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Feb 16, 2011 9:13AM
From the pictures, I'd say any of these places - except Birmingham, AL - LOOK like great places! They really put a crappy picture up for B'ham. But, if you're entertaining any thoughts of moving to Birmingham, I'd caution you to think very carefully, think twice, and then think again. What a dump! The photo they picked for this article was pretty much on target. Anyway, I think it's misleading to say these cities are shrinking when in fact their populations (according to the article itself) are simply moving to the outskirts. So, while Cleveland may be "50% smaller than it was in 1950, it's still going to be crowded. Probably even MORE crowded than ever as all those people drive back and forth from the suburbs to the city every day.
Nov 15, 2010 4:34PM
Shush please don't tout Buffalo or it's surrounding suburbs. It's a bad place to move. Did you see on CNN the piece on a deer chasing a grocery store worker into the store? It is like  Pamplona (Bull Running) Spain here. Terrible place to live. The natives are overrunning! Soon I'll be forced to hunt from my car or just catch a ride on one of them to go skiing (1/2 hr south) due to rising gas prices. The NERVE! And who had the gonads to vote Western NY as one of the Top Places to Raise a Child? It's a big Lie! Run for the Hills! Better yet don't bother moving here. It's too congested. ;) Have you ever been to a Bike blessing  at Newton Abbott Fire Hall? Way too many bikes too get blessed at one time. The ethnic festivals? Good luck trying to get something to eat standing in long lines. You will starve to death! It's so bad bad they even have a starving Artist festival  for those of us who didn't get a chance to eat. That's Bad! Terrible Place! Like I say, Head west, go South and take the Tourist as you leave. Just leave my little piece of Heaven on earth off your itinerary.  
Nov 6, 2010 12:40PM
Democrats.. Republicans... WHATEVER.  How about a "people" party.  Give me someone that is willing to stand up and represent the people that elect them instead of being controlled by their Party.. and I'd cast my vote for them.... in some States... probably more than once.  LOL LOL.
Nov 6, 2010 11:47AM

All of these cities share the loss of manufacturing jobs. This trend started in the

'80's and intensified in the '90's and beyond. If you look at the track record for so-called "free trade", it is miserable. Not one single country has ever grown it's economy without protecting it's markets, jobs and industrial base. Not one. Compare that to what we practiced up until the '80s. Compare that to the way China, Japan, Germany, etc protect their markets. Is it just a coincedence that every country which protects it's market does better than those that don't? Of course not. Free trade is a scam. Look at what happened to Iceland after they embraced Milton Friedman's free trade policies. Look anywhere it's been tried. Free trade is a fictional justification for corporations to have the ability to move anywhere around the globe where wages, taxes and standards are the lowest. It's a race to the bottom. If we want to save our country, then we, Democrat and Republican, need to support America and American manufacturing.

Nov 6, 2010 9:56AM
Reading some of the comments here, I realize now why I retired from the world of politics. People are sitting back playing the blame game, myself included, while not realizing that the government are the people itself, not the politicians. We do not have to vote across a two party line for the same people and expect a different result. This is not baseball. There is no us vs them. We are in this together. Until people stop scapegoating others and look at their own mistakes, as well as acknowledging the continued corruption in Washington, nothing will change.
Nov 6, 2010 9:53AM

If we all boycott the products and services from companies that moved their factories and office jobs out of the country maybe we can force them to bring the jobs back here.  start with filters oil and fuel separators from cummins engines (the parent company)and all the after market ford, john deere, harley, fram etc fleetguard was the original name they now are cummins filtration.  they are in the process of moving to mexico doesnt matter that they had illegals working for them already and we were not union.  They ruined our town of less than 2000.  500 employees 3 shifts 2 plants down to 140 people.  It is time to take this into our own hands bombard your senators and house members with mail and emails and phone calls.  Let them know if they want there job for very long then they need to get all the jobs back in the country by making it impossible for the products and services to compete with the ones that stayed.

Nov 6, 2010 9:32AM
You people have to get off of this division of political parties.  Politics are just Politics.  The democrats and republicans politicians are just people who are out for themselves, their families, control, and power.  It has nothing to do with us or this country.  It's a propaganda to cause corruption and division amongst people.  Many people are natural followers and would listen to things that will influence hatred and turn them against others.  Our country is screwed up because of politicians and greed. Both major parties are to blame. These cities have succumb because of lost jobs and revenues.  You can't blame a President who just came into this mess almost three years ago.  Again, many want to see him fail at his efforts.  I've been around to see 9 Presidents in office and have never seen this kind of hatred and disrespect towards an American President.  Weak minded people and racism is the core of this, sadly.  If our country wasn't founded on mostly greed and wealth, it would have been a much better place to proud of.  I served my country in the military and as a volunteer in various communites.  It's up to us to make this country great, not one man.  JFK: "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."
Nov 6, 2010 9:20AM
This country is a nation of sell outs, both dems and republicians.  We should be used to that by now, not playing the blame game?!  Elections are bought and paid for by big corporations and people in power.  They will tell you anything to get elected and then stab you in the back after.  It's been going on for a long time now and it is just sad.  Both parties give way to much power to the corporations and wall street.  I some times wonder how our votes even matter any more.  And after it's all said and done, we take the blow of the punch that they throw.  I"m tired of that crap personally, cities falling, jobs lost, homes taken away, the rich get richer mentality.  What is an american to do to stop this, that is my main question here.  Anybody else seem to know? 
Nov 6, 2010 9:00AM

Wow---applause to welovecoffee2. You said it all. Everyone today wants it all without working for it. You also hit the nail on the head about everyone having kids they do not pay for but they live like royalty. Their kids go to private schools, have the best of the best and we pay for it. I am sick of my little paycheck paying for everyone that is committing welfare fraud and the government letting them get away with it.  Your kids are YOUR problem --not mine.

