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Jun 9, 2011 3:28AM
I was flipping houses for 25 years till 2001 and never met an intelligent realtor. During the "boom" they were able to get into a house, finally only to lose it to foreclosure. Yeah, they're bright.......NOT!
May 1, 2011 6:15AM

"It's like a butler's pantry in your bedroom — an area for your coffee pot and accoutrements and a little fridge," Pratt says.


And "Pratt" is dead wrong. A butler's pantry is where china, silver, crystal and serving pieces are stored, cleaned, polished, etc. In some smaller houses (yes, "houses"; not "homes"), it even was employed as a staging area for serving. And if you don't employ a butler, you may have a china pantry or a service pantry, but you certainly don't have a butler's pantry.


I'm sick of real estate agents who don't know Palladian from palladium, colonial from federal, dentil from dental, or even propane from natural gas. Either learn something about what you're selling, or STFU and let the property sell itself.

May 1, 2011 4:32AM
The first two or three items listed seem like a sign of the times in general. People want things in pristine condition and they want them at the lowest price possible.

It's quite ridiculous how little people are willing to give. I mean not wanting to paint? Wanting a home that looks like the former owner (now evicted, if they're buying defaulted properties), just for a quick trip to the supermarket??? Somehow that seems a bit cruel and disingenuous to me. 
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