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Jul 6, 2011 6:19AM
The best place for anyone to live is the place where he or she is happiest and most fulfilled personally, professionally, culturally, recreationally, etc.  I kind of hate the "this is the best place to live" ranking lists and find them silly.  They are kind of insulting to people who live in low ranked places but who may be perfectly happy there.  There are good and bad things about any town or city, and you have to weigh what is most important to you.  I hate hot weather, so any city whose warm climate is touted as making it desirable is a place I'd avoid, but that's just me.
Jul 6, 2011 5:07AM
I totally concur...these reports/reviews are very, very inaccurate. I've lived in several different states and the one that haunts my nightmares the most is Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, its an attractive city but only in the sense of historical architecture etc., and perhaps the bridges that gape over the rivers...IF you catch a view from the right angle. The "Burgh" is the angriest, scandalous, most violent city of people i've EVER seen...its ridiculous. Its a shame too because the city itself could really be amazing, if not for the people...they ruin the city's potential. The articles say the city is great because they have the Steelers as a source of entertainment. Let me clarify: Pgh is obsessed with the Steelers, they eat sleep and breath Steelers...its their reason for living...no joke. They love the Steelers more than they seem to love their kids...SAD! I swear the entire city is inbred... of course i'm not talking about people who moved there. Crime is rampant there and most of it goes unreported. Every time you turn around someone wants to fight/jump you over nothing...if you look at them they attack you either verbally, physically or both. If you arent a Steeler fan they will stomp you to death on the street or in a public bathroom, search how many times its happened. They are especially rude to people from out of town...rather than being nice to visitors who are there spending money in their dirty, ignorant, poor, drug infused, gloomy city, they will cuss you out and tell you to go home...as if you're trying to take something from them and their wonderful city -they're delusional! There is some good food there but even that is dwindling because the environment is being over run by the trashy people and ever so rapidly multiplying thugs. It gets worse and worse every year...instead of better. Most people dont realize how violent the city is...until or unless they lived there...and talk about racist...omg. The beautiful neighborhoods are constantly being destroyed by the criminals. Homes are affordable but there are few places where you wont be surrounded by violent crime, drugs etc,. The report says they have no catastrophic natural disasters. True to an extent....they constantly have flooding from rainfall, 9 of 10 homes have ongoing issues with toxic mold as a result (also consider the layout of the landscape) & tornados have touched down. Residents complain they barely get any sunshine...i didnt mind but its true..lots of gloomy days and rain and lots of depression. Winters were typical winter for a 4 season state...but most of the city is hills...+ ice = ugh. The dating scene is horrible. The city is constantly in a financial deficit & its mostly self induced. Overall people there are just miserable and i think the anger is a result...misdirected frustration and a ghetto mentality doesnt equal nice folks, it = violence. Plus, every time i have to go there...i get at least one flat tire...the roads are disgustingly tore up. Worse than old Jersey roads. So instead of souvenirs, you will leave with at least one police report filed because of some unwarranted assault and you will probably have replaced two tires. RealityChuck said Tucson would be the **** of the map as a body...def dont move to Pittsburgh! Sorry to my friends and former colleagues who still reside there, i have to be honest. I love Primanti's though!
Jul 6, 2011 4:19AM

Living in Sioux Falls may be cheap but that is the only thing going for the place. It is like stepping into an episode of the Stepford Wives.  Everyone thinks the same, there is no diversity, religion (but only Christian) dominates, it is very unwelcoming to anyone who has a different view or perspective.  Consider the consequences of low tax - NO public services, failing infrastructure etc etc.  There are holes in the roads where you can lose small children. There are no activities in winter except to walk the mall and to get to civillisation is a 4 hour drive to Minneapolis or 2 1/2 to Omaha..  The airport is something from the 1940's - airlines fly there as a last resort.  I get out as often as I can and never has there been a plane on time...  yes I am an import and counting the days to leave....

Jul 6, 2011 2:36AM
Burlington is a great place to live and raise a family.  But a slight correction, we only have about 40,000 in the City not anywhere near the 208,000+ as stated in this post.
Dec 14, 2010 2:48PM
Today in California it was almost 80 degrees and I spent an hour in the swimming pool. Guess I can deal with it a while longer.
Oct 6, 2010 8:04AM
Actually Tucson is situated at a lower elevation (2389) than Nogales,  AZ/Nogales,  Sonora,  Mexico (3832).
So Nogales is slightly cooler,  not that locals think of Tucson's summer weather as inclement,  by any means.
"It's a dry heat"
I have lived in places with statistically more comfortable temperatures,  but high humidity.  They are miserable!
Southern Arizona is very comfortable all year around.
Sep 28, 2010 9:39AM
I have lived in Arizona all my life I recently moved to Tucson to attend college here, which was one of the best decisions I have made so far. The University of Arizona is a great institution with a great football team this year, all those horrible comments about Tucson are way to exaggerated, the winters here are amazing, the summers are hot but thats to be expected its Arizona! I don't know where the people who left the bad comments lived in Tucson but I have lived in the same house for 5 years and never has my house been broken into or my bike stolen. Personally the best part of living here is the weather, summers are hot but tolerable and but winters are the best, lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's with no snow or sleet or slush to deal with just crisp air in the morning. Also Mt. Lemmon is a beautiful place to visit, including the surrounding mountains (Catalinas and Rincon). So if your ethnically challenged and can't stand living next to people from other country don't even bother moving here. 
Sep 28, 2010 5:17AM
Lawrence, Kansas has an AMAZING dog park, and downtown is very dog-friendly, too!
Sep 8, 2010 10:20AM
egreen all that is true and mainly drug related from proximity to mexico. between the economy, the drug traffic and it being summer and all (remember the old case study of why ice cream sales correlate with higher crime?) its a tough season.

