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May 4, 2010 4:43AM

re:upgrades.  my crib was built in 1964.  i up graded the old alum awning windows w/ custom insulated double panes tinted windows and it was probably the best thing i did to my home.   you not only save $ on elect but it makes for a very quiet home.   9 windows-$6000.  Open-mouthed

Apr 26, 2009 9:10PM

Well, I did several things to my mom's old single wide trailer, including repairs to a floor I stepped through twice in different places, used three coats of 'high hide' white paint over a peacock color in an all ready small bedroom, and cool sealed the roof as it was leaking into the ceiling fan in the living room - all this in Louisiana during hurricanes Ike and Gustav. If I could do $100 in each area of the house as in this article, I would probably think twice about selling. If I had the $1000 per area upgrades, I would be in a house in better shape than any since I was 10 yrs old (that was a new two story with chandelier entry, three bedroom two bath upper, full ground level basement with patio doors in Santa Clara, CA we called 'the Pink Castle").

Mar 5, 2009 4:15PM

I would completely disagree with the 20-year option for roofing. Who wrote this recommendation. You can hardly even find 20-year shingles.


The main choice is whether to choose 3-tab (flat looking) shingles (which usually have 25 year warranty) or Architectural Shingles (which have 30/40/50 year or Lifetime Warranty). There are also metal roofs and natural roofs such as slate (which usually have 50 year to Lifetime Warranty). The labor by a licensed general contractor or roofing contractor is generally one or two years. The shingles are usually only 1/3 of the price of the roofing project. 1/3 is labor. And 1/3 is the additional materials, such as felt, flashing, starter shingles, ridge vents and ridge caps.


The better choice is actually determined by what the neighborhood tends to use on their roofs. But if it is a choice of the 3-tab or Architectural, the actual price difference on most roofs is only a few hundred dollars for the basic 3-tab / 25 year or the basic Architectural / 30 year. So go for the 30 year Architectural.


The price jumps up for the longer warranty products. Realizing that 2/3 of the price is actually in the labor and additional materials, it's usually best to use the Architectural / 30 year because it gives a nice upgraded look without a very big additonal cost.

Mar 5, 2009 4:05PM
I would offer that upgrading your waterheater to an on-demand water heater is a GREEN upgrade, and also will be more energy efficient for the seller while the home is on the market. PLUS, there are Government and Manufacturer Rebates for these units!
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