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Feb 13, 2013 1:55PM
Floating homes are future contemporary life, STOLARIJA ALEKSIC. COM
Apr 24, 2012 7:02AM
 I own a floating home on the columbia river in oregon. I love it. 1100 square feet of living space, 400 per month to moor and cost of the home 165,000 built in 2007.  And i can put a 40 foot boat in the boat garage. Friends love it.
Mar 17, 2012 12:36PM
What, no basement?  Def wouldn't work for me especially during a hurricane or tornado.  Besides, where would I put my woodworking shop? 
Mar 17, 2012 11:15AM

I think the floating schoolhouses in Bangladesh are much more interesting, and innovative. Because of the rising sea levels, it was preventing children from attending school.  They came up with the idea of floating schoolhouses that are completely solar powered (with electricity and computers) and travel the waterways to pick up school children.

Although I can see new developments in floating houses as something needed in the future as rising seas envelop coastal lands this just seems more self-indulgent than anything new or innovative. Houseboats have been around for years.

Mar 17, 2012 11:07AM

None of the windows, including the bedrooms, have any window coverings available...how do they have any privacy for those crucial moments?

Mar 17, 2012 9:23AM
I hate the floating house. It sucks.
Mar 17, 2012 5:19AM
Big deal.  I live in Key West and there must be 50 of these houseboats not more than a 1/2 mile from me.  Not like it's anything new.
Mar 17, 2012 4:30AM

How many fish did they catch..?

Gota watch out for the jet ski kids...they can mess up a nice afternoon fishing...

Jan 15, 2012 3:26AM
ok this my take on this not news flash, who cares, god bless them if they have the cash to buld a great place to live, i hope they are trying to make this world a better place with all the money they have or dont have. pleae find something worth reporting. 
Jan 14, 2012 10:59PM
my friends,welcome to seeking ta ll,the letter after " b"  &() &m
Jan 14, 2012 8:29PM
OK, 2 "guys" with lots of money to waste have a show-off,,,,(lots of windows, no curtains) home. SO WHAT!!! I for one couldn't care less. How bout showing something real people might want to see?
Jan 14, 2012 8:07PM
I'm always amazed by what some of us call beautiful.  I find a parking lot for boats and a view of large sculptures of steel, concrete and glass a bit outside my concept of beauty.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion!
Jan 14, 2012 7:27PM
Why not tell us what it cost to build, and more importantly, what doe sit cost to moor it at the marina aeach month?
Jan 14, 2012 5:33PM
Obviously this is just for show, no curtains in the bedroom or bathroom? No-one really lives there it's only for photos.
Jan 14, 2012 4:32PM
Actually with a few Tweaks, that would make a really nice house for land use.
Jan 14, 2012 4:07PM
Nice house. Other than the movement of the water, the interior has lost it's boat feeling.
Jan 14, 2012 3:41PM
What's the price tag on one of these beauties?

Jan 14, 2012 3:39PM
It's really cool.  Hoping that someone will reveal the cost of something like this...
Jan 14, 2012 3:21PM

Would love to buy one for myself


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