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Tue 4:27 PM
You have to be a gazillionaire with a rifle to live in D.C.
Riverside is the arm-pit of California. 
Aug 22, 2014 6:02PM
Riverside and Houston would not make it onto my personal list,  that's for sure.
Aug 22, 2014 2:47PM

I am suspect of any article that use the term :foodie".

Same is true of clichés like "edgy", "trendy", "hip"

My suspension was confirmed when they put Riverside metro area on the list.  Smog, crime, heat, traffic, And don't forget that San Bernardino, the other major community in the Riverside metro area, had to declare municipal bankruptcy.

Aug 22, 2014 1:11PM
Washington DC, you gotta be sh...ing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 22, 2014 12:26PM

Whoever conducted this study is a LIAR...Seattle diverse, really...yeah o.k.? You just want to sell real estate.

Aug 22, 2014 12:23PM
Seattle is not diverse. It is a Caucasian city that has three main groups. White people, different kinds of Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Pacific), and Africans (Eritrea, Somalia, Kenyan). It's a city that has no European culture, few blacks, and no Latinos compared to other cities. Basically, Seattle has not diverse in culture. It's a boring Pacific Northwest white culture.    
Aug 22, 2014 10:02AM
You have to be a gazillionaire to live in SF
here in Texas $250K will by you a 3000 sq ft home with a pool, gas for 3.20 a gallon right now, no state income tax
so unless your rich not sure how great a place anywhere in Cali would be great..... add in the taxes, high fuel cost and the liberal giveaway government there it is a wonder anyone can afford to live there
I love to visit there but would not and could not afford to live there
Aug 22, 2014 8:11AM
Houston is not a "cool" city.  Another silly list.
Aug 22, 2014 2:25AM
Sure I'll move to one of these. Now let's see that job that pays for rent, utilities, cellphone service, a constantly updated wardrobe, the cost of a vehicle & gas, savings for unexpected costs, several types of insurance, some fun money so I can be "cool", oh, & some leftover for retirement. 
Aug 20, 2014 10:59AM
Riverside?  The smog hangs over it most of the year until the Santa Ana winds blow it out.
Aug 20, 2014 10:31AM
I lived in Seattle for nearly 30 years.  Was a great place when I moved there.  Today not so much.  Most of the young population is under employed.  You can't afford a house. Utility costs equal a mortgage payment in most places and my children wasted 4 years of their life in the school system with nothing to show for it.  The area in western Washington is beautiful and environmentally one of the best places to be. Great outdoor living outside the city.  And the food is wonderful.  But the Seattle City planners are in bed with whomever pays the highest bribes, and the sound of the English language is a rarety. On the plus side Welfare and handouts are easy to get so if you are homeless or don't have the slightest desire to work for living there is lots of opportunity for you. 
Aug 20, 2014 10:26AM
Aug 20, 2014 10:18AM

Riverside is a disaster area financially, I believe. Houston's summers WILL DESTROY YOU.


Aug 20, 2014 10:01AM

Here's an idea. How about doing the coolest 10 cities based on the following:

1. How is the job market and can I find my way into it?

2. Can I afford a modest 3 bedroom house ( no white picket fence ) without being upside down on it?

3. Is the next Ferguson Mo. near where I live?

4. How is the school system?

5. Am I going to be gouged by Utility Companies?

6. Can I leave my children unattended in my own back yard for 5 minutes?

I could go on but apparently this does not matter to many people....

Aug 20, 2014 9:41AM
Check this out.  These are the crime rates by city size.  Dallas, Houston, and D.C. are in the top ten for populations of 499,000 ore more.   

Aug 20, 2014 9:38AM
Another misguided MSN B.S. list. Riverside really. Houston really D.C. give me a break,  Seattle with a 99% recreation rating.. I rains 9 month out of the year.  Ever notice the real estate ads to the right of this bull s**t list. coincidence I think not.
Aug 20, 2014 9:34AM
Seriously Riverside over anywhere else in Southern California? I live right on the county line between Orange and Riverside - there's no night life and nothing to do here! It's 45 minutes away from anything resembling entertainment.
Aug 20, 2014 8:34AM
Really!! who cares about the largest markets out there!!  find the actual best cities to live in, Wisconsin, Minnesota N Dakota, S Dakota, etc 
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