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Oct 27, 2013 11:34AM
I have a roof on my enclosed porch of a row house that has been leaking for 20 years.  Have had all types of things done to it but it still leaks!!  Can anyone advise me on this?  
Oct 27, 2013 7:55AM
That #3 photo shows a substandard kind of shake,  not something that  you would really want to apply to your roof,  given the cost of labor.
Kynar or Trinar painted metal standing seam will outlast most everything else and be  trouble free and no maintenance along the way.  Concrete tiles might be good,  but they will eventually crack and leak,  or the felt underlayment will get dry and give up.
If you have a flat roof,  save yourself the trauma and just sell now,  find a nice house with a pitched roof,  and live happy.  Otherwise,  seek mental help.

Aug 24, 2013 11:30AM
Just had a metal roof put on it has not rained yet so don't know if it leaks yet. Did get raid damage while it was being roofed where it poured in 2 bedrooms. I have to hire a sheetrock man now.
Aug 1, 2012 7:52PM

I just had a roof put on in 2011 and it's not mentioned here. I got the TPO roof used on many commerical buildings. I have approx 1200 sq ft house,not sure how that shakes out roof wise. It cost around 5100. dollars.  Because my 58 yr old house had PLANKS on the roof and Not plywood, they did not have to rip out a lot.  It looks like white canvas stretched over the roof and I read a LOT of research before I bought.  It's reduced my electric bill and cool to the touch during the hot part of the day, in florida.  I'm no expert, but its basically a "memebrane" roof covered by the sheeting, it looks tough though.  Good so far. Did have a little trouble with the subcontractor doing the wood facia, then roofer who hired him didn't want to cover his breaking my AC. Working on that.   Might be a choice for some. Also, there were two "grades" and we opted for the commercial grade. Hope this helps.

Aug 1, 2012 7:13PM

nobody treats roofers with any respect anymore-all i ever see is how all the roofers r scammers-the homeowners have done a lot of scamming too-its hard to make a dollar doing an honest days work-either the homeowner thinks the contractor is going to get them or the other way round-if you want a good job done for a decent price-trust your roofer and dont try to get them to do the job for as cheap as possible-they work hard-and its really hot-help them-and they will be amazed that someone trusted them-in return youll get your moneys worth and the roof will last


Aug 1, 2012 5:40PM
I live in KY although my homestate is MI.Here in KY I'v dealth with numerous typs of roofs the majority being shigles.The new dimension shingles are extremeley durable and long lasting and look very good on a house if done correctly but they are costly too unless you have a tax number and or a contractors liscense or no someone that does really good.personally I'm all for the new heavy duty metal roofs,they come in any color you could want and the good ones have a life time warranty to them so as long as you'r alive and own the house they will replaice or repair any damge done to them fro storms,hail etc,by far they are the best way to go nowdays and with the right color or not they are made to deflect het away from the house
Aug 1, 2012 4:05PM

It would serve your readers well if you mentioned the survey done some years ago by the major source for info in the constr.industry (yes, that big magazine). It found after a lengthy survey around the U.S. that 90% of roofs were improperly installed. That then means that those people will not have a warranty. Also, due to the fact that all roofs have to be installed with ALL the proper componants (a fully integrated roof), then a person will have a properly installed roof that will protect then AND give them the life of the roof as sold to them. A 25 yr roof should last 25 yrs. A 50 year architectural should last that long. Proper ventilation is also essential for the health of any roof. 

Next, everyone should remember to deal with a reputable company that is GOING TO STAY IN BUSINESS. Why? The second a "tail light warranty" installer is done you will never see him again after the tailights disappear down the road with your hard earned money. With this gawd-awful recession that we are in 50% of contractors are out of business in one year per The US Small Business Administration. About 90 - 95% are out in 5 years. That means that few people have a warranty unless they are dealing with the right company.  And, get the roof properly installed with all the correct componants as then it will last! 

The value is in getting the roof done right if you really want Peace of Mind. Get it ALL in writing, too.


P.S. By the way.........I'll take a good asphalt roof like a GAF as the construction of it is Asphalt and Fiberglass construction..... not paper and asphalt as reported in the article.  Asphalt roofs come in all sorts of looks and they are very cost effective.


Aug 1, 2012 1:02PM
You boys need to do some more homework. You missed a product that offers an excellent warranty and is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. That's the metal shingle industry!  While the bulk of our residental roofing is asphalt shingles, the metal shingles are gaining ground each year. Yes they are more expensive, but will outlast the fiberglass shingles 2 to 3 times easily. Plus the colors and styles now available look more "natural" than the standing seam roof (convential metal roof)  shown in the article. Yes the roofers in the pic are not using proper OSHA fall prevention (shame on you for publishing that) but then most fly by nights don't!  The article also mentioned that the metal roofs maybe subject to rusting near the coasts. No experience with that, but all metal roofing manufacturers offer anywhere from a 20 year to lifetime warranty of their product.
Most people dont consider quality of workmanship being a major factor in choice of materials.  A 45 year composite architectual shingle roof will only last 15 years or less if not all of the components are installed correctly.  Furthermore all of the components should have the same expected lifetime as well otherwise the expected life of the roof will be that of the lowest numerical value.
Aug 1, 2012 11:55AM
that is true just need to see the pic to know what kind of work he can do with no safety at all.
Aug 1, 2012 11:39AM
You should only post pictures of licensed roofers using OSHA approved fall protection.
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