was signed.  I told the landlord the guys would be moving out as soon as I found them somewhere else to live.  He said he would sue for breaking the lease.  I took my complaints to the local magistrate, he agreed with me and the boys moved out.  The house was determined unlivable and now has danger do not enter (no trespassing) signs from the city posted on it.  Lesson learned -  landlord's take big time advantage of college students.
Aug 25, 2014 2:52AM
I too am an Army vet 19K20 & 19D20. THANK YOU for your service
Jul 28, 2014 3:33PM
One of my college leases had a clause that indicated a $75 dollar a night charge for anyone not on the lease staying over.

I shouldn't have signed it, but I was pretty desperate at the time and the landlord ensured me that it was only there for "extreme cases" and  hardly ever enforced.

Luckily nothing ever came of it (even though I had quite a few people spend the night), but I would never sign something like that again.

Nov 16, 2013 1:49PM
In todays' world people are bad, there is no respect, no honesty or royalty.  In the old times a persons' verbal agreement and a hand shake was the honor. 
Nov 16, 2013 5:47AM
I have an apartment that I haven't rented in over  10 years due to nasty tenants who were dirty, noisy and didn't pay the rent . When I realized that housing court was anti-landlord and pro tenant I decided never to rent my apartment again.  Now I'm very happy, 
Nov 11, 2013 8:05PM
One nasty landlord trick is using Community Health Science for attention.
Nov 11, 2013 6:33PM

Well, at least it's eleven and not ten.....as in the ten worst states for women........

Nov 11, 2013 6:29PM
Another "Evil Landlord" story MSN ?  I guess we're all scum of the Earth.  Our pet deposit is $500 and is refundable if there is no damage, no flea infestation, and the carpets are clean (and in good shape) when a tenant leaves.  Holding military to a lease if they are transfered is not just wrong, but illegal.  You lose your deposit, but we will lose a month's rent so fair is fair.  As for the other things, we have been renting out houses and apartments for over 30 years and have never even considered the other things on here.  As the article points out, they are illegal and as the court system is definitely "anti-landlord', they are not worth the risks.
Nov 11, 2013 6:22PM
We moved to California in 1993 because of a job offer & had to rent -- at the height of the housing market, buying was just out of the question.  We had bad landlords but saw lots of bad tenants, too.  Thankfully, my husband retired, we moved to another state and bought a house.  But...before we gave our 30 day notice, the property manager told me in confidence not to pay the last month's rent because there was no way we were getting our deposit back.  Didn't matter if we cleaned, patched or steamed the carpets....there would be a reason we would be denied the money.  And this was even after knowing the owners planned to gut the house for remodeling anyway.
Nov 11, 2013 5:04PM
My then husband and I in 1993, rented a house from our landlords who lived next door.  My husband and I divorced because of his domestic violence charges and 1 year later, I met & married a "normal" guy.  My landlords played favorites with my previous husband, thinking my current husband was just someone I hooked up with because of the rent, which was total BS.  The previous, the landlords let him plant a garden & a tree, my current, they wouldn't let us do anything to the yard.  He upped the rent from 890.00 to 1,500.00 and then ended up selling it.  We got out before having to pay 1500.
Nov 11, 2013 3:59PM
 In 2012 I moved into a one of my High school friends townhouse. All was well until 3 months later when he approached me about buying all 4 units. I declined because I knew the issues he was having with the other tenants. Two wouldn't pay their rent one was tearing the place up. He showed me how the rent on 2 units would pay the mortgage rent on the 3 rd would pay taxes and ins with a little left over for future maintance. my unit would therefore be free to me. I declined and 3 months later he found a couple to buy it. They were  1st time landlords. these people approached me and the other tenants the day they closed on the property. We set and discussed what THEY expected from me. included in these changes they were  going to tear up my lease-6 months to go increase my rent $100/month and they insisted i sign a release to allow them to enter my unit ANYTIME they wanted day or night without notice. I told them I wished them F....g luck with all that. I informed them the tenant landlord act in my state would prevent them from the changes they insisted on -go home and google it. Over the next few days I watched them enter the other units at their will day and night without elling anyone.. I approached them when I saw them next and informed them I had security camaras in my unit that emailed straight to my acct and if they entered my apt while I was gone without at least 24 hour notice or permission they would regret it . I also informed them if they just walked in at 6am or 11pm like id watched them do with the other units that the hole in door could be fixed but the hole in their chest couldn't be. The 45 cal hollowpoint i would send their way if I was awakened by what could be considered an intruder and the closest ER 20 miles away would mean I would be justified by the Castle doctrine in my state. and  they would die needless ly.it took 3 weeks but the other tenants moved. in the meantime I contacted the previous landlord about the new landlord-he told me they were crazy. why didn't you warn me I asked and I told them all ive posted here. then he told me " hes a pastor and she runs a  shelter for the church". oh well. what you gonna do right?  before i left at the end of my lease 6 months later the other units went thru 5 different tenants. since i left the 4 units have had  6 different tenants in 8 months. Ironically when I gave them notice to vacate they begged me to stay without the aforementioned changes. Go figure crazy but accepting of the limits when they needed a steady rent check.
Nov 11, 2013 3:53PM
the landlords need protection from deadbeat tenants too
Nov 11, 2013 3:45PM

Thank U MSN-

For informing me on how to heep the worthless, sue hungry,  tenants, who prey on people who are trying to earn a living with their property.


