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Sep 21, 2012 10:42AM
I guess noone here is from Jersey where taxes on a modest home can be upwards of $16,000 a year!! And dont forget our car insurance $375 a month for 2 good drivers..........this is how middle and upper class live here, cant even imagine all of our millionaires.......which hello list there are plenty of townes in NJ and NY filled with them!!!!!
Nov 19, 2011 9:43AM
TO OPINION> OVERLOAD:: It's not about becoming financially independent, grow up! free to become rich is an illusion, they tell you this so you could feel better. They give you a high credit line you go out and buy all kinds of junk then the credit card company jacks up your interest or APR.  to 21-25 percent. Meanwhile your boss won't give you a decent raise. It's 2012 almost and the minimum wage is what, $8 an hr.  Now you have to pay this or  the banks won't give you a loan . In this country not every man, race or culture is created equal. They want you to think that. It's call brainwashing.For many many years banks would refuse to give blacks and other minorities loans. Everyone needs loans, even Donald Trump makes bank loans to build his massive buildings.Can you get a 10 million loan with a snap of your finger, NO. Don't fool yourself. Grow up! I take you're pretty young to think this way, so ill leave it there.
Nov 19, 2011 8:57AM

Person--Someone:: : Listen, you're lacking knowledge. No one is against new ideas that can serve the good of the people, if this idea can only serve the rich because it is  too expensive that is exclusion. Also, it's not easy boycotting technology since we are now force to use computers, phones, Ipads etc.Again this is not just an idea to communicate with others but they make it in such a way to force us to buy it. So we do because we have no choice and we're just trying to survive.You think you can set up a job interview today by sending a note and not having a cell or house phone--NOT.They want you to go paperless by paying online--yes it requires a computer.Banks make a lot of interest from your savings then they throw you a couple of cents to shut you up.The government bails out failing banks but won't bail those people that can not now pay their mortgage because it went from $1,850 a month to 3200 dollars a month due to higher interest. And over half are college grads--go figure. Any average smart person knows that this is not about jealousy against the rich. When government falls short in their deficits they turn to the working class for more tax dollars but not the rich. Because they have the power and powerful attorneys they can afford to pay. Have you been to 3rd world countries there's only rich and poor no middle class, you either have it or you starve and eat scraps and hand out from tourists. 

Nov 19, 2011 8:28AM
I know Easton Md very well. It's my hometown. It used to be a small town full of locals. The picture of Easton they showed is actually of my family's old Flower Shop, Harrisons' Flowers. Yes, they are right. Once it was named the 8th best small town in America, all that changed. Alot of people moved from the cities on the Western Shore ie. Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC) to make their homes her, or at least their summer homes. The huge old farms that surrounded the town were sold off to make HUGE subdivisions for McMansions with tiny yards. They all look the same and lack the character that I love. Many of the locals were forced out by the high property costs and alot of us now live in neighboring counties. Easton was a wonderful town to grow up in. Honestly, you hear about grandparents telling you that they never locked their doors. I'm only 37 and I can remember never locking them. There was a sense of belonging there. If a neighbor had trouble, everyone pitched in to help, that's just what we did. I miss my small, sleepy little town. It breaks my heart to see what it has become. People seem to think that the millionaires living there now are a totally new thing. Nope, they have been there for a long long time.
Nov 19, 2011 6:51AM
cool deal, I needed a "where to" list to get my B&E buisness started
Nov 19, 2011 6:45AM
Go to these towns where these millionaires live and what will you see? A broader Upper middle class population as well... and an even broader middle class fanning out from that base. One millionaire spending their wealth every year on the exotic and expensive items they buy and pay sales tax on  are what employs a lot of everyone else... DUH.  and btw... ANYBODY in this country is free to become financially independent... ANYONE is free to save and invest wealth to increase the value of their assets... there is no "finite" amount of wealth in the world... wealth is created and lost by the perceived value in the free market of goods, assets, and ideas... you got an idea that is worth a lot of money, you just CREATED wealth... if you are unable to do what a wealthy person has been able to... don't blame them... go look in the mirror.
Nov 9, 2011 11:53AM

We get it, we get it already - America belongs to the wealthy & to hell with the rest of us. Now even the wealthy chinese want to come here - it is a land of the wealthy & the tax free (not sure how that will work) - thought that was what Dubai was for?


