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Dec 29, 2009 7:26AM
Right on Brother. How about teaching a class in our schools on how to inspect a house or How to know quality when you see it. If the general population were better educated, shoddy homes wouldn't be bought and sold. The Government is not the answer. That is just another excuse to dumb down the population. We have to hold the builders responsible by being better consumers.
Dec 29, 2009 1:59AM

The real estate market is going down before it goes up, at least around here in NY.  Too many McMansions that need to devalue.  Wait it out for while.  There are real mansions here selling for the same price as McMansions and Home Depot specials...I mean big, stone 19th century stuff.  There is a lot of room for the cardboardboard and styrofoam stand-up McMansions to plummet yet.  A lof developers are gonna be pissed.  Not to bring politics into it, but locally, at least where I live the Republicans screwed developers by not regulating the housing boom with better standards of building; nationally, the supply of building materials should have been better regulated, and the standards of strength and efficiency should have been reevaluated.  Price should have been capped per square foot for new construction, locally (with adjustment standards set by the federal gov't based on national census).  The national census should now be taken EVERY year.  The lumber supply must be regulated even more stringently.  End of story.  I feel bad for developers and middle-market realtors.  They have a long hardship to go yet.  As Americans, we have to stop the recent trend of considering "standards" to be "socialism."  No group of people, town, state, or country can survive without standards of housing performance and availability.  Expect another boom-bubble-and-bust after two or three years of falling upper-middle-class housing prices, skyrocketing estate prices, and slowly-but-surely growing prices in lower-income housing.

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