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Dec 12, 2011 7:46AM
I lived in Portland 30 some years ago and I did not like it.  I had problems getting a job and I found the people to be rather unfriendly.  I returned recently and thought about relocating there because my significant other thought he loved it there.  I spent nearly 3 weeks there and I'm sorry to say that I STILL DIDN'T LIKE IT.  The city is not beautiful in any way that I can see.  It is run down and not well taken care of.  The businesses  seem to be floundering and people have a "don't give a damn" attitude.  The areas outside of Portland are beautiful but not so beautiful that I'd want to live there.  The climate stinks.....I talked to several people who said their gardens did not do well this summer due to the lack of sunshine and warm weather.  My significant other decided to stay and I decided to leave.  Not even the "Love of my life" could keep me in what I call "Gloom City".  To all the good people of Portland, I'm sorry I don't like your city and to all the butt heads I ran into, you deserve to live where you are.  Enjoy your cloudy days.
Dec 1, 2011 9:16AM
It's irresponsible to post such a negative account of one of the most beautiful cities in the US without allowing us a rebuttal: http://downtownstpete.ilovetheburg.com/article/Aint-no-Sunshine-for-Mens-Health/3300
Jan 16, 2011 4:57PM

Oh.... And, I couldn't be satan, even if I tried...




Remember that. @.@



Damn mother, damn process, not enough process... Oh, and I have a vagina.

Jan 16, 2011 4:55PM

Shelton may be a small town, BUT... No one really ever leaves it unless they have someone to help them, you get so depressed you don't even care that you're depressed..... I stabbed myself yesterday, got 6 stitches, I got OUT at... 12:00

I was walking for an hour.... It didn't bleed much. >_>


No, I'm not thinking I'm satan if you were thinking that I was thinking that, Amen. Oh, and my dads friend killed himself in his moms house, then... Mom got pregnant, and the sad man wanted to name me after this other man who was sad... O_o

Yeah..... I don't get it, the man who killed himself, he tried to bring him back in a memory that would never be... <_<

... Sad.

Everyone is sad, it appears to open eyes.

Jan 9, 2011 5:12PM
Ohio seems pretty damn beat up.  It's two biggest cities are taking the worst hit.  Having visited Detroit many times, I know that the place is crap and and it should probably be higher on the list.  But New Orleans, the place is booming now, even after the hurricane.  I am shocked that it is there.  The rest all belong there, even Vegas.
May 21, 2010 2:42PM
I live in St. Louis and it being #2 doesn't surprise me one bit....
Apr 8, 2010 7:13AM
All of you unhappy people need to pack it up and get the f out of Native America. This country was founded by europeans???? Those who believe that are "special". **** have you ever heard of Indians, Native Americans, you know the people who were here before all of your ancestors. We inhabited this land before that racist Andrew Jackson backed out of the treaties and put us on that death march called the Trail of Tears. That guy was a european bred pre-Nazi. Where you live is what you make of it. Instead of crying, being racist, or showing how ignorant you are, just shut your trap and move the f somewhere else. I heard Africa, Asia, and South America are nice this time of year.
Apr 8, 2010 6:49AM
Phoenix Az I think is a very strange place, There are some great places with good dining and great views, The city though has a weird feel to it. Other than the central city(very hip, but not snobby like scottsdale or glendale) The place can be scary and very dull. For being  relatively newer as cities go, the place seems worn out too. There is hardly a sence of community and is too spread out. commuting is horrible. HOT in the summer, nice winters is probably why I live there. The best thing is being in the middle of the state, you are only a hour or so to some of the most beautiful sights anywhere, north, south , east or west, all different and unique terrains. the worst is the politics, a strange sheriff, A gun happy population where you can carry an open gun anywhere without a permit. And a very narrow minded elite government. Our non elected governor is ,mmmm hard to say not very bright and not too smart it seems My opinion though, but there is a silent many who feel the same. Have to be quiet or you might get hurt...The wild west is alive and well here. Suicide rate is lower but someone might shoot you instead, I felt safer in Detroit. Really, I lived there for forty years and I truly did feel safer there. People seemed kinder, and not as angry and scared even with the bad economics.
Mar 27, 2010 3:44PM


New orleans one of the unhappiest city?

After the terrible hurricane things were not the same as they were before and still are not, but i would not put on the list one of the most exotic city in the US.

Just think about jazz, great people, good food!

