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Mar 12, 2013 5:08PM
People who make 100k+ a year don't buy 30-50k houses.
Mar 12, 2013 10:30AM
Seems they forgot about the good old IRS and income tax.  Just because you made the median income of $55,989 in Smyrna Georgia doesn't mean you are just a few dollars shy for the $56,000 house.  Less both state and federal and not deducting possible municipal taxes net pay would be $40,454 for a single person with one standard deduction.  So that's $15,546 short which is a drastically different house I would imagine.
Feb 20, 2013 12:52PM
I lived in Shaker Heights most of my life and it was nice and affluent but if you think you're going to get something for 74k  on a better street, I don't think so. Those houses are on the outskirts closest to the first neighborhoods that touch the dreaded Cleveland area. Why would you want to pay Shaker taxes and abide by their community standards if the next block over you have thugs waiting to kick in your door? 

Plus, the housing may be going down in Shaker but not the taxes. The taxes are setup so the rift raft can stay away from the best streets, property taxes are the highest in Ohio at 3.7% on every 100k. So if you get a normal house around 350k, you can expect to over 13,000 in taxes a year. Also, you must maintain your house all the way down to the front sidewalk or you'll have a day in court and fines. I can't tell you how many of my friends had to repave their driveways,  So, suggesting Shaker for affordable housing is not realistic.  It comes with much more responsibility than house cost. 

Besides that there's very few historic neighborhoods that can touch the beauty of this community. They don't make them like that anymore. 
Feb 20, 2013 9:31AM
I actually just moved to Las Vegas, and there are WAY better deals for townhomes or condos or even houses for about $90k. I am like 98% positive this is one of the trailer courts by Nellis Air Force Base, and that whole side of town is pretty darn trashy. I live on the Northwest side of town, and I am sharing a house with an owner/renter who bought this 3bd 2.5ba property for under $90k. And it's actually a pretty nice house.
Feb 20, 2013 9:17AM
Good Day:

It is a shame that each and everyone of you feel that that neighborhoods and community are in a down fall. What are you doing? Nothing, is right. You see while the rest of us are traveling and seeing the issues of housing, the major United States of America leaves cities in a wasteful condition from closed up companies and vacant housing due to the people who own them. Times have not changed, people are still wasteful and feel that there property is worth beyond the means of those who do and do not work. Those who have materials in homes, quess what it can be removed, but of course there are those who would never work to get their own homes clean let along there yards. I see the injustice of all these beautiful homes no matter what neighborhood they are in can be repaired and fixed with hard work and less ordinances that could bring a community back. For those who are on their commuters, why haven't you started a business in the rural areas to help those seniors, disable and children along with men and women who serve our United States. I will include those people who have wealth that they have kind hearts to help put our towns back together instead of running off to another job another town. Tearing down our history is a disgrace and seeing all the beautiful building from New York to California those property owners should be held accountable for destroying ones neighborhood. There are too many people who need home and now with certain entities throwing those out of nursing home what would you all do for those who do work. Reality check is not up to you when laws in your state say you are held responsible for the care of your family. All the reality shows have tried to get hope to those, yes, but it is there mission for you to be the caretaker of your property and not end up on the most horrible shows like warehouse selling and hoarding. I have not seen one solution to the issues below, but I do and I do my best volunteering my time all these years to all agencies, non-profits, communities and Veterans to move together in protecting our history along with our animals. To protect our farms, our water, our housing, our food and now our shelters. And of course are United States of America. Take time to be involved and find a solution instead of complaining. Our Philanthropy means to give. What? I am too old, too sick. No we all have a part. It is healthy for our communities and families.
It is a human right for justice to protect people from the poverty that our ancestors left behind. It is inhuman to judge one due to their income levels, jobs, homes, health and so forth. That mirror is waiting for you to take a hard look at yourself. When the media tries to bring attention to an injustice, praise them from the danger they go though just to get you the knowledge you have no clue too. That is why they call them archives. Remember this is to bring attention to the housing issue and they are right. You can obtain the property. It is interesting for those with education forget to obtain the knowledge to see if these issues really are the truth. They are and I have seen in from my own eyes. Get out of the planes, take a walk, ride a train and see the real back yards of the United States and then do your new business venue and community pride with a heart and take a breath and say something funny to bring sunshine to those new employees who remove all those chemicals from the neighborhood you would not live in or rebuild the house because of all the crime due to lack of jobs. Give your self a pat on the back and say, yes, I can do it and go for a transportation ride and say the money I saved I just clean,fixed my house and yard today with my own hands. There needs to be no response to this. Step back and take the stone out of your hands and use sign language instead.