The fraud in this country is mind boggling. Where does this attitude of "I am entitled" come from ???

Nov 6, 2010 8:56AM
Just looking at those photos gives me the willies.  Those cities are declining because they're bad places to live. 
Nov 6, 2010 8:50AM

We are all playing the blame game here including me. I lost my job in the building business last week after 13 years for same company and I too blame the banks AND Wall Street for this mess. I enjoyed the income from the excess of spending the last 8 yrs of the building boom and now am paying for it.  I listen to the advice old timers give and don't forget Clinton was the one who did away with the Glass Segal act keeping Wall St out of banking. There was a reason our government made this law originally. We all thought we knew better. Learn from History!


Nov 6, 2010 8:45AM
We have one of the most costly work forces in the world, it is no wonder a lot of jobs are being "outsourced", it is a fact of business to cut cost when possible. Sometimes it is best to let things fail, learn from the mistakes, move on, and rebuild it better.
Nov 6, 2010 8:36AM

I am less than a blue collar worker...No free education..two jobs to raise my kids. Yes I was single , and yes they were my kids, so I did what i needed to do to support them. We went without, but we never had a penny of aid. They are beautiful productive adults, and have kept their jobs. My Point?

We are a nation of spoiled brats. I wait tables for people who dress and spend money I'll never have. They are unmarried couples with children they won't pay for. They are letting me pay for their kids, and eating out with new pedicures and designer jeans. They do not contribute and then they receive earned income credit, along with all of the other bennies.

Why baba are you not outraged by this huge drain on our economy? Where has our pride gone? We are a socialist nation, with too many millions playing the system. Why do you not see our huge fraudulent welfare system as a drain? Why is it the big companies...Seems the blue collar worker brought a few companies to their knees and are now outraged that they can no longer meet the Walmart quality demands of the public and still pay union wages....no brain, no pain

Here's some shock and awe for ya....spay and neuter!   I'll work twelve hour days to pay for your kids...after two you are done reproducing...shocking 'eh?

Nov 6, 2010 8:22AM

Hey Baba97--Are you kidding ??? Do you honestly think the likes of Nancy Pelosi --the Queen  of  the Democrats -cares anything about anyone's unemployment check?? This is a woman who is only worried about how big her jet is (and she did demand a bigger one if everyone recalls)--how her hair looks and and how much the cameras are on her.

She and all the rest of the Democrats have had a big hand in all of the mess. Big dopey Barney Franks and the Freddie Mac/ Fanny Mae mess--giving everyone a mortgage  even if they made $4 /hr. If you think that Ted Kennedy ever cared about anyone--think again. Remember how he mysteriously got to the top of a surgerical list --above hundreds of other  ordinary people when he was suddenly sick ??   And yes--Bill Clinton did sign that **** NAFTA  agreement. That's where are jobs went. Even billionaire Warren Buffet sold us out and took a huge amount of the furniture factories he owns over seas because he is stuffing his pockets with no taxes on the goods when they return here for market. He bragged about it on 60 Minutes !!!  They are all loaded and none of this affects them. They all need to live like the rest of us. Broke and no jobs.

Nov 6, 2010 8:14AM
It Was the 16 Years Of policies with a republican in the white house that allowed the Banks do do to us that Moscow failed to do. Both Bush's failed to protect our economy and our jobs And I'm not happy with the Democrats either.
Nov 6, 2010 8:02AM

I have lived in this wonderful country for all of my 75 years. I live in the Midwest with the best people in the world. We can blame Democrats--Republicans or who ever we want to side with, but when you point your finger at one faction, You pointing three back at yourself. I am an American first. Presidents, past and present will have secure futures as long as they live. Our economy is bad, but I remember bad times, when we had little to eat, and woke up to cold homes, and we made it. I feel sorry for those who do not have jobs, or lose loved ones.

Political extremists can ruin us if we let them. God Bless America

Nov 6, 2010 7:57AM

Seriously Baba....People sitting on unemployment because they won't work for $3.00 less an hour than their over inflated previous pay??? Hear it over and over..."i'm not taking a job for a penny less than the 42.00 bucks an hour I was making..."  Americans are spoiled brats..bust the unions and get off your asses and get to work...earn what you are paid and keep your job...simple really.

If you haven't found a job in 6 months, a year or 2 years...you ain't lookin'


Nov 6, 2010 7:47AM



Do your research and look at the poorest cities accross America, and determine which party was in control of those Cities over the past decade....  I will give you a starter... Look at Detroit...Wake up and look around you..

Nov 6, 2010 7:36AM
And vanillanova,   In what Paradise do you live in where EVERYthing is perfect?  HA!  I LIVE in Pittsburgh and wouldn't change a single thing...well, except maybe the Pirates Baseball Organization.    I have been in the Pittsburgh area for 34 years.  I don't know where you were IN PITTSBURGH that you encountered a "nasty taste" for our people and city....maybe your GPS had you take a wrong turn to the county dump or something!  TOO bad--you missed out on a beautiful city with a very diverse population of people, cultures, and ethnicities, not to mention Championship football and hockey teams, Art museums, Theaters, exemplary Universities....I could go on and on and on! 
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