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Apr 4, 2014 3:18PM
This is so amazing to see the difference between the apartments between cities. It shows you the beauty in each area. There is so much to see in this world and the best way is to live there. https://www.militarymoves.com/search
Dec 5, 2012 8:45AM
Is this <a href="http://www.cgccommercial.com">commercial real estate in wayzata</a>?  It looks like a fun place to have an office. Thanks for the post.
Nov 9, 2011 11:51AM

A great place I stumbled upon while searching for my last apartment is DoNotRent.com


Sep 29, 2010 4:25AM
Looking to move to SC or NC after the first of the year.  Anyone have suggestions in what area to look.  We both love to golf and would like to be by water (lake or ocean)
Mar 28, 2010 3:24PM

we're losing our home to foreclosure despite every possible

avenue to prevent this situation.  My husband lost $85K from

his income due to a greedy monster who overtook his mother's

once owned franchise.  She canceled his life ins and health insurance

and here we are struggling.  We have to find a place to rent.  We

have been in our home 5 years and now because of the financial

devastation of what this person did to his income/job of 13 years,

we are now having to find a 3 bedroom place to live.  He wanted

me to find something that was around $800 a month. well, if

I want a 2 bedroom in a crime infested area that will be no



I'm devastated.  The rental prices are frickin horrible

and I just pray that my life is over soon... it's a complete

nightmare and I am passed stressed out.

Nov 21, 2009 10:32AM

Burlington, VT

Yes, the winters are long but the people and outdoor activities make it worth it. Personally I lived in a 3,200/sf Townhouse overlooking Lake Champlain ($1,500). Three years ago I moved to a small townhouse 1,300/sf, three tight bedrooms, 1.5 bath, carport (very vanilla) for $1,100. The rent should be $1,300-$1,500/mo. but the homeowner is a friend. BTW, after I moved out of my lake front place, the next month it was $3,000. Your income to debt- doesn't seem to work out for most in Vermont

Sep 24, 2009 8:17PM
In San Diego, $1000.00 a month might get a 2 bedroom 1 bath in a Senior apartment. Disabled can qualify too.
Aug 26, 2009 7:27PM
In louisville if you're going to spend $1000, you might as well by a house and get some more sq ft. The apts pictured are nice though, new out in the eastern part of the city..
Jun 22, 2009 10:39PM
$1000. will get you a studio or jr. 1x1 in fremont, ca and maybe a standard 1x1 if you get a special-i worked in the apartment industry for 6 years but have been home for the last 3 years with my children.  we currently rent a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom house in Fremont for $1950. a month.  I love this house!  It has a pool and fairly good size patio.  We're in a great neighborhood and next door to an elementary school that my daughter attends.  The house is very large, ranch style.
Jun 21, 2009 2:03PM
While reading i noticed only northern states mentioned. Most cities in TN & GA ive found that typical rates for a 2 bedroom 1600 sq ft for around $500 - $600. Jobs of course are at minimum without good qualifications that is. If your struggling during this "economic crunch" I would consider a southern state without huge attractions such as Florida.
May 9, 2009 10:36PM
Hawaii's rents are about $1200 for a studio and $1400 on up,  for a 671 sq. foot Condo..with car parking and a small pool if you are lucky.. If you have pets, it is VERY difficult to find pet-friendly places for rent.. and then, its for only small animals..  Homes run about $1700, on up.. and then the area may not be the best.. If you can buy.. I say buy.. its a lot cheaper way to go...  
May 9, 2009 6:06PM
I'm in N Idaho in a small town and rent a 4000 sq ft 5 bdrm 3 bth home on 1 acre for $1000. It has a wrap around porch, comes with a hot tub and use of a riding lawnmower and snow removal tractor in the winter. I just found out too that it has 5 bing cherry trees and  it's own mini forest. (It was a Christmas tree farm before the house was built) It IS a slice of heaven. We're 30 miles south of Canada.
you are right Pamela 12S LA or San Diego, (California's finest City) you would pay $1,000 for a studio, 3,000 for a 4 bedroom house, $ 450 to $700 to share a room in a home with many other people, depends on the area. California is very expensive, I say stay in your city California is not "California dreaming" anymore, the babes are old now, the men have pot (beer bellies) and most people don't look like models.
May 4, 2009 7:09PM

The Atlanta rental is in a nice area, but "minutes northwest of downtown" applies only if there are no other cars on the road--which is never the case in that area!  You're better off renting a place closer to the city if you work/play there.


I live in ATL now and am looking for a new tenant for my townhouse in Ft. Lauderdale FL: 2 BR/1.5 BA, 2 stories, gated community, centrally located, close to I-95/other major roads/downtown, swimming pool and tennis/b-ball courts, beautiful landscaping, pedestrian and pet friendly.  Large, brick paved back patio w/ storage is great for entertaining, new accordion hurricane shutters on all windows.  $1,050/month includes cable, high speed Internet, trash.  Wood laminate and tile flooring, stainless steel appliances, new A/C, washer/dryer included.  Now THAT'S a deal!

May 4, 2009 6:09PM
I'm in DC and the prices here have NOT gone down, not in any of the safe areas anyway.  Thye are offering a reduced 1st month but that's about all.  An efficiency will still run $1,200 and most don't include utilities and parking is always additional if you can get it at all.  I'm at $1,500 for a 700 SF 1 bedroom but new renters are paying $1,600 for the same apt.  I just got a rent increase notice, I'll be paying an extra $86 next month.  Parking is another $150/mo.  It's a 1950's building so you don't hear any of your neighbors but the new construction apts downtown are asking $1,700 for the efficiencies. 
May 4, 2009 5:26PM
I rented a 2200 square foot duplex with 3 large bedrooms, 2 large bathrooms, finished basment, attached garage and a yard for 875, in Kansas
May 4, 2009 5:15PM
1000 in the bronx  lol  you'll get a studio for 1000
May 4, 2009 5:10PM
Anything in San Fran for $1050 a month is not north of the Tenderloin,it is the Tenderloin District.  If you are a crack head,looking to get raped,or robbed move here.  To live in a safe area of San Fran day or night, you basically have to spend at least $2200 a month and up.  Oh and don't forget, if you own a car and parking isn't included,expect to pay an additional $400 to $600 extra a month.  Most apts, no parking is included or a washer and dryer in your unit.
May 4, 2009 3:31PM
Watch out if you're planning to move to Miami!  While the bad economy has lowered the price on many two and three bedroom apartments downtown and Brickell, the one bedrooms are still pricey!  I have a 700 sq ft one bedroom in a nice building in Miami's downtown Brickell area and I'm paying $1400/month - and this is a good deal!  The good part is, pretty much everything is included in the rent - cable, internet, water, even A/C!
May 4, 2009 2:50PM

In Denver (Actually Centennial) 4 miles out, we are moving into a 3/2, 1200 feet for $1045/mo. Do to the low demand high supply I negotiated $100 off for a 9 month lease.

So...Denver is more affordable then the show presents. 

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