Feb 20, 2013 9:16AM
Buy one of these homes on who's annual salary? Can't buy any of those homes on my salary.
Feb 20, 2013 9:11AM
my salary won't buy any of them!!!!
Feb 20, 2013 8:29AM
these people Dont live in the real world 20.000 wont buy a house that's the pay in my area ind  it wont even pay rent that's why we are in the trouble where in because of crap reports like this they find one c/o report his pay and say its that way all over WAKE UP
Feb 20, 2013 8:04AM
I live in the Sacramento area.  No one I know earns $50,000.  So now we get those from out of the area buying homes because the general populous can not afford them.  Good going MSN.  You forgot to mention that Sacramento made the 10 worst cities to live in because of a weak economy and crime.  Welcome to Sacramento, I hope you brought some way of protecting yourself.
Feb 20, 2013 7:42AM
Everyone wishes they had a home with asbestos siding,
Feb 20, 2013 7:28AM
Now That's Funny a Trailer in Las Vegas 54.000 Wow
Feb 20, 2013 7:24AM
#2 is not a house. That is an apartment in the projects!

Feb 20, 2013 7:16AM



Feb 20, 2013 6:33AM
If there are bars on doors or windows its a good indicator you dont want to live there!
Feb 20, 2013 6:26AM
I see that New Jersey did not make the list
Feb 20, 2013 5:22AM
TThey missed Pittsburgh, Pa. There are several older neighborhoods where you can buy a very nice home for under $50,000. I know of a 4 bedroom brick home with a 2 car detached garage for $47000. Bargains are out there, you just need to look for them and be realistic in what you you expect to get for your money. 
Feb 20, 2013 5:11AM

Well, a couple of things:


1) Many of these home examples show a house that costs MORE than the median income.  Not sure what that's about.  MSN?  Care to comment on that?


2) Income is subjective.  $47,000 as an average income in OKC?  Is that per household, or per person?  I could certainly be wrong, but that seems REALLY low -- especially for a HOUSEHOLD.  The last time I made $47K / year -- well, I wasn't even out of college yet...

Feb 20, 2013 5:01AM
I live in Georgia,,and the very last place you want to live is within Atlanta proper especailly if you do not like violence, robberies, rapes, drug dealing and gang activitiy..It is a nice place to visit, but most locals carry a firearm when visiting Atlanta, Macon, or Birmingham Alabama, especially at night..High Taxes you can expect because Atlanta is a Demoncrat Controlled City State which of course goes along with everything a Demoncrat controlled City State has to offer..Smart people move to the smaller towns 40 - 60 miles away from Atlanta and live in the "County" not the City.. The first thing to do if looking for a home is to check the County Property Taxes. You'll pay an additonal tax if you buy a house within any City limits so buy in the "County". Now where I live, which is 52 miles west of Atlanta and 10 miles south of I-20,  we have had no Property Tax increases in six (6) years. We have a balanced County Budget!! Not one Demoncrat is on our County Board of Commissioners and only 1 left on the School Board. At 65 my property taxes will drop by $781, which is the School Tax leaving me $487 tax bill on 1/2 half acre 3 bedroom two and half baths, two car garage etc. etc. Currently Social Security is not subject to State Tax, and the first $35,000. of your retirement income from other sources is not subject to State taxes..The sales tax averages about 7% State wide with some municiplalities adding 1% to support LOCAL projects..Head south towards Savannah but the closer you get to the Ocean the higher the home prices. Here were I live the homes my size are less than $70,000 depending on the size of the lot..
Feb 20, 2013 4:54AM
In the place's were you can buy a home for a years salery you can not make a decent years salery. Take Allentown PA. People want to buy a good brick 3br 2bath home for 80K. And unless you have a good job in the medical feild you are not making that money. And forget what I bought the house for in 2005. I can not even get a job in Allentown for 35k. And I have some 30+ yrs in HVAC sales. I must work in NYC, to get close to 80K and small home here go for 435k. If my Allentown home was in Queens I bet it would be valued and over 500K Crazie just Kraizy!   
Feb 20, 2013 4:48AM
A year's salary can vary quite a bit.  You couldn't buy any house with the amount I make in a year. By the way, I've been retired for a few years. I guess I could still buy a house in Detroit.
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