Revolt America - stop spending money!! Buy only food & the necessities - pocket away your cash - this is what feeds these fools.

Nov 9, 2011 11:07AM

People on both sides of the coin seem soooo angry and for what? Those who are ok will still be ok tomorrow and those who are not, will still be fighting to turn it around. Well I hope they will be still fighting to turn it around, rather than sinking in it. I live in the City with the highest unemployment rate in the country, one of the highest foreclosure rates if not the highest and homelessness among what used to be the middle class growing daily. A place where the leadership has decided to place all of its hopes on a 6 mile "Strip" of land that is over developed, over crowded and bordering on unattractive. BUT, I have nothing but blessings and honor for those who have managed to make and maintain wealth during this amazingly hard time for everyone. If for no other reason than this, if they can do it , i can do can it too! So flourish on SF, Naples, D.C. and all the other cities playing host to the wealthiest American.


In every struggle there is a silver lining if we just open our eyes wide enough to see it. I'm no tree hugger wanna be reincarnated hippy, I am just a person who is TIRED of the anger, hatefulness and blame that seems to be more abundant than kindness and tolerance. Reading it is exhausting, watching it is exhausting, listening to it is exhausting and if I'm exhausted being a spectator I know the participants are.   


Finally, allow me if you will to put this small caveat on my post? I am not among the wealthy, nor am I among the homeless, but I am among the many who are perfecting my "triple threat." I have two bachelors degrees and a masters degree and have no prospects of ever making the kind of money my education dictates, but I also have an amazing ability to sing and write music and, if I don't say so myself, I am pretty damn good looking. So when I couldn't get a job with all my very expensive education I decided that I would utilize all the other gifts GOD gave me. So I started singing background and writing music for other people and booking modeling jobs and I am doing pretty damn good. I challenge everyone that is angry and complains to find your "triple threat!"  Even if you have kids they need to see you fight through this. If you don't try you are teaching them it's ok to go down without a fight.

Nov 9, 2011 9:02AM
The accusation that  East Coast people are bitter,less accepting, and less kind is the kind of slander that has been flying around for years is a big fat lie. Most people who come here to visit for the first time are surprised that people here are friendly and happy. NYC/Manhattan is expensive too but most of it is not Fifth or Lexington Ave. As for flashy I see very little of it. Most people are very modest even the ones I know who have homes in NYC and Long Beach, Long Island, NY where I live. Any town/city on a coast is expensive. But SF is very quirky and that makes it fun. Try getting to know people better before you make comments about them. I invite you to spend some time in Manhattan and Long Beach, get to know us and see who we are. 
Nov 9, 2011 8:30AM
How did this turn into an arguement between liberals and conservatives? San Francisco is just an expensive place to live, California just is because people want to live here. The weather is great, people aren't bitter, and overall just more accepting and kinder on this side of the country. The article is right, you do have to pretty much be a millionaire to live in SF. I went to college there and my girlfriend at the time grew up there. People here aren't living the rich and famous lifestyle. The cost of living is just so outrageous so you have to make alot but for some people its worth it. The cultural, religious diversity and integration is unmatched. AVERAGE homes (maybe even the kinda old and clunky ones) easily sell at $700,000. It doesn't mean they're all living in huge mansions and go shopping all day. My girl's parents and their friends were making well over triple digits a year but they were by no means living like the Kardashians or whatever. SF is a very modest city when it comes to flashing wealth or whatever. It's the people in CERTAIN suburbs that are flashy. It's not like Manhattan.
Nov 9, 2011 7:20AM
I love in Los Alamos, There are many very rich but very greedy people here.  It is a joke.   Just down the hill we have several Tewa Pueblo's that are very poor and very poor Hispanic communities with high drug and crime rates.   People around jokingly call Los Alamos Mount Olympus and the people who live there the "gods".  They look down on the people in he valley.  
This summer Los Alamos was evacuated due to a fire threat, and guess who took them in,  yup the people in the valley. The lab was highly protected ( as it should be)  but the Santa Clara Pueblo who took great care of there land was not given the same resources and much of their land was katter affected by rains and flooding destroying the riparian   area and the drinking water of the poor people there.  As they say money talks and power reigns 
Living here I hear the people talk down to and about the people in the valley.   I heard a high school English teacher scoff about the ability of the kids int he high schools in the valley.  I could have slapped her.  Of course they kid up here perform higher look who their parents are.  I would like to see Mrs. B.  teach down there and get the same results. 
Yes I live here but am not so proud of the attitude of my fellow citizens.  There are good people here but unfortunately they are out numbered by the privileged, arrogant  and greedy majority.
  " we are smarted,  we are richer there for we are better people then you lowlanders"   (not)
Nov 9, 2011 7:18AM

