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Jun 20, 2013 10:44AM
The listing for Chicago is a complete lie, i know the exact area where this claims to be located. I have lived in chicago my whole life. The picture is definitely not from that neighborhood nor what you should expect if your going to rent there. The commercial district that they are speaking of is horrible, pedestrians have no regard for traffic what so ever, its dirty and unless you can stomach the smell of curry 24/7 it not were you want to live ( the smell is ever worse in the summer). At 500 dollars a month in Chicago you might be able to rent a run down studio in the far south or west side but beware of your wallet and your life in certain neighborhoods, its not called chiraq for no reason.
Aug 19, 2010 8:22AM

Man rent sux. I live deep south Smile I pay $400.00 3 bedroom 3bath, dishwasher, laundry hook up, and all other aplc. I pay lights and water. I luv it I have a huge yard dead end street that we block party on and walk to each others house (I have 4 neighbors) But it is a trailer....... 90s model it is nice. Only thing is I have a 35 min drive to work one way. And I live on a mtn and my work is in the valleySad so that is an extra $240 a month gas with work and normal running around. Plus in the south pay is lower. I have a boyfriend roommate and if anything every happened to us I would have to find a roommate ASAP or I wouldnt make itSad

Jul 13, 2010 12:07PM
I live in Buffalo, NY, and I honestly have to say that we have very reasonable rent!! It is mostly one or multiple family houses and we do have our share of apartment buildings. I live upstairs  in a two family house w/ 3bdrms, 1bath, large living room, large dining room and large eat in kitchen. Full access to a full size basement, full size attic, my own private top porch and fenced in yard with access to driveway. Landlord pays water fees, all for only $450.00/mnth.  You can rent a one family house w/ 3 or more bdrms anywhere between $600 to $800 a month. If it wasn't for our affordable cost of living, I would have been left here.  
Jun 3, 2010 12:47AM
I live in Austin Texas and i have a 700 SF 1 bedroom apartment that I pay $505 a month for. It does not include water or utilities. My complex is older but very well mantained and modern, I have a fireplace, a washer and dryer is incuded, we have a Koi pond with a fountain out by the pool, we have a hot tub, a work out facility (but I go to a gym bc our facility is too small) and a beautiful hiking greenbelt on the property which is about 7 miles or longer. The greenbelt is beautiful and has clean springs/creeks/small waterfalls. Not a bad deal! Our complex is located near a large and upscale shopping/restaurant district. I know I will never find a deal as good as this one. If you are paying rent you can't afford, look around your city; you are bound to find a better deal. You may have to move further away from downtown or maybe even to a suburb, but it is worth it. Due to the economy, rentals in the U.S. are going down. We deserve a break! Thumbs up
Apr 7, 2010 7:05PM

I live in Fayetteville NC.  The average decent apartment (no amenities) 2 beds 1 bath maybe a half bath if your lucky runs between 600 and 700.  When I moved to this town due to job change , I became desperate because I didnt want to spend over 500. So I settled for a 2bd , 1.5 ba townhouse for 525.  I say settled because I felt the apts were not well kept (broken windows, locks not working very well, etc.)  New windows were put in about 9 months into my 1 yr lease (horay!!).  But I decided to start looking for something better anyway and not to mention the landlord informed me that my rent was being raised to 550!!!  (I guess he had to pay for the new windows.)  I went online and came across a 3 br 1.5ba ranch-style brick house, it was well taken care of and the location was great.  I thought the ad had misprinted the rent amount, so I called the realtor prepared to be let down but no...the rent was really 565.  One of her collegues showed me the house and even she couldnt believe how low the rent was.  the average for the area started at 700.  So  needless to say, even though I had less than 2 months left on my townhouse lease, I couldnt take the chance of losing that house so I broke the lease.  I lost my deposit but it was well worth it.  I have been in this house for almost 2 years (happily)!!! 

Moral of the story...be patient, give yourself plenty of time, look around, check areas you think will not have what your looking for, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.Thumbs upNerd

Mar 27, 2010 10:36AM
I live in a 2BR apt. in Bx. NY. My rent is $1,200 a month including water and heat (when we have any). I work very hard and of the $1,400 I net bi-weekly, $100 goes directly to credit bills and $1,200 to the landlord. I pay $44.50 for a monthly metro-card so I can get to work and do it all over again the next week. My husband is disabled and brings $475 to the table each month from SSA and my daughter is still in school. After I pay the bills somehow, through it all we get to eat (a little). I'm not bitter, i do have a place to lay my head, but my goodness! Is this it? When I was much younger I got into debt up to my ears! Now my credit is pretty bad. Anyone have a way out of this loop they'd like to tell me about? I can use the leg up.
Feb 4, 2010 2:38AM
SadBaring teethi live in grand rapids mi. and all the land lords here are very very greedy, i live in a low income building and they are not to bad and they go by your income(i'm on ssd)thru no fault of mine( accident)and it has been a living hell you can't get a loan i need a car and i am having a @##^%$#%%time trying to even find someone that would take pymts. so i know that it is tough out there so keep your heads up and i am going to try to do the same,but really some landlords are very geeeeeeeeeeedy i was amazed even as ruff  as the times are now.
Jan 29, 2010 6:32AM
We live in Rochester, MN; we rent a two bedroom rambler all apliances; including washer/ dryer, a one car garage and a big backyard for $775.  We pay all utilities (gas runs $150 in the coldest winter months).  Were 2 miles from Mayo Clinic and downtown.  Nice neighborhood, a couple of blocks from an elementary school and two miles from the high school.
Jan 29, 2010 3:04AM
I live Germany in an old 2 bdrm/1 bath apt. The rents are insane! We pay €500 thats $698 for 700 square feet. Theres no window in the main Bedroom and to get to the tiny bath you have to go through the kitchenDisappointed. Hoping to find a better place soon but for a nicer place we'd pay 2-3 times as much!
Jan 25, 2010 1:33PM

I live in a 4 bedroom House with a sunken Living room, separate laundry room, carport, and a garage.  On 80 acres..  With a couple of horses, and a couple of large barns.  I feed the horses.. and can go fishing in either of the two stocked ponds..  I am 40 minutes from my job in Franklin, TN.  (Next to Nashville)   It is quiet, see the stars at night.  I pay my utilities..

