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Dec 4, 2013 8:32AM

always check your credit card statements carefully. Several banks are holding payments past the due date to collect fees and interest.  Banks refuse to admit they are doing this "trick"...contact the Federal Trade Commission and your state Attorneys General office with the documentation. Notify both the Ag office in your state and the Ag office the state the bank is in. Keep copies of everything.

Dec 4, 2013 7:57AM
Thanks to Frank-Dodd banking reform, borrowing from the property owner, unless he/she is a relative, is out of the question.
Dec 4, 2013 5:39AM
The credit collectors are under a government licensing board at the state level.  No need to get a lawyer just find out who licenses them and make a formal complaint.  This should get their attention.  It worked for me with the Mortgage company and the realtors.
Oct 5, 2013 4:13AM

I am really disgusted with two of the three credit bureaus. I have had major health issues over the last ten years and have had a lot of medical bills, all less than 500.00 thanks to insurance coverage. I have worked very hard to establish payment plans and  get these paid off, many have been paid. In the last year I have worked with a legal firm to clean up my credit and have been very successful doing so, with Transunion. Unfortunately, EXPERIAN and EQUIFAX will not remove outdated and erroneous information from my credit report! My updated Transunion score puts me in a category which would allow me to qualify for refinancing on my house and pay off the existing bills but Experian and Equifax are apparently used more frequently by lenders. Yes, I know they are required by law to remove outdated and erroneous information but what can I do when they don't? I can't afford to fight them in a court of law.


And what about the bottom feeders that call themselves collection agencies. They are responsible for most of the erroneous information. For example, Collection Associates sued me for a medical bill that was not even mine. At court they acknowledged their error and filed an addendum with the court, however they did not remove their error from my credit report in spite of several requests that they do so. The court, in spite of the addendum, filed a judgment based on the erroneous information. The court has since made the correction and the judgment has been removed but Collection Associates has never made any attempt to remove the false info from my credit report. Something needs to be done about collection agencies. They do what they please because they know most people cannot afford to legally fight them.  

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