In January, I was on a fishing excursion that left Tin City in Naples, FL.  The guide told us all sorts of stories about some of the mansions that we passed.  Some included the founder of Steak 'N Shake, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, etc.   We also passed a yacht called Knee Fixer... the first orthopedic surgeon of the artificial knee.   So, why are people so obsessed with begrudging someone for coming up with great ideas and becoming CEOs of their company and then becoming rich?  How many of the people that are participating in "Occupy Wall Street" have IPhones, IPads, Androids, Facebook accounts, etc?  If they really are against big businesses, why not just boycott purchasing them?  Why not just cancel your accounts with AT&T, Verizon, computer accounts, etc?  As a group, they should collective throw away all their technology.  When Steve Jobs passed away, the Occupiers never said a word about him not deserving all the money that he "earned" for coming up with great ideas.  Frankly, there are many CEOs that have come up with ideas that benefited the general public.  When I was a college student, the personal computer was two years away from making its presence on college campuses.  We had to punch cards.  Yes, many of the Occupiers don't even know what I am talking about, but the developers of the personal computer, including Steve Jobs, made the rest of my college career easier and less frustrating.  Another thing that the Occupiers never mention are the professional athletes and entertainers that are millionaires.  The NBA owners and the players are fighting over what to do with the fan's money.  Why isn't there a huge push to boycott going to football stadiums, baseball stadiums, etc? Why did Katy Perry attend an Occupy rally?  She is part of the 1%.   Are athletes and entertainers significantly more talented than CEOs?  To be fair, I think Aaron Rogers deserves every nickel that he earns.  As, I believe that Tom Hanks deserves everything that he earns as an actor and a director.  I also believe that Bill Gates deserves everything that he earned for his talent and his vision.  On the other hand, there are crooks that took advantage of their position to make personal gains... those people need to be brought to justice.  If the laws allow for misconduct, then the laws need to be revised and the laws need to be harsh.  America is a land of opportunity.  The people that work hard and maximize their talent should be rewarded.  If Americans are willing to pay for their products or talents, then they have earned that nickel.

Nov 9, 2011 5:40AM
And the rich get richer and the criminals get smarter, and our kids and there kids will payoff they're bills and tax deficits when the time comes I'll bring the ROPE!
Nov 9, 2011 5:17AM
To the commentor from D.C. Don't whine about the taxes you and California keep electing these tax and spend liberals. So you want less tax start voting the creeps out. All the states with high tax and low return are liberal. You are killling the nation
Nov 9, 2011 5:06AM
bigbenz430 is right, bridgeport is the biggest **** in ct.  don't walk around alone, you will get robbed, and be careful not to get dosed when gathering of the vibes comes around, which i actually look foward too.  greenwich has a road with car dealorships on the same strip, including aston martin, lamborghini, ferrari, bentley, etc, and everyone's just an **** in general.  connecticut just sucks in general.
Nov 9, 2011 4:55AM
Wrong,wrong, wrong! If you stated Fairfield County CT or Greenwich,Ct you might be more on point! Bridgeport, although the largest city, is far from the richest. In fact it is one of the poorest cities in the state of Connecticut.
What you ignorant (likely jobless) people are not taking into account is the fact that places like D.C. (where I live) it cost 10X more to live than other place in the U.S.  They tax me twice EVERY YEAR for my car! CA is just as bad when it comes to taxing and cost of living. So before you judge, get your facts.
Nov 9, 2011 3:36AM
Guess where those millionaires in Washington,DC get their money. From you!!  They get their wealth from sponging off the government in some way.
Nov 9, 2011 2:01AM
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