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Jul 2, 2013 5:23AM

I'd LOVE to call in a bid of $140 Million.  They'd have to turn it down, but it would be COOL to make the offer... Of course, there's always the possibility they'll say yes.

Well, I DO have an "832" credit score... Hmmmmm, if they'll take $180 Million, and if the owner will carry the note, interest free, with $10,000 down ...... that's 180,000 payments of $1000 a month.

YOU KNOW ... If I could find a way to get cable for free, it just might work.


"Hello, operator ... what's the area code for Greenwich, Conn."

Jun 11, 2013 12:46PM
Ooohh, over a century old. I'll bet there's all kinds of 'goodies' hidden and buried around there. I would love to go 'exploring' there.
Jun 11, 2013 11:46AM

I want a 190 million dollar home. Also a couple liver's in stock, a whole fleet of gorgeous women and a secret compartment - yeah pull this lever and that wall will open up to reveal a swash buckling slide into the kitchen. Shaken never stirred.

Jun 11, 2013 11:26AM
That pig Doperah WInfrey will snap this up for sure. There is no end to her "have to have" greed. Look how she harassed and badgered that older couple in California who did not want to sell their home, It was not for sale but Pigfrey saw it and HAD to have it!!! Just couldn't live without it,,the other 25 plus properties she owns were not enough. SO she kept offering insane amounts of money till finally they caved in which I wish they hadn't and sold it  to the cow. 
Jun 11, 2013 10:53AM
Sell the Vatican, feed the world.  Same for this place.  I know the people (or is it a corporation) who own this place are happy with it, but I also think that they cant begin to use it to it's potential.  That makes it a waste.   I know, because I and two dogs live in a 2300 sq. foot four bedroom house.  I'm here because it's good for the dogs and because I can't afford to move.  But it's still a waste.  I have enough sense to feel a little bad about it because I know that another family with children could make better use of it than I can.  Those pukes are just strutting their status and being ****s.  But they're not the only ones, are they?
Jun 11, 2013 10:49AM

Who are we to say how much is too much to spend on anythingf  We all buy what we can afford.  It

smacks of envy to me.   Maybe someone here can decide their " fair share"  to give to someone who didn't work as hard to get ahead.  It's none of our business. 

Jun 11, 2013 10:41AM

I love how some people on here say that only jelous people and so forth make negative comments about the excessiveness of this place. But people with common sense and not ignorant know that not eveybody in the world is given the opportunities to get to this level in life. If they did there would be alot more of this kind of excessiveness around. Lack of opportunity does not make people lazy or dumb or bad just makes them unfortunate. And sadly probably most people with access to this much wealth are self centered selfish and greedy pieces of crap that think of nothing else but themselves. Yeah I just said it let the hate begin. There always is when someone speaks the truth...

Jun 11, 2013 10:28AM

Who needs a 190 million dollar home? And we want to know what is wrong with the country?


Jun 11, 2013 10:17AM
I'm guessing Jay-z will soon be the owner
Jun 11, 2013 10:08AM
thats not just a home
it's a small country! and most of the value is probably in the land
look at the house on it's own and it maybe 10 million  tops

deceptive article since you don't explain all that land is most of the price

it''s not a "home" at all

Jun 11, 2013 9:23AM
If I had the money I would buy it and would turn it into a  bed in breakfast house. I can imagine booking it up for weddings and special occassions. It's worth the investment.
Jun 11, 2013 9:14AM
If they ever need a fat, middle-aged pool boy, I'm the guy.
Jun 11, 2013 9:12AM

you'd need 50-75k a month for upkeep. but these people make a quarter million or even more every week, so it's manageable.


moral: stay in school.


(because your FGStudent loans are in their stock portfolios!)

Jun 11, 2013 9:10AM
Can't imagine trying to keep the place clean.  Can you imagine the staff that must take care of the grounds?
Jun 11, 2013 9:07AM
I would bet that the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC is worth much more than this property,  8000 acres and 166,000 sq ft.   yah,  much more
Jun 11, 2013 9:06AM
they don't have street lights in greenwich. too disturbing. they hire people to stand alongside the streets with lit lanterns.
Jun 11, 2013 8:39AM
That house is too close to the water. It needs to be put on stilts for their own safety.
Jun 11, 2013 8:11AM
The Wall Street Journal did a piece on this about a month ago.  One of the pictures of the home showed window air conditioning units.  I'll pass.
Jun 11, 2013 7:08AM
It's funny how people with this kind of money always say they used to be poor and had to work their way up to this point. If they had to work so hard then why is it so easy for them to forget those who struggled next to them.? Money cannot buy wisdom, humility, compassion or kindness. I see the poor helping the poor and the rich helping themselves. They care nothing of their fellow man except when  it comes to a good PR campaign. Do not forget where you came from and value the lessons in humility. Greatness does not come from money, but from the person within. I would rather be poor and kind than a rich tyrant.
Jun 11, 2013 6:42AM
If they would take 100 million I'd make an offer.  190 mill is a little steep.
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