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May 20, 2014 6:29PM
Good day everyone

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Jan 3, 2014 2:44AM
It's surprising how little information there is on the process of buying a house so I complied a slideshow that shows a step by step guide highlighting the important stages, hopefully readers should find this useful 
Mar 23, 2013 12:49PM

Be very wary if you are thinking about buying a house. Remember what just happened to millions of people across the country who well fooled into paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house not worth 1/3 of what it sold for.


The media is the party who is touting this latest nonsense because that is all it is. When and if unemployment is less then- 3%  and the jobs pay enough to support that lifestyle( really not a style, more like survival), it probably means the recession/depression is over. And you all know we are nowhere near that today.


The fact is the people who have good jobs already have houses and very few of them are going to risk losing that by venturing off into making some overpriced real estate salesman's dreams come true by risking what they have now.


This 3% interest rate offered now is about as good as the loans of the housing scam past , remember the "interest only payment, the padded finance papers , etc. and the beauty of the scummiest of the scams--the home equity loan. Equity on non-equity, wow ,how many lost their houses when they did that?"


While the Media, even the administration, especially the real estate people will tout this  with a fury not seen since 2005, remember 2008-09 because this is just another phony baloney scam in the making , Your best proof is seen when the stock market moves like it did in 2008 to 14,000 and beyond for no explicable reason .


So, if markets hit 14,00 and up.


duck your heads and cover your assets.

Feb 26, 2013 10:48AM
Some advice to any first-time home-buyers (from my personal experience).  I had grown tired of renting, and really wanted a place to call my own.  However, I don't think it would take most people an entire year to prepare to buying a home - it took me about 6 months just to FIND a house I was interested in, so I would start looking early.  First off, my bank approved me for as much as $118,000 when my salary was only 37K, which I found very surprising.  Just because you are approved for "X" amount, doesn't mean you should consider purchasing a home of your maximum allowance.  THIS is why so many home go into foreclosure!  I had fallen in love with a home that was nearly my maximum amount, and I am SO glad I decided to wait and get something cheaper.  After owning my home for 2 years, I know that I would have never been able to afford that type of house payment, or I would have been struggling for money.  Instead, I trusted my gut feeling and purchasing a smaller, not as updated home for 92K.  Keep in mind things WILL go wrong in your home you purchase, so you need to have money set aside if these issues arise.  Within two years, the dishwasher, dryer, and refrigerator broke and had to be replaced.  None of these items were old, they just randomly stopped working...  There would have been no way for me to afford new items if I had went with the more expensive home.  Keep in mind your property taxes will increase every year also (at least where I live) - so your payments will more than likely increase as time goes on.  Don't get in over your head with your first home - you will have plenty of time to buy more expensive home in the future.  :)
Feb 26, 2013 10:36AM
In my readings today... This article is way off. In fact dont even follow it at all. I just want you to know that just becuase it is on the internet does not make it the correct way to go. It tries to teach you how to purchase in one year but says to contact a real estate agent in month 5.. Can you say "TOO late" whats worse it tells you to contact a lender in Month 8.. can you say MUCH TOO LATE. The fact is that most people, be it first time home buyer or experience buyers don't understand the market that well and how to correct their own credit to go 4 months without talking to an experienced realtor and bank professional. There are things you need to know up front about the market and about the process of buying a home that an educated realtor can teach you and show you. If you want to buy now or 3 years from now the time to start is now, and the first thing to do is learn the full process from a educated realtor then seek help from a mortgage professional to help you understand where you stand. The contant is good in this artical but completly out of order..
Feb 26, 2013 10:17AM

LOL -- why wait a YEAR to get a house.  That is just insane.


I just got a new job in Oklahoma City.  You don't need to read this article -- just do it all yourself.  Your bank will tell you the documentation they need -- it's easy.


My best advice is to NOT GET A REALTOR.  Realtors are just a step above used car salesmen, in terms of honesty, work ethic, and "value added".  Realtors pretty much just hang back and collect their 6% commission, and they are more interested in selling your home as little as possible for a fast commission (rather than getting a high value for your home and receiving more money on that same 6% commission).  Once a realtor helps you sell (or buy), you won't hear from them again until closing -- all they care about is the MONEY you are giving them.


Me?  I'm meeting the surveyor at my new property this afternoon.  I bought a 5-bedroom house on 4-acres of land.  Closing is next month.  :)


...and I'm totally serious about that realtor comment -- realtors aren't needed!

Feb 26, 2013 9:47AM

Why can't these slideshows be printed as an article - so annoying!


Feb 26, 2013 8:45AM
A year?  Better buy right now or be priced out of the market forever!  Up and awaaayyy!
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