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Nov 14, 2013 12:40PM

Looks like TX, IL and NJ have the highest property tax, all in the $11K range.

Nov 14, 2013 12:25PM
I really like # 3 half a mill for that.. You got to be kidding me ... What a laugh.. It is some suckers in this world..
Nov 14, 2013 10:58AM
I always have to laugh when I see the names of these places in Arizona.  Queen Creek.  So where is the creek?  They mean a dry wash which hasn't seen any real water in 10,000 years.
Nov 14, 2013 10:37AM

How much house will $500K buy you?


That's an interesting question, but the wrong question. Correctly phrased, this article should be titled, "How much NEIGHBORHOOD will $500K buy you?

 It's all about where you live. In a nice neighborhood in southern California, it'll buy you about 1500 sq. ft. While in Oklahoma City, it could buy you a mansion.

 Free advice: When home shopping, always look at the location first, second, and third. The home itself, is your fourth priority.

Nov 14, 2013 10:34AM
Notice how most of the "bargains" (great price per sq/ft.) are in the Rust Belt near a large city a lot of people are fleeing ?
Nov 14, 2013 10:15AM
Hey I got 2+ acres, an old house with new siding, AG zoned  3 bedrooms 1.5 baths and a Mother in Law space all to herself and YEs I could easily get $500,000 due to the fact that I have Privacy and no one can build around me! Such is Priceless these days!
Nov 14, 2013 10:12AM
And Only 1 listed with acreage! Are they really worth it?
Nov 14, 2013 9:42AM
Wow! $225/sq ft in Kentucky.  Those area Seattle prices.  Poor, poor people in KY living in small expensive houses and not near the coast.
Nov 14, 2013 9:39AM
The median FAMILY income is about $50,000. These homes are 10 times the median family income. These folks are marketing to the upper 3%. 97% of the population will never be able to afford homes in this class. Let's end the class warfare right now by imposing a 100% extate tax on all estates over $1.5 million and reimposing JFK era tax rates on incomes.
Nov 14, 2013 9:02AM

Do you NEED that much house is the question. Look at what you really need instead of what your status symbol ego wants. If more folks who have 500K would ask themselves that simple question and be honest about it - then a lot of regret and headache down the road could be avoided. Buy a home that meets your needs. Do you need a money pit with a swimming pool???

Nov 14, 2013 8:46AM
Wow. It must suck to live in any of these places. We bought a 2300 sq foot house in Katy TX for 120k. It is larger than half of these and just as nice. I guess it is location location location.
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