Not too bad..

Jan 17, 2010 11:39AM
Smile Hi Everyone:
    I rent apts in Mt.Pleasant,North Carolina. These apts rent for as follows
$500.00 for a  two bedroom, kitchen and living room and bathroom very spacious apt with water sewer & stove & refrigerator,
$450--$465.00 for a 3 room apt,1 br,1bath and living room also very spacious.12 ft ceiling
large windows in historical quite district,stove&refridgeator waste pickup
also provided. No dogs, but cats allowed. Large grounds with old shade trees. cook out space provided also.
This building is a old building with a lot of history that is very well preserved. It's a historical dormitory for a military collage during the civil war time. located in a small 
town that is also historical..25-30 miles from downtown Charlotte, N.C.  please call
Collegiate Apts 704-436-9176 if interested.Smile

Jan 8, 2010 10:41AM

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN.


I have a 500 sq ft studio that I pay 550. a month for. My studio consists of a large room, a dining area, a small kitchen, a bathroom an huge walk in closet and a closet near the door.  My heat is paid, which is a plus here in Minnesota. I pay for my phone, cable, internet and electricity.  I am on a fixed income, so I have to be very careful how I spend my money.  I do not have a car payment, but do have auto expenses, gas is outrageous 2.76 a gallon.  I very seldom go out. I'm sure people in New York and other large cities think I have it pretty good.  But the heat is usually not working, the apartments are old, built in the 1960's.  They haven't been updated for years.  I guess I shouldn't complain I have a roof over my head for now.  If I were living in the city and not the burbs, the rents would be almost double for a studio.


Dec 26, 2009 6:52PM
Price: $ 29 /night incl. Breakfast
City: La Garita
Province: Alajuela
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Floors: 1
Year Built: 2007
Construction m2: 30
Land m2: 20000
Garage Size: Private parking

Located from: 10 min from the airport. 5 min from downtown Alajuela

Full Description: This Cabina is perfect for Backpackers or longer staying vacationers.
It has evereything you´ll need for overnightstaying.
Private parking in a huge greenarea.
Imagen to wake up with singing birds, such as Tucans (normelly very seldom to see) and monkeys around.
Also you can see Iguanas and Aguties.
Luggage storing free.

Home Features: Garden, Playground, Terrace, BBQ, Controlled Entrance, Ceramic Floor, Parking, Fenced, Internet, Elec.Gate, Fruit Trees, Mountain View, Panoramic Views, Radio.

Community Features: Close to all your needs

Nov 15, 2009 5:06PM
Try living in Vermont. I live in Northfield, Vermont. I rent a trailer for $650.00 with nothing included expect all the appliances (washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator). It has 3 very small bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths a eat in kitchen and living room. The winters are grueling. Heat last year cost over $4,000.00 and our light bill was close to $2,000.00. The only one good thing about the place is that we have a nice front yard and back yard and we are at the end of the street with no other tenants close by.
Nov 13, 2009 10:00AM
Well, with constant prayers to my Lord Almighty, I was able to find a converted two bedroom to a one bedroom apartment in Spanish Harlem, NYC. Its not a stabilized building, yet I am overwhelmingly happy that I was able to find an apartment at the price of $ 975, no thanks to Bloomberg whom I did not vote to be my third term Mayor. That **** man is pushing us, middle-class people out of the city. Its so hurtful that I did what society encourage all people to do, go to college and find a good paying job. Well my job does not pay much of ****, that is why I had to get a part time job to stay at float. Granted the apartment is cozy and I love it. I wish the rent was a bit less, but what to say. We are in tight times right now. Thank God I found the apartment!!!!
Nov 9, 2009 9:28AM

We live in Lexington, Kentucky and for a one bedroom with a balcony we pay 480 and that inculdes electric and water. Its also right on the bus line, minutes to downtown walking. The draw back small kitchen. We dont have a pool or tennis courts but we do  have a laundry room and the building is considered to be in the historical part of town. :)

Oct 27, 2009 3:22AM
Oct 27, 2009 3:21AM

Green Valley Villas prides itself on being family friendly and these efforts have paid off with constantly high tenancy rates.Green Valley Villas prides itself on being family friendly and these efforts have paid off with constantly high tenancy rates. As a result this villa compound has become a pick up and drop off point for many of the international schools in the area, and has also become the center of children's after school activities. With a choice of indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and extensive green space all set within our secure grounds, children have many opportunities to make friends from amongst our international community as well as to have a chance to just enjoy themselves.

Oct 27, 2009 3:19AM
Welcome to Green Valley Villas - a perfect place offering an peaceful lifestyle for you and your family in Shanghai. Designed with international families in mind, Green Valley strives to offer a safe and tranquil garden villa community in which residents can truly feel relaxed. Set over  of lush garden areas in China, Green Valley Villas is well known locally for its well established greenery, management, facilities and the privacy that such well spaced villas offer.  86 021-13381569095
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