Police and fire layoffs may happen if the citizens refuse to increase the sales tax (the city charges virtually no property tax). however, the doom and gloom attitude does nothing positive for the city.

Also you reminded me, yes the State is doing dismally in education (2nd worst in the country) but 2 of Tucson's high schools (basis and university high) are on Newsweek's latest top 25 high schools in the country!

Sep 3, 2010 6:13AM
update to tucson arizona: according to the local newspaper/police dept reports, tucson has now had its 12th murder in three weeks, and fifth home invasion in two weeks. crime is definitely on the rise. as for population tucson HAS reached 1 million people. not counting illegals.  police/fire dept layoffs are looming, and the county and state are broke. education system is one of the lowest in the country. we have one of the largest homeless populations in the country due to our nice weather. you cant go one block without a homeless person begging you for money. meth and drugs are rampant due to our location to mexico. seems tucson is overwhelmed with problems.
Sep 3, 2010 3:26AM
Open-mouthed I lived in Sioux Falls SD for 18 years after moving up from Miami Fl. Talk about culture shock. In that time I saw the city and surrounding areas FLOURISH due to Forbes Magazine and the Love of the city. Well my job has moved me to Minneapolis and I ....can't believe I'm saying this, but do miss that great little town. It is a great place to live and if you don't mind the winters there is a lot to do.
Sep 3, 2010 2:53AM

I am not sure where they got the facts for Burlington as many of that is wrong. Median house price is not $198,000 you are looking at $250,000 esp in the Burlington area. Most of the alumni are leaving Burlington because of job cuts and the fact many companies have left including Burton. Church street you will find many vacant buildings and the young work force is leaving because there isn't any jobs here to keep them hear plus the cost of living here is so high.

Sep 2, 2010 9:42PM
Portland, Maine is a fantastic city. I don't agree that there is a lack of nightlife. Greater Portland has five universities with a large resident student population. The colleges present many activities that add to the nightlife of the city. The Old Port has a very active bar and club scene and the theater and music venues are located in the Arts District. New venues have opened recently and The Bowery Presents of NYC will be presenting live concerts and shows at the newly refurbished 1450-seat State Theater starting in October. I also don't agree that Portland has a "smaller proportion of young residents." Portland has an expanding creative economy which is attracting many young professionals. See liveworkportland.org. Business Week even selected Portland as "among the top midsize cities for young singles". I love Portland, Maine.
Sep 2, 2010 9:40PM

Recently was in Florida and I saw some real bargains for houses.  I was however Informed that u got to be careful because some of the homes were made with Chinese Dry Wall.


Florida would be my number one (1) place to live in the US


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Sep 2, 2010 8:59PM
Agreed on the earlier comment about this not being accurate. I've actually been finding that with frequent MSN articles lately. Ames is much smaller than stated in this article and the median home price is way off.. Also, the quote "and there's no shortage of floods and tornadoes." I've lived in Ames for nearly 30 years and there has never been a tornado go through the city. There was one that was about two miles north of town 3 years ago and that's it. 
I appreciate making the list, but the majority of this article is just plain false.
Sep 2, 2010 8:36PM
I don't kn ow where you are getting your population numbers.   Burlington VT has 40K and Rochester MN has 103K.   Makes me wonder how many other "facts" are in error.   Better get a fact checker for future articles. 
Sep 2, 2010 7:59PM

Sorry, but Billings doesn't have much for decent paying jobs. The dry heat sucks and the meth addicts too. Of course its still better then living in California or 90% of the other places out there. Outdoors in Billings is fine if you don't mind driving an hour or 4 to get there.

It just ain't Bozeman, plus Missoula's economy sucks and infrastructure is realy bad and Great Falls is still a decade behind the state and two behind the rest of the country. Don't move to Montana expecting to get a good paying job, because they are hard to get and people from all over the country or the world will be competing against you.

Sep 2, 2010 7:58PM
Yeah right. Billings... laughable.
Sep 2, 2010 7:34PM
There's some pretty poor research in this article.  I moved from Tucson to Durham four years ago.  First off, Tucson is nowhere near 1,000,000 in population.  Perhaps Pima County is approaching that, but the city itself is not.  Second, Durham is west of Raleigh, not the other way around.  Who wrote this junk?
Sep 2, 2010 7:12PM
I love how all of these places have the worst weather ever. No wonder they are so cheap. I have actually been to most of these places. And Tucson is a dump with really high crime. Love it.
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