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Jan 4, 2013 12:41PM
Your information on Las Vegas is way off. Prices are up over 15% and inventory is way down. Prices will trend higher as we have multiple offers on anything selling for under $200,000. I would question Local Market Monitor's numbers and look at Zillow or numbers from the local Board of Realtors, better yet talk to anyone trying to buy a home in Las Vegas.
Dec 31, 2012 10:08PM
Such misguided advice and bad outlook. the cup is not half empty, and you all are terribly misguided. I bought a house in FL in 2012, 80k typical average price but 180k of value needed to insure. You cannot have such a difference, when your insurance agent correctly states its 180k to replace if it burns down, and you buy for 80k, the market is distorted severely down. Population growth and lack of real home building will catch up sooner or later, and anyone beleiving these fools will say something like, 'if only I would have bought ...'.
Dec 31, 2012 6:56PM
Realstate is dead for the next 15 years , New and old home prices need to come down more even at record low interest rates , rates need to come down , property taxes increasing to save municipalities from going broke, property insurance increasing a true scam , Maintenance increasing , utilities increasing , food and oil increasing , bank shadow inventory in the rise , Loan modifications not working out, Current upside down homeowner strategic foreclosing , price comparison sites outdated price and unreliable information , this is a TRUE NIGHTMARE a NO BRAINER to buy to own or buy to rent , maybe in 15 years it maybe a dream again.
Dec 31, 2012 4:47PM

the uptick in the housing market is again a distortion in the market as it has been fueled by REO's aka home repos and even sleazier "real-estate hedge funds" NOT MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS. CORP AMERICA is buying the homes that they foreclosed on and are buying them "IN BULK" -2011 and 2012 were banner years for real-estate hedge funds. Yes, the very same American flag waving, church going "we love America" people who did much, if not most of the sleazy real-estate deals that got us this financial mess in the first place, are up to the same old games. And why not they always get away with it. After all its their world they just let us rent it and extremely high rent at that (read the msn article). They took billions of tax dollars from the American people and are using those billions to buy the homes at a significant discount. Discounts that they would not give to those same Americans who had mortgages underwater because it was "MORALE HAZARD!" . If you are and American under the age of 37 you will be living in your parents basement for a LOOONNNNGGGG time! If Mitt Corp. Romeny had been president you would be there indefinitely, perhaps working along side Jorge at the qwickie mart for minimum wage with NO health benefits, no workmen's comp. if your arm got blown off in a robbery, and no rights to a 10 minute bathroom break as you would have little to no collective bargaining rights.

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