I am sure new Orleans is going to be back the way it was, even better.Smile


Mar 21, 2010 6:20PM
I wish I got paid to write this crap
Mar 15, 2010 5:07PM
New Mexico has a wonderful climate.  If you don't like it you can always move -- perhaps Portland would be better for you - not so much sunshine -  or try Miami with lots of humidity.  You remember what that is don't you.  Most of the people who live in New Mexico love it.....so don't spread rumors about how bad it is.  Sometimes the sun gets too much but you can always go inside your cool adobe house...............
Mar 10, 2010 6:27PM
I'm skeptical!  For one, we measure things really well here like pollution, miles travelled by cars, bus and bike, hunger rates - this penchant for measuring really well tends to put Portland at the top or bottom of lots of lists.  Along the same lines, I think lots of people are depressed in general.  The world is a pretty screwed up place right now.  Portlanders are likely to own that and get treatment, which of course, puts us at the top of the list for people getting treated for depression!  Sure, it's cloudy and we have our issues, but I take this with a grain of salt.  If this causes people to not want to move here....oh well!  Smile
Mar 8, 2010 12:15PM
I lived in Portland for 20 years - it is a sad place to live - the people are the worst - they all have a slave mentality - very liberal - which means they give mercy to the miserable sinners.  I want to leave here as soon as possible but I'm tied in financially.  But soon as I can I leaving - good riddens.
Feb 21, 2010 9:31PM
I've lived in Portland for over 30 years and for the first time I'm thinking of moving to another state.  While close to the ocean and mountains, the weather does become depressing.   Housing and taxes are very high and it is difficult to find a family wage job.  The direction of the state is more government and more bike lanes!!!   While many will encourage me to move on...they forget that I'm in the top 5% of the taxpaying residents.  I'll take my dollars out of the state.
Feb 20, 2010 4:20PM
Why didn't anyone mention Austin, TX?  Austin is obviously NOT a part of Texas because it's always cloudy (expect for the summer...excluding 2007) and the people are very unfriendly.  It's an artsy place and the live music capital of the world.  You would think that would make it a fun place to live, but artsy people are extremely rude.  No luck finding a date here too.  I'm young, educated, in shape, kind, carry no baggage, and I have a job...still no successful relationships since moving here three years ago.  My close friends are from San Antonio and they don't enjoy coming to Austin to visit me.  Hopefully I'll move back to San Antonio this year.  I offered a free room and extra bathroom for my sister, and she refused it because she can't handle the rudeness and weirdos in this city.   
Feb 20, 2010 3:04PM
It gets too hot in Portland. And the people are too friendly & bubbly...i prefer it in Seattle where people don't look at each other.
Feb 20, 2010 1:06PM

The only apparent rationale given for St. Louis being miserable is the status of their sports teams.  It's hard to understand why sports is one of the criteria for such misery and it certainly doesn't seem enough to qualify St. Louis.

Anyone out there ever heard of Anderson, Indiana?  This city has been in an economic and mental depression since the late 1970s, when it was forcast that GM was pulling out and taking with it 30,000 jobs!  We were a dead city way before any other US city, yet no one ever brings us up anymore. Guess  all the political cronies look at Anderson as just some old abandoned cemetery. We've been totally forgotten for decades now. Unemployment was in the mid 20 percent range back in the mid 1980s. It's probably worse than that now. The only ones holding there own are government workers and medical employees, who still live life large due to the bloated and over compensated GM retirees. Things will greatly change as all those cancer ridden old farts take their demise.
Feb 20, 2010 8:50AM
I have lived in Portland for the last 15 years. I am  "one of those Californians" (northern Ca, there is a difference) who moved up to Oregon in 1994. I didn't sell my house and come here to pay cash for a new one...I couldn't afford one there at all ! I came here to be able to buy a small home and raise my children in a smaller city. Remember, SOME Californians had to move here because millions of people moved to CA and the same thing happened to us there. So, be careful when you make sweeping generalizations about how bad it is that Californians moved here. Don't you think I wouldn't have loved to stay in the Bay Area where I grew up? Sure, but I couldn't and now I really wouldn't want to live there. It is SO crowded, congested and expensive. In Portland, I have been able to provide my family a fun, stable and secure middle class lifestyle. To me, even though there is more rain here  Portland has a West Coast feel to it just like San Francisco but smaller and more manageable.  I remember when WATER was rationed in CA due to drought and you couldn't flush the toilets each time and all the lawns were dead. I remember that when I start getting sick of the rain...I mean it is scary when there isn't enough water! Here is to Portland. Open-mouthed
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