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Jan 10, 2010 2:56PM
Trying to keep cats from doing their business in your precious gardens is understandable, but you do not, in any way, ever, ever have to hurt or demonize the poor cats for doing what we all must do, everyday, we all have to answer nature's call! They really shouldn't be punished for that anymore than any of you feel you should be punished for it! If you know who owns any of them, be a mature person about it and ask them to keep their cat inside! Which is what they should already be doing! For the poor unloved, unwanted, hungry, cold, alone and homeless cats out there, that are just trying to survive, they really aren't trying to personally **** you off, they're just looking for something to **** on! LOL!! :), My point is, they are not intentionally trying to hurt you, so please do not try to intentionally hurt them!
Jan 10, 2010 2:34PM
Oct 27, 2009 4:23AM
Apr 19, 2009 5:59PM
Ahhh - for those of you who have suggested large rocks - probably not. Think of neighborhood kids playing, riding bikes - falling - bashing their heads on the rocks (terrible) - parents suing you for medical bills......think before you go putting rocks out there..prettier and safer things you can do with the space, by far.
Apr 19, 2009 4:32PM
Try putting moth balls or garlic in the pots to keep the cats out. Also, they don't like walking on pine cones or anything that pokes them.
Apr 19, 2009 4:30PM
Nice pictures, but it would be more useful if the names of the plants were included.  My area requires draught tolerant plants.
Apr 19, 2009 12:54PM
I live in an area with hot summers and cold winters.  I put in vinca, a pretty evergreen groundcover, in my little strip.  It flowers profusely in the spring with some flowers here and there throughout the summer.  In the winter it stays green.  It's low enough and sturdy enough that people can get in and out of cars parked along the curb.
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