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Apr 23, 2013 6:32AM
Elizabeth Broun Garland offer has been faxed to your office per her realtor.                                                                   Sincerely,    Hilton & Associates / Beverly Hills, CA 90210
May 30, 2012 11:05AM
I would love to see the interior of the dovecote.  Does it have a loo and kitchen, as well as the sitting room, on the first floor?
May 30, 2012 7:08AM

My fiance and I just purchased a 3-lot parcel of land.  It has on it 2 churches and the rest is parking lot.  We are currently living (camping) in the main sanctuary of the 1901 brick church while we renovate the 1880 wooden church, which was moved onto the property in the 1940s and was used as a fellowship hall. 


NO BANKS would touch us even though I own property, with no mortgages, and have an excellent credit rating.  It really sucks that loan officers can't see the vision of what CAN BE.


We wound up paying cash for the property and through some government "historical loan programs" are starting on the renovations.


We now call the church our "Steeple House".  And we LOVE IT!


May 30, 2012 6:44AM
It would have been really nice to see inside these homes, like the usual before and after stories, all we get to see is the outside and a nice commentary...not impressed AT ALL with this story for that reason, and it should NOT have been in the newsfeed for the day, good grief. 
May 30, 2012 6:16AM
Why aren't spammers banned from posting on these sites??? I keep seeing the same advertising crapparonies over and over again. Aside from pressing the "scum" button (advertent misspell), is there anything else we can do to keep spammers out of here?!
May 30, 2012 4:54AM

I saw the post-office house on the show "Cribs"


did anyone else?

May 30, 2012 4:35AM
Growing up down there and surfing all the time, my folks said  I had to get a job. So I got hired on with a small contractor, as a laborer. The boss,  I forget his name, landed the bid to remodel the bathroom in this glorious house. So it's kinda an honor to say not only have I been in it, but help build a small portion of it!  I tell you what, the tile job in the open shower is AMAZING!!! 
May 30, 2012 4:35AM
WoW! out of 6 comments so far, 5 were spam advertisements from spammers!

Unconventional houses are great, but only if you have the money to spend to make them, since (as I understand it), most banks will not give loans on anything other than a conentional house.  Anything out of the ordinary and  the bank won't give you a loan or there will be residential ordinaces that say you can't build anything other than their cookie-cutter box homes.  So you'd really have to have some cash and enough of it to build what you want, where you want.

May 30, 2012 4:13AM
Elizabeth B. Garland-Harper ,  Hello, my dearest!  I heard your father just died. The late, but great businessman and pioneer of printing to the outer most boundaries of known space.  Ronald Lee Harper of Harper Corp. of America, Harper-Love Adhesives, his latest book I'm now re-reading! The story of his success could and should give hope to all of us who 'just wanted better'!. From $1,000 on his credit card, a mortgage, a stay at home wife w/ 5 young 'kids'....he did the impossible. For all the unemployed out there: Ron was a traveling salesman who decided to start his own company making and selling Anilox Printing Rolls. Except  after much research decided to patent a ceramic Anilox Printing Roll! The rest is history. From $1,000 for a family w/ 5 young children he died a multi-billionaire!! Can't beat that American Success story!!!  The name Lee has graced this nation, North & South they succeeded in what they believed  which is the only time one must put EVERYTHING in the pot  to garner Success. God will tell us when and he does. Listen.           Sincerely, Lee Iacocca                             { I forwarded this on with Lee's permission and desire.}
May 30, 2012 4:00AM
I would like to see the other 11, where in the hell do I click?
May 30, 2012 3:22AM
Mike Lillin, I am finally on a path for wealth of body, mind, spirit and soul.  I know this sounds so 'super' cliche and emotes what is usually a lot of B.S.!  One would have to know what I've gone through on all levels and areas i.e. paths. Yea, I'm not  'religious' and avoid 'Bible Thumpers' & 'Do Gooders'  like the newest plague. I'm going to follow your suggestions to the ' T'!!!  If you care, I will let you know my outcome. Do you  know an attractive 'younger' (just out of college!) lady,  who would like to work for a Computer Consulting Co.?!  Contact me immediately!  Wonderful for supplementing income, part-time, full-time. Charlotte 'Area' is the best for now, although anywhere in the State and/or any State will work in our soon to be International Corp.  Actually, other countries are fine, especially all the possessions of the U.S.!!!  The first time we physically go out to the site (a few exceptions!)!  *We also have a few openings for men!.*   We do everything per Computers.  We set up Facebook, linkedin...for personal/dating/ Facebook to detective work of  containing, etc.a virus to the ultimate task in all divisions conceivable (to the smallest).. All the way you look at things, huh. Ha! My email is elizabethbgarland@hotmail.com (my e-mail has been 'finicky' of late so if I don't respond also call:   phone: 704-649-5465)  p.s. even if you are 'plugging' the info that you wrote in your 'blog'... may help me more! This is weird, I know as I've never reached out in a personal way to someone that I don't know!!!    Thanks for taking time out of your day, Elizabeth Broun Garland FB says VA, however, I'm still in Charlotte. Yea, weird. Again, definitely employing females, some males for jobs/careers that are not always limited just to computers (both sexes)...business school/background(computer nice!), male security on out 'jobs', men/women who know the computer tech area as would a 'hacker' (chooses ethical)---anyone w/ info on any level towards these skills (corp. could offer much i.e. book deals about our company, your book ideas, stock, income above your wildest (much more than 1 mil., eventually), cosmetology/hair/esthetician/hair styling, etc. and more. This family company was given to me quickly!!!  Need to hire an attorney, Personal Assistants, etc., of course female/male!  Again...Sincere Thanks (if you read my long soliloquy) for I certainly don't know why I chose to give you and this site all this information. Gosh, I sound CRAZY! But, I'm printing! 

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