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Mar 25, 2014 4:30PM
I think there is a lot of value in furnished properties.  think how much it costs to move a house full of furniture vs. replace or rent furnished.
Also there is a certain freedom from being unencumbered by a house full of stuff.
If your interested in trying furnished rentals, the key term is "corporate rentals".
 provides short term, fully furnished corporate housing in South Louisiana!!  We specialize in the personal touch and commitment to excellence in servicing our extended stay clients. Ascension Corporate Rentals is a great resource to anyone who needs an extended stay or a temporary furnished apartment.
Jun 16, 2012 10:55AM
I try to imagine this lifestyle. it would be nice. although I'm on a fixed income I'm grateful for what I have. I'm glad to look at what is possible for anyone by faith-- that we don't have to feel envious or covetous or persecute those who are blessed. God is capable of giving us what others have, he is no respecter of persons. keep planting your seed, believe, and listen to God for instructions on what to do.you would be surprised at the good things that will come to you. expect.God is powerful.
Feb 24, 2012 1:06PM
Nov 12, 2011 5:23AM

What i want to do most is that i can find someone that really cares about me and loves me. if i live with him. i will not care about what our house looks like. we will decorate our love house together.

Nov 12, 2011 2:13AM
Well if you live on a fixed income they real EXPENSIVE so could they be the best,and really whats with all the glass not in Arizona.
Oct 22, 2011 8:05AM
Nice sure, but fearful to touch, spill or better bring any dirt into is not comfort just too much stuff!
Oct 22, 2011 8:04AM
Honestly these homes sound boring----for when it's all there there is no imagination, no fun no adventure! Boring wealth and those with have know idea what to do with it so they waste it on boringly large and ugly! Supposed to look glamorous but in reality overly large is rather boring and ostentatious rather than comforting and nicely designed. Hollowness vs. comfort---I'll take comfort!
Oct 22, 2011 4:20AM
Looks a lot like the kind of homes I want but cannot afford.  Well, it's never too late.  I can find a better job.  I can get better educated to get a better job.  I could cut out the excess in my life and save to achieve my goal of my dream home.  I can also make improvements to my current home.  I have a lot of choices.  As for the people that can buy these homes now, good for them!
Oct 7, 2011 8:41PM

Often People go to colllege in oirder to get a profession that pays so well they can loife the "high life" and then pay at least $80,000  or much more..back ,after they finish! Or better yet some are on welfare meaning it will cost them' not one thing' especially if not from this Country and then they can live rich, and  when finished  not pay ''anything back'''. I guess we never know where they came' from', but better yet I hope' they never forget!'  "Most do not come from money," Some fall into it  as they have talent, and some just " fall into it" as they win a sweepstakes or marry rich. 

But once more the life they led ''before, the roots before  they became "rich" is what they need to remember to 'stay humble and compassionate"Look at the :heart of man/woman so you do not get hurt and live miserably no matter how much or little money you should have. Count your blessings always! 

Oct 7, 2011 8:37PM
It is unfortunate the rest of us can't afford these properties. Thank you MSNBC for doing another "carrot dangleing" to the working class. In the mean time everyone is trying to make ends meet. I love your liberal media.

This kind of ad is dangling the bone in front of a starving dog----yer going to git bit  as222

things as hard as they are you got a hell of a nerve----wake up to reality-  people who have the money to buy a place like this are dope deallers or gun runners   face it....

Oct 7, 2011 3:43PM
Showing extravagant homes in these times is worth what???...Try showing some real houses that are "homes" versus show places...get a reality check.
Oct 7, 2011 1:17PM
These extravagant examples aside, in this market almost everyone who is looking to buy these days is looking for turn-key or move in ready. Because the media is constantly saying things like, "It's a buyer's market" or "Your money will get you a lot more for a lot less." So buyers assume they can walk into your home and ask for ridiculous things otherwise "no deal". I recently sold my cousin's home for her.  While she was flattered that the perspective buyers were so enamored with her taste, she was a little taken aback when they demanded the comforter, pillows, pillow shams and dust skirt from her bedroom set. It didn't end there either. They wanted the pool table in their game room, the gas grill (it wasn't a built in), all the patio furniture and the dining room set that had been in her husband's family for six generations! And if this couple didn't get everything they asked for, they wanted the price of the house slashed by $100,000.00 !! Now this house was built in 2003. It was a gorgeous 5 bedroom, 4 bath English Tudor style home with granite and stainless steel all over the place, over looking a man made lake on an acre wooded lot. It looked like something out of a fairy tale even without a stick of furniture in it. But they had to sell (they were transferred) plus, like everyone else, they were upside down on their mortgage.  Needless to say, the greedy couple got everything they asked for in order to meet their price, plus my cousin and her husband had to pay closing costs and the points! If it's not the mortgage company or our government giving it to us up the backside, it's our fellow Americans.
Oct 7, 2011 1:04PM

What's the point of all our difficult study and hard work throughout a long life if we can't finally enjoy what we;ve earned without some lazy creature who has too much time on their hands castigating us because we've earned "too much."


Where we live some very jealous members of our HOA even gossip that our landscaping is too expensive and our trees are too big. Obviously because they cannot afford anything like it themselves. 

Oct 7, 2011 12:51PM
It's sinful that you think like this. If people work hard for their money, it's their business how they want and can live. Who are  you to make judgment on them. I'm sure they are taking caring of others and paying their unfair share of taxes. Why don't you work a little harder  to help all your relatives who need a hand. Leave people alone. They have worked hard and deserve to live how they want. Don't you believe in the American Dream. This is it!
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