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Nov 6, 2013 9:49AM
I'm considering a kit home and have narrowed it down to Budget and Kodiak. I would be very interested to hear any comments from folks that have insight into either of these kits. 
Aug 28, 2013 4:43AM

I've been following your home blog from the beginning and it has been wonderful to see the post! It is beautiful. 

<a href="http://www.outlookconstruction.net/index.html">Home Remodeling</a>

Jul 12, 2013 11:28AM
I just wanted to thank everyone for their input.  This was the first review article I read when we decided to build our own home.  We called most of these listed companies (the ones that are still in business) and settled on Budget Home Kits.  So, here's my Budget Home Kit review :  We bought a 3,000 + square foot home from them.  It was one of their overstocks to save the most money possible.  After we put the kit together with a family member, we were able to finish the interior the way we wanted.  We saved buckets of money in the process because we didn't have to get a 30 year loan, we didn't have to hire a general contractor, and  we were able to "pay as you go" with the interior finishing.

I don't know if budgethomekits.com is for everyone, but it was perfect for us.  You have to have somewhat of a pioneering spirit, and it helps that I had a patient salesman who didn't make me feel that I was asking dumb questions.  I recommend.  Easy to build and beautiful.
Jul 27, 2012 5:29AM
I find these homes so interesting! I had not heard of <a href="http://www.sshomes.ca">modular homes</a> until just recently when I was driving past one being put together and I asked my husband who then had to explain it all to me. It is cool how they are able to put the home together and kind of make it how they want with out it taking ages to build. Thanks for sharing this article!
Jul 27, 2011 5:43PM
Try the neat trick of finding a contractor,any contractor,who will build a kit home in Los Angeles County,CA.One who told me he might consider the job gave me an estimate of $149 per sq ft,plus the costs of the kit home itself,any and all permits,etc,and this does not include most of the interior of the house.Most kit home sellers will not tell anybody they have never sold a kit home for So CA,especially Los Angeles County,with the most restrictive building codes in the world.And most are clueless to the 900 sq ft minimum for R1 housing in L.A. Co,yet they keep featuring/advertising these Ikea-like flip-open "cabins"like we could actually build or use something like that.
Jul 7, 2011 7:07PM
We built a panelized (also known as packaged, pre-cut or kit home) with our own custom home plans in Sonoma County California.  It was a large house with a four car garage taking advantage of our spectacular views.  We ordered our framing package from North Coast Packaged Homes after working with them to complete the construction documents that we submitted to our local building department.  It arrived in perfectly built panels on a truck and was assembled by our contractor in a matter of days rather than months.  Our contractor was emmensely impressed with the quality of the workmanship with the majority of the windows installed.  The package included the exterior walls, interior framed walls, the roof trusses, roof beams and girders for the great room and the sheathing.  Once the package was assembled our contractor completed the home to our specifications.  I highly recommend this method of construction as an alternative to framing in the dirt !!!!
May 6, 2011 7:46PM

Hummmm...never heard of these kits, just the "old school" Quonset huts!  Yes, Quonset huts do seem to last a very long time and are still standing after the hurricane and flood.  They are cheap and easy to put together, very easy.  I was curious...the price of these "house kits", who is the certifies electrician, how much does he cost?  The licensed plumber?  How much does he cost?  Does the company provide supplies for a pier and beam foundation or do you have to pay to have a slab poured?  If your land does not have water and sewer, the cost to have a septic installed or sewer lines run, and an electric line with a meter and poles,  is not "cheap" nor a DIY.  The price of these "kits" without the cost to have them built, the interior finish, utilities installed, all the inspections, especially in a timely manner, is not cost effective.  By the way, what is the tax on these types of houses?  The only real benefit, you know the quality of building supplies, the quality of the work, and what corners you had to cut to get it finished and move in, so you are not paying rent somewhere and all your time and money is going to try to get this built. 


We built our custom home using a pre-engineered package delivered to our job site on the north coast of California.  It was a huge time and money saving experience.  It was conventional framing sent to our job site in convenient panels with the window installed and it went together like a giant lego kit - and just as perfect and airtight.

The other thing which we liked about our package was that it was a clean slate in that it was just the shell and we got to chose all of our own finishes.  We had talked to another company but they sent everything and many of the finishes they chose we did not like.  This was the perfect solution for us and we also felt we had chosen a greener way to build.

Jan 25, 2010 9:56AM
You know after u have been living in a big house,and u want to sell it, I am sick of these real estate people saying oh you got to do this and u got to do that. I think its B.S. Just put your house on the market,let buyers know u are going to make allowances for painting and carpeting, and say ok u want it you got it. Does anyone in here see any problems in doing that. Please send ur comments I'd be interested in your opinions. Player
Jan 25, 2010 8:18AM
glaringly missing are the deltec homes. ..based in ashville nc. go to deltechomes.com for more info. i built mine 10 years ago...and am very satisfied.
Jan 20, 2010 7:39PM
I,am building a SIP HOME  structule insulated panels by KC Panels .com of new mexico. its great R-45 tops with 6" walls it 24x32 took 3 days to set it up walls & roof.Open-mouthed
Jan 11, 2010 1:37PM

The BING search engine sucks big time!

Jan 11, 2010 1:05PM
I built my own gastineau log home 12 years ago.  took 9 months and it is 2,300sq ft. in the middle of 52 acres.  had a very small crew of 3 + myself (at the time a 40 y/o woman).  LOVE my home. Oak is the only way to go. Logs were up in 8 days, under roof totally in a month and the rest of the months were in the finishing details since it was all custom. so beautiful and affordable.  very easy to heat and cool since nothing passes thru solid oak log.  don't think i would ever want to live in a stick built house again.
Jan 11, 2010 11:48AM
#10 is Estate from Modern Warfare 2
Jan 11, 2010 5:18AM
Geodesic homes are great, but to try and tell people that with a few good buddies you can erect one in a weekend is absurd. It's not like you build simple studwalls, floor it and then proceed to the next level. You'll need access to lifting equipment and scaffolding. It also doesn't address the issue that while most handy people could probably put a roof on a "regular" house, doing so on a geo dome isn't quite as simple.
Jan 11, 2010 4:57AM

wow what a beautiful home, i can't believe it is a DIY kit.


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