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Jul 9, 2009 4:48PM
Materra2 is on the money !  Cleaning your house from top to bottom and getting rid of the clutter is the best thing you can do when selling your home.  It does matter how your house smells, so put away those awful plug-ins and heavy sprays that just cover up bad smells and just clean, clean, clean.  Burning a vanilla candle is also good advice.  I bake cookies all the time, so that one was easy for me.  We sold a house two years ago when the market was just starting to slow down.  It took us two months to sell, but we received many nice comments about how immaculate our home was.  People want a home that is move in ready.
May 12, 2009 3:06PM
My home has popcorn ceilings. I hate them, but it was done by the previous owner. I also have carpet that has been damaged in a small area entering a bedroom, visible only at the end of the hall, farthest from the entry. The house is well designed with a colonial look. It is on a somewhat busy street. But the general area is well located w/many large employers within 7 miles. If I take only a $10k profit like this estimate said, I won't be able to get into the neighborhood I want. I own the house (3/2) outright but have about $20k credit card debt, used to keep from having to get a mortgage. Home has a new roof, remodeled kitchen and bathrooms 4 years ago, attached oversized 1 car garage, fenced yard, good curb appeal. Recommendations about what to do to sell, or should I just sit tight. My allergies are driving me crazy with this rug. Thanks for your advice.
May 12, 2009 5:38AM
For you spell critics, if you understood the content, why critcize?
May 9, 2009 3:14PM
just get a vanilla scented candle. For some reason I know that vanilla is the #1 favorite odor in the world.
Apr 26, 2009 8:43PM
This article is pretty lame!  Is this the best advise you can give about how to sell your home in this terrible market?  New kitchen handles....great.....thanks for nothing MSN!
Apr 26, 2009 8:08PM

Ochii, you're exactly right about the lights.  I forgot that. 


I also forgot you only need vinegar and water plus old newspapers to clean windows or mirrors.  The news print ink helps to clean and polish (I have no clue why).  You can use windex if you wish as well. 


Finally, Thank you Realtor Dave.  Feel free to use spell check.  :)

Apr 26, 2009 7:48PM

They are right.  Nothing sells like Clean.  Get off the spell check.  They had the guts to give you some good advice.  Just take it.  If you want to be critical of some one read the paper or look in the mirror. 

Thanks for the article.  I will print it and pass it along.  Just as you wrote it.



Apr 26, 2009 6:44PM

baking cookies*...fresh* rememberable?hahahaha


Apr 26, 2009 5:23PM

Here's a 100 buck fix for your whole home.  Buy white vinegar, some degreasing dish soap, a packet of lemon koolaid, washing soda, and if you have tile with grout get generic household bleach.  Provide rags from old clothing that has been washed, torn into roughly dishtowel sized pieces and made of cotton whenever possible.  Leave the hems and seams off.  Add as much help as you can find and grab your brooms, mops, vacumns, dust busters, buckets and work clothes.  Get out your elbow grease and clean your place.  Walls washed from bottom to top (so you won't get dirt streaks) with washing soda.  Then clean the trim.  Little kids dust the floor trim and an adult comes up from behind washing it while keeping little kids on track.  Tops of door jams need to be clean.  Tops of cabinets need to be clean and cabinets washed inside an out with vinegar and water (see recipe on bottle, I'd buy a gallon.)  Add a dash of the degreasing soap if you fry cook alot.  Toss the koolaid in the dishwasher using the direction to clean it.  Rent a rug cleaner and get the stuff you need to clean rugs with.  Plan on scrubbing slow in both directions.  where plastic bags over your feet if you absolutely must go into the room before it is completely dry.  Post a sign at the doors saying take off your shoes.


As others are cleaning each and every room within an inch by inch method someone needs to sort out clothes that are essencial, toys, dishes etc.  You don't need new, you need absolutely the least amount of stuff, no mess, and spotlessly clean.  Outside needs to be cleaned up too.


Ask for help from every one including your realitor who may have fixit people you need for things that must be fixed.  Don't remodel..clean somemore.


If there is enough money, rent a storage space and fill it with your extra belongings.  If there is enough money after that..save it.  You may needed. 


Don't forget who you owe for help and give them IOU's they can "cash in" for your elbow grease and cleaning. 


A clean house means you cared inspite of the paint or layout.  This means it was maintained.  (maybe not but it seems to say that. )  A home with the absolute minimum of stuff means you care about quality not quanity.  You only need a few items per room.  Talk to your realitor about how to do this or check online.   Clean is more important than any new knobs or mirrors or stuff.  So few people know this.  Lack of clutter is second to clean.   

Apr 26, 2009 2:53PM
Please do not advise people to apply weed killer to their lawns. It is harmful to plants, animals, children and the planet. Come on you guys. Get with the program.
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