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Feb 23, 2014 7:42AM
I live in new jersey city it's nice place to live as happiness and corporate.
Feb 4, 2014 12:04AM
Jan 24, 2014 9:58PM
I lived in Pembroke Pines for 4 years and ran away! very rude people!
Dec 22, 2013 11:06AM
Dec 17, 2013 7:21PM
A better study of Wellington's history would find that the community certainly was not built for the equestrian community. It was a thriving suburban development (later became a municipality) long before polo and equestrian disciplines came there. The huge majority of those living in Wellington have nothing to do with horses and never attend any of the shows or games. Horses add to the village's charm and attractiveness but do not run it or define it. The sports might have put Wellington on the map, but the community is a year-round destination and home to 60,000 people who would be just fine if the horses were not there.
Dec 17, 2013 7:16PM
The datelines in your article link the cities you are attempting to recognize to their nearby but unrelated competitors. This is insulting and shows your lack of knowledge of the communities you feature.

If Pembroke Pines is such a great community, why does your article dateline it as part of another city, "Hollywood, Fla."? Because your writer didn't do his/her homework. Pembroke Pines is a Florida city, no different than and (with 160,000 people) actually larger than Hollywood

Wellington, Fla, has a population of around 60,000 people and is around 15 miles west of West Palm Beach (100,000), in which you insultingly dateline your feature. Wellington, on the edge of the Everglades, has nothing to do with that other city.

How above removing the "Hollywood" and "West Palm Beach" datelines and show some respect for the cities you named No. 4 and No. 3 on your list.
Dec 17, 2013 12:47PM

Greater Seattle has  economic growth with Boeing and Microsoft.  Mild climate without major snow or tornados. 
Increasing population bringing new business opportunities,such as Costco  and diverse shopping facilities. Access to beautiful mountain and ocean parks and beaches within short driving distances .   Seattle also has major league and Pac 12 college sports. which currently includes the Seattle Seahawks football team, leader in the western division of the NTC.
Dec 17, 2013 11:34AM
We are blessed as we live in such a desirable area called GrantsPass,Oregon,I noticed that all the highly sought after areas seem to be in the mid west and east,great!! I just as soon not let anyone in on our beautiful and highly sought after(especially by Caiifornians)area but we are growing and more because people are coming to our area just the same.
Dec 17, 2013 11:05AM
old town chicago is not as pretty as they want you to believe,  theres ran down building crime, and litter.  just go 1 block from where they took this picture
Dec 17, 2013 10:58AM
Dec 17, 2013 10:32AM
met life only moved there (charlotte) because our state governor made a sweetheart deal with millions of dollars worth of tax breaks. the insurance companies, specifically met life, contributed mightily to his campaign.
Dec 17, 2013 10:22AM
The best place to live is were you have a job.
Dec 17, 2013 9:23AM
Plano, Frisco and Richardson are adjacent to each other.  Arlington is 30 miles and a ton of traffic congestion to the south and west.
Dec 17, 2013 9:08AM
I live in Old Chicago, I moved here when I was 13 years old, now that I'm 25 all I can say is that it's a great place to live, I love it here. 
Dec 17, 2013 9:07AM
List of places I have chose not to live in.
Dec 17, 2013 9:04AM
Yeah! McKinney! I live next to McKinney in Frisco. All of these suburbs are amazing. 
Dec 17, 2013 8:41AM
Pembroke Pines sucks, it's such a boring place to live. I was so happy to leave there.
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