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Apr 4, 2012 11:00AM
I love the home!  I don't know if I'd actually like living in it, but it's neat to see how others live!  Evidently they love it!  Nothing else matters.
Feb 10, 2011 7:43PM

Don't like them. What would happen if there is a electrical storm and the trees were hit by lightening and caused a fire or a big wind would come, lots of snow etc.

What would you do? Anything is possible.

We live in a house that is ground level.



Feb 10, 2011 5:26PM

My idea of a tree house actually has a tree in the picture

Feb 10, 2011 5:18PM
WOW, if the mudslides don't get it, the fires will...  Maybe Nancy P. will buy it to prove how green she is..
Feb 10, 2011 5:08PM

Wow! lol We live ina little cow-town in Fl. Yall are talkin bout snow n stuff, and its been like 75/80 here :) thank you lord! i love the snow, but i also like being able to come home, and have to turn on the AC.

People put to much emphases on the materialistic things, the Bible says "dont build up treasures on earth where moth and rust do corrupt and destroy, but build them in heaven with the Father. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy my earthly posetions, but where wwould you be if Jesus came back right now? Its holiness or hell Wink

Feb 10, 2011 4:31PM

If only it were in Pittsburgh... and made for the snow

Feb 10, 2011 4:18PM

so cool i live beside justin bieber


Feb 10, 2011 3:38PM
Very true statements below.  The media seems to focus on the extremes. Either very expensive and large green homes,  or small unreasonable homes. At F9 productions we try to fit in the middle: affordable, green, with some style. 
Feb 10, 2011 2:55PM



If you want to read material with some actual insight to what our direction needs to be NOW! Because everyone here is right about how perverse this article is in the fact that it makes all of the rest of us feel like we could never accomplish a "Green Life" because of money.

Spread the word on this movement it begins as just an idea!

Feb 10, 2011 1:59PM
I agree it is a nice home. However... I really wish articles like this would show case homes that your AVERAGE American family can afford. I like looking at pictures of homes such as this, but we could never, ever afford a home like this. In fact, no one I know could afford it. We are your average, middle income family. It seems that the only homes I see showcased, are owned by extremely wealthy people. No wonder those outside the US, living in countries with less then the US, assume all Americans are wealthy. Articles like this make it seem like money is no object. I so wish that was the case!
Feb 10, 2011 1:57PM
Feb 10, 2011 1:49PM

P.S. suburban sprawl alone (not including small towns, cities, or rural areas) make up 20 millon acres of the U.S. that's over twice as much as all the major national parks in the country combined which only add up to around maybe 9 million acres.... so think of that next time you look at your genetically bred grass and your nandinas that there are litterally tens of millions of in your yards.... i dunno maybe more people will plant oaks or tulipifera or somthing that actually was here when columbus landed.

Feb 10, 2011 1:25PM

This kind of crap makes me want to puke. they think cause somebody with money built 1 house that seems eco freindly is some huge deal? what about the other 299 million americans? or for that matter the other 6,999,999,999 people on the planet now? i dont see any of us living in one of these gross preversions of what is supposed to be a perfect and eco freindly house. a tradiional house is more sustainable than this junk. and i wonder what kind of "susutainable" landscaping they have? thats the real threat to the enviroment not the house it's self. most subburban homes are just biodiversity deadzones with only a hand full of animals that can stand living near people in them and only a few native plants and mostly foriegn invaders.... we need to conserve energy dont get me wrong and reduce rescource consumption but this is not rescource reduction in this house. more crap went into that house than the 2 and half story i live in now. and it's bigger in sq footage. so if you really want to help the enviroment then look at your yard not your house cause that is the real crime.... so if everybody just put more thought into that we would doo wonders for nature and ourselves.


Feb 10, 2011 1:09PM
I see the picture of the two small children and this home on the hillside, in the trees, which for adults would be a nice find.  However, those railings are just made for curious toddlers to climb up and fall from.  Here they wouldn't pass building code for family rentals.  I do hope they have some sort of guard -plexiglass or something until the children are of age not to worry.  I also wonder, the article says treehouse.  1.  since the worst place to be in a lightening storm is near a tree, how would that work?(yes this was a 'hillside house'.  They may have the view, but it spoils the 'view' for the passers by.  Too many homes taking over the foothills.
Feb 10, 2011 12:15PM
cutting down a forest to build a treehouse? this isn't green you could probably build 30 real treehouses from the materials used in this one house. this just goes to show how out of touch millionaires are with the rest of the population. reminds me of the smug episode of south park 
Feb 10, 2011 12:11PM
The design, execution and decor are all brilliant and I commend Mr. Lee he is obviously talented and has excellent taste, but the rest of us can only admire such a home from afar, we will never have the money it takes to built a LEED "substainable" house, such homes come at considerable cost, its like buying organic food, its better for you but it cost a lot more. But if I win the lottery I'll be calling Mr. Lee to design my "tree house."Smile
Feb 10, 2011 11:29AM
It is a beautiful, wonderful place that few people will ever see.  This is a millionaire's home not one that has a practical application for sustainable housing for the masses of people living on Earth.  As a place of wonder, yes but also of vanity.  I know the owner's don't mean it but this article comes across like "see what we have and you don't nor ever will and by the way we got a prize to go with it.  Nah, nah.
Feb 10, 2011 11:13AM

Eco-friendly?  Sustainable?  That house is a mansion.  Nothing eco friendly or sustainable about it.  A family who lives in under 1000 sq feet is living sustainably.  People who live in trailer parks are 10 times more eco friendly.  I don't see anything about how much their power bills run...

Feb 10, 2011 11:09AM
I can remember back in the late "70"s , reading an article where two girls mid 20s  built a log cabin using the tops off of cedar trees that were being loged. All the pieces were no longer then 8' in length  that was so they could handle them themselves. Amazing cause back then everyone thought that was crazy, and the article was in a magazine most ppl thought only pot headed hippies would read the magazine was titled "MOTHER EARTH" go figure. Will ppl finaly relize earth holds so much resorces.
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