Nov 11, 2013 6:45AM

IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT SIGN THE LEASE . READ THE LEASE  !  min you sign the lease it means you understand the mutual again it is a  MUTUAL Agreement betwen two parties. you know who the worst tenant is ?


WHO half haked screams at 10PM totally intoxicated on weekends out of control slams doors nosiy inconsiderate.

Who TOTALLY disregard the conditiion clearly listed on lease contract

WHO signs one person then moves in with ENTIRE FAMILY esp when its utility included .(esp some ethenic group its more prevalent in my experince no discrimination intended) YOU NEED TO MENTION THAT BEFORE YOU MOVE IN EXTRA PEOPLE INTO BUILDINGS  ESP if its PRIVATE RESIDENCE!

WHO Nails the wall in the middle of the night (after 10PM)

WHO trashes apt so when viewing is scheduled  (deleberate attempt) esp after exp lease or lease was not extended as they fit due to illegal drug use. what a headache.

WHO Leaves windows open when central AC is on and outside its 100 F. 

WHO Think all utility included is all you can eat and take home pocket full of food.(pathetic) how pathetic is that? bring the laundry for entire family of 5 and jack up the water and sewage bills.(they do this in discret until they get caught!)

WHO Signs lease and comes back in two days want to cancel or else they will sue if Security is not returned. saying all his family is lawyer :)) really??

WHO  says all his or her family is lawyer. (Legal coercision or extorsion) I say so as mine they are harvard graduate and district attorney and civil lawyer.

WHO appers snow white but smokes POT or use illegal drugs when notice given tells me I am invading his privacy.

Be a considerate tenant , BEFORE passing judgement  on landlord or owners.



Nov 11, 2013 5:38AM
I got tossed out of an apartment for turning on the garbage disposal after 9:00 pm.  They kept all my deposits too.

Oct 9, 2013 11:51AM
Not that you asked but, there is free information in just about every jurisdiction that advises landlords and tenants of their legal rights as such.  The biggest problem is lack of education and knowledge and there is no valid reason for it.  Most local jurisdictions have code inspectors delegated to assist in landlord/tenant concerns and the District Court system hears landlord/tenant cases on a weekly basis.  Some local jurisdictions even have a required landlord registry.  The quickest answer to any local (Maryland) landlord questions and concerns is to go to the web site offered by Baltimore Neighborhoods Incorporated and download their handbook on landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities.  As a code enforcement official, I strongly recommend that all persons involved in any residential rental agreement whether verbal or written obtain and read this handbook.  It may save you a boatload of grief down the road.    
Oct 9, 2013 11:39AM
I rented a house from Ebby Halliday and was charged $25 for light bulbs when I moved. I used energy efficient light bulbs and Ebby Halliday did not. I was also charged for a toilet seat because when I moved in there was a wooden toilet seat so they charged me for a white seat when I moved.
Oct 9, 2013 11:24AM

Moved out of an apartment a few years back. Scheduled and had the landlord perform a final walk thru with me and my wife. They noted everything as like new or slightly worn. Waited for my deposit, never showed. After 30 days I asked them where the deposit was. I was told I owed them more money for new carpets.

I explained the inspection sheet showed no abnormal wear. They stated the carpets could not be cleaned, and had to be replaced. To prove it they showed me and altered inspection sheet. Then they turned me over to collections for the difference.

I took them to small claims court, and recovered double my deposit, plus court costs back. They swore they were right, even after 2 court hearings where the judge told them to make their best deal, as I was going to win in court. Then I threatened to sue the collection agency if they continued to pursue me, or affect my credit rating in any way. They backed off.

You can't fix stupid

Oct 9, 2013 11:19AM
I'm disabled and the fence behind my apartment fell down. We reported it in February and it's still not fixed. It's now October and it/s still not done. They say that the fence is over the boundary line. The owner of the house behind me is responsible for the fence. He says that he and the owners of the place I live have come to a compromise about the fence. Yet it is still not done. They have put in a playground during the rain, demolished a building, water sprayed the apartments, and are supposed to paint. It'd the rainy season, so that's not going to happen. I just my privacy back and the fence fixed. When the now managers fence broke, the fence was fixed right away. Why not my part. Any suggestions?
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