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Mar 17, 2014 3:25AM
6 worst home fixes for the money

By Dana Dratch of 

I think Dana should learn something about the subject before writing about it.  Bankrate should be more selective in choosing their writers.  MSN should be more careful about the content that they publish.  All in all this article was of zero value and a waste of the readers time. -- Paul Howard

Mar 15, 2014 9:58AM
I had a 400 sq ft sunroom added to my house with a tiled floor, half wall and windows all the way around, along with a new gable roof to blend in with the house and it cost me $15,000 in NC. This was 2 years ago. It is a great addition, and people envy it. Where does this site come up with $73k to build one that is 200 sq ft with a shed roof?
Mar 15, 2014 9:41AM
more BS from MSNBS.  Costs are all over inflated, not just inflated. 
Mar 15, 2014 9:40AM
Please edit post below to read large covered patio.
Mar 15, 2014 9:39AM
We already had a very large covered house as an option when we bought our house.  Screening in the patio and making it a large screened-in porch with two screened entry doors cost $5500.  If some one decided to buy our house and glass in the porch to make it a real room they would have to invest in a ductless heating/cooling system because we live in AZ.
Mar 15, 2014 9:28AM

Who the hell is on drug when they put this crap out. Unless you like just flushing money down the drain don't bother with any of the remodel you will never see dime back because the next person will want their own style. clean the house fresh paint and out the door let them do the rest.


Mar 15, 2014 9:14AM
Yeah, these price quotes are ridiculous ... $250k for a master bedroom remodel ... hell, buy another house. So glad I don't live in the USA anymore. Freeedom and affordability are priceless !
Mar 15, 2014 9:10AM
Where in the heck did they come up with these costs???  $73K for a sunroom?  $224K for a master suite addition??  Insane.  Like Ladyremodel said, you can buy a HOUSE for that kind of money.
Mar 15, 2014 7:39AM
I have been a remodeling contractor in my area for over 25 years...the prices quoted for the remodels in the article are more than what the average home even sells for in my area! Even "upscale" projects are not as much as in this article!  I, too, would have retired long ago if I could have asked those kinds of prices!  Who is this Bankrate anyway, and where are the articles for the average homeowner?
Mar 15, 2014 7:29AM
My complaint is not buying or selling, it's maintenance.
I am looking for parts for a top of the line Whirlpool range that I bought in 2003.
At first I had to have the electronic control board repaired because I couldn't find a new one and now I found the keypad for the controller is bad. I can't find a keypad anywhere and I can't even find anyone that repairs them.
This is a top of the line $2200 range in 2003 dollars and they no longer provide parts.
Shame on you Whirlpool!
Mar 15, 2014 7:19AM
I have been a builder for 40 years. All of the prices are inflated by at least 2 times and it is a misrepresentation by the author.  I designed and sold sun room additions for 20 years and most of the rooms, (4 seasons) averaged $20,000.00 or less. An article like this simply scares a home owner out of remodeling  and customizing their home. In every locality one can find contractors that charge to the moon, but that does not make them the best builders.  Just keep in mind that pretty pictures and an article that states supposed facts, is not automatically accurate.  G.
Mar 15, 2014 7:15AM

This all BUll-hit

I sell and manufacture sunrooms in NJ, since 1991 we have built over 5000 in NJ alone with not one homeowner ever saying it was not worth the money

Our average cost for a 4 season room is 22-35 thousand,

Our homeowners can expect to recoup 80 to 100% of that investment in our market.

The room they show is ones I take down every month, Glass roofs are not the norm anymore.

The price they quote is out of the normal range for any room,

 go to alligatorspaces . com.

Se the latest sunroom and learn the truth

Mar 15, 2014 7:09AM
The greed stricken real estate industry doesn't want you to re-model. They haven't figured a way to rip you off for your efforts. They want you to sell, hence the attempt to scare you off with the inflated costs.
Mar 15, 2014 6:36AM
Hey… don't do anything at all to the unattractive hovel you already live in!  
There are a lot better things to spend your money on; like overpriced fuel, hard goods, and lattes,  under-nutritious food, and bad, m****duced, characterless alcohol.   
Always remember to keep the tasteless unimaginative fool in mind who is going to buy your house after you die… he or she will have no appreciation at all for the improvements you made and will probably tear them out anyway after paying your heirs less than you put into the dump.  
Such is the way of the world: CONFORM to it!  If you don't you might loose money, and we all need to remember that is the most important thing. 
Or you could just tell the world and people who write articles like this to screw off.  
Mar 15, 2014 6:20AM
I've been in the remodeling business for 28 years. This would be the national average in Fantasy Land. I have made a good living but if I could have been charging these kind of prices, I would have retired 20 years ago.
Mar 15, 2014 5:38AM
All part of the continuing human value system failure.
Mar 15, 2014 5:33AM
Mar 15, 2014 5:13AM

Me too. Let's go into business together. We'll make a fortune.

Mar 15, 2014 5:12AM
In what world is the national average for the Master bedroom suite addition $225k?
Maybe in some contractor's dream. 
Or maybe this is another fluffy little article written by some MSN staff kid who doesn't have any idea what he's talking about.

Mar 15, 2014 5:07AM
Other than the outrageous prices quoted, sometimes it's not always about money.
I've entered into upgrades over the years simply because I wanted to do it for me.
At times it added little to the sale ability of the house but it did make it more appealing over others on the